If you’ve been reading me for a while, you may remember I’d gotten hooked on Where’s My Water since Angry Birds had gotten stale.  Well, Angry Birds has been spiced up again with the newest version, Angry Birds: Space. 

It was hilarious to see that my hometown Seattle played up on the big release – they put a giant red angry space bird on the side of the Space Needle:

Genius marketing if you ask me.  The new game is more challenging than the old ones, so I guarantee if you decide to play it, you’ll be hooked. I am.  I’m also still waiting for more levels of Where’s My Water – they really need to step it up.

What’s your favorite phone (or otherwise) game?  Do you play Angry Birds, and if so, have you tried Angry Birds: Space yet?


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  1. You absolutely have to try “Plants vs. Zombies”. It is indeed fun and addicting. As of a little while ago Not only is it available for the PC, Mac , Iphone..but you can find it on Xbox Live. It is a GREAT GAME!

  2. I would agree to you Renea that they should also try Plant vs Zombie. On the other hand I think that playing Angry birds is also a way to relieve stress from our body. Hope that I could also see the space needle personally.
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  3. I’ve never gotten hooked on any of the games out there and I hope to keep it that way. I’d spend way too much time on it.

    Remember when Almost Live did a April 1st joke about the Space Needle that created a uproar? Funniest thing ever. Proof the people are gullible.
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  4. I played Angry Birds for a while but got tired of it.

    That is genius marketing!! I would have loved to see it. I loved Seattle when we visited.

  5. I don’t play Angrybirds because I’m not a fan of online games but I do have friends who are totally hooked by this game!!!

  6. I like Angry Birds, but oh, does it frustrate me to no end! I’m also a fan of Where’s My Water…and I am so relieved that I’m not the only (adult) one! My kids make fun of me, but then again, when don’t they?

  7. Oh that is so cool! I love Angry Birds but I can’t play it to long because it makes me AnGrY! Some of the levels drive me nuts.

  8. That would definitely get noticed! I like playing DrawSomething and a lot of the time management games- Diner Dash, wedding dash- though I play those on my iPad.

  9. i love it!! i used to live in seattle. my older son called it “shapshy needle” and my younger son called it “space noodle”

  10. Angry Birds has gotten really popular these days. My siblings really like these birds but I don’t. Which one is your favorite bird? Thanks for sharing some pictures above.

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  11. That is such a cool picture. I started laughing in my office after I saw this and everyone else loved the picture too. I do play Angry Birds but I have not played the space version. Just out of curiosity does anyone still go on Farmville?

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