Princess Nagger has been thoroughly enjoying The Warrior Cat book series – so much so, that she’s created different versions of the main character, Scourge, in clay form, paper form and even felt form. 

Recently she asked me to pick up some kind of cat figure and some paint so she could make an even better Scourge to show her friends.  A black panther seemed to fit the bill, and she got to work to create this:

When she was finished, she was admiring her handiwork (painting a white paw and changing the eyes to the steel blue that Scourge sports) when this conversation took place:

PN:  “I guess I can call this ‘hand painted’ since I painted it…by hand.”

Me:  “Yep, that’s generally what ‘hand painted’ means.  And you did a great job.”

PN:  “I did, didn’t I?  The paw was easy to paint, but the eyes were harder to get just right.”

Me:  “I think it looks great.”

PN:  “Thank you.  Maybe I should buy a whole bunch of cats and hand paint a complete series of Warrior Cats – and sell them.  I could start a business!”

Me:  “You’re a little entrepreneur, aren’t you?”

PN:  “No, I just think it would be fun to make and sell Warrior Cats.  I bet they’d be really popular.”

Me:  “You never know…”

PN:  “So, when can we go buy more cats so I can get started?”

Me:  “…….”

My little Entrepreneur.  What do you think – should we come up with a hypothetical 5-year business plan?


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  1. Even I admire the work he did. It looks like a true cat nice work and you really did a good job. Thank you Stacy for sharing the picture of the well-created handiwork cat I love it.
    Tracyann0312 would like you to read ..Baby EagleMy Profile

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  3. What I love about children are their imaginations, their innocence and willingness to dare and share. We lose a lot of those things with age and allow our fear of failure to take over, oh, if we could bottle their youth!
    Lucy would like you to read ..Working Hard!My Profile

  4. I like the way she thinks! A friend’s daughter is very into the Warrior Cats books, and we scoured Etsy at Christmas to find something related to the series. (We did — a really cute bracelet.) So I’d say there’s a market out there! 🙂 Dream big!

  5. Very nice! I’m apparently a bit behind in the series because I am not remembering Scourge but then, I *am* 37 so I guess that I can be forgiven.

    5-year plan:
    Phase 1: paint cats
    Phase 2: ????
    Phase 3: PROFIT!
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  6. Thank you for linking up with me this week! What an absolutely adorable conversation. I cannot wait to have similar ones with my kids!
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