Have you sufficiently recovered from all the Super Bowl Mania?  I have, only because I didn’t participate in any mania.  When I lived in Seattle, my brother and I would alternate who would host the Super Bowl Party each year – all our friends would gather for revelry and fun.  I miss those days, I’ll admit.  Since moving to Pennsylvania, it just hasn’t happened.  Another reason why I’ll be very happy to move back West again.

Princess Nagger and I did catch Madonna’s performance during the halftime show:

I thought she put on a great performance.  Sure, I couldn’t quite figure out if she was lip-synching or actually singing, mostly because to me it sounded like they didn’t have her mic turned up loud enough.  Or it could have been my TV, since I don’t have the surround sound hooked up, and Princess Nagger and I had been playing Skylanders earlier – it’s possible we still had it set on the sound setting for games.  At any rate, I thought she did an awesome job, and if I could look and move like that when I’m 53, I’d be a happy camper.

Such a bummer, though, that M.I.A. sort of stole the headlines yesterday with this:

I never noticed it during the performance, and when I read about it asked Princess Nagger if she saw it.  She didn’t see it, so I of course had to scour the internet for a picture and found that one.  When I watched the ‘offending’ clip, the difference between the picture above and the actual clip is that the broadcast performance was much further away (vs. the extreme closeup) and you have to have some serious equipment to be able to freeze the frame at the exact moment to really catch it like that – I tried unsuccessfully to do so myself, just as a comparison. 

So basically, if you blinked at that very moment, or weren’t specifically looking for it, you missed it. Like we did.  And who cares?  No need to rob Madonna of the accolades she so well deserves for her big night.

On a totally different tangent, remember our Skylanders craze? I’ve still been stalking all the stores that carry the characters and now have all the ones that are currently out (waiting for Spring when the next round is released) and I actually ended up getting duplicates.  Ooops.  Guess I went a little overboard with excitement.  I suppose I’d either better return them soon, or stick them on eBay while they’re still demanding a high price before the hype fades to black.

Last night Princess Nagger was going to go out to the Summer House to play her favorite song and play with the cats when she heard meowing from outside.  She went to investigate and saw a gray cat running away from our back porch. She came upstairs where I was reading Little Dude’s bedtime story to inform me that there was a strange cat in our yard, and that our indoor cat, Zelda, had escaped outside again. 

She’s begging me to please see if I can catch the stray cat so we can keep it.  She’s thinking leaving cat food out on the back patio will do the trick.  She also thinks if the cat food doesn’t work, we can try tuna fish.  (By the way, she asked me to write about it in my post for today, and ask you all if you think that’s a good idea – the previous was literally dictated by her).

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  1. Madonna was the only part of the superbowl I saw.. thought she was great, but I too totally missed MIA giving the finger.. come on, what was the point, it was so ridiculous….
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  2. I think giving a stray cat a good home is an excellent idea!
    I missed the Madonna performance…on purpose…not a fan Ha!!

  3. I caught the entire Super Bowl presentation, including Madonna’s half-time performance. I thought she did a fabulous job. I’m like you I couldn’t tell for sure if she was lip synching or not, but I’d say she was. I mean, she didn’t seem as breathless as you would think by the end of the show, you know?

    I, too, must have blinked and missed the offending gesture by M.I.A. I didn’t even know that was her name. Goes to show how little I know, right? I’m not too sure what her purpose was behind flipping off the camera or the near 112 million viewers was, but anyone in their right mind would be thinking, “How unclassy is that?” and in the same sense, they’d feel regert for Madonna because of this bozo casting a cloud over HER show.

    Madonna totally rocks and looks fabulous. You know, I’m only a few short years away from where Madonna is now (age wise that is) and I hope I am as energetic and gorgeous as her.

    PN may have success with the cat food for the stray, especially if she leave it out everyday for a while. Eventually, the stray will grow comfortable and that’s when PN can better approach it. Caution her to be very careful. Those strays can tear you up when they become too frightened.

  4. She was definitely lip syncing, and definitely phoning it in. I remember when watching her performances, her moves seemed so effortless, there were so many moments during her performance where, when she was dancing with the LMAFO guys, it looked like she sighed, “Oh, yeah, this is gonna hurt come morning” as she passed the mic and did her little acrobatics. A lot of walking, arm dancing, and such. Not her best. And no one at the party I was attending knew who M.I.A. was. 🙂
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  5. I didn’t watch the game or the half time show, but I heard Beloved and Jolly watching it while I was in the bedroom reading. I had no idea what was on television and thought they’d broken out the old Playstation 2 and were playing Dance Dance Revolution.
    Jan would like you to read ..Random Tuesday FrustrationMy Profile

  6. We watched the Halftime show and thought Madonna did a better job than some of the shows we’ve seen. Like you said, If I can move like that at that age it all good.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random Talkin’My Profile

  7. So I USED to like Madonna so I enjoyed her old songs but she’s just so weird now. I thought the show was pretty good. The special effects were awesome but I TOTALLY think she was lip syncing. Just my opinion. I missed MIA flipping the camera off but a friend texted me just after it happened and asked if I saw it. She must have GREAT vision! HA!

    Kelly Clarkson did a superb job singing the anthem.

    Thanks for linking up with us!
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  8. MIA is tacky anyway. I’m just of in shock that Madonna lowered herself to have them on a song with her, even if I like the song. I didn’t see the bird though. Mainly because it was just hard to see the tv where I was.

  9. It wasn’t your TV. The sound was lame. I am not a big Madonna fan, although I am a fan of her older music, so I watched. I thought that it was better than the last few years, but I sort of expected more from Modonna. I did like the choir element though. And I totally saw the bird flipping off part – how weird is that?

    Thanks for the visit!

  10. I really enjoyed Madonna’s performance and I hadn’t even heard about what MIA did til just now on your blog. I also couldn’t tell if Madonna was singing or not…and my best guess is that she did sometimes, and didn’t other times.
    Becca would like you to read ..Rogue by Danielle SteelMy Profile

  11. I am pretty sure the feed on the TV was blurred out when the bird part happened. After the Janet Jackson incident they have a few second time delay to catch those inappropriate moments and blur them. When it happened my husband and I both looked at each other and went “what was that?” so he googled it and found out what happened behind the blur. It’s too bad too, with the exception of that song I was surprisingly entertained by the rest of the show.

  12. We caught it. We were paying more attention at our house, because we listen to more MIA than Madonna. So we sort of had a “Did she just…?” and everything blurred and shot away from her to an awkward shot of something else.
    I wasn’t completely sold on Madonna, but I was grateful she pulled out some of the early stuff.
    Sarah would like you to read ..RTT: Grandmere Au Pair ColletteMy Profile

  13. The Super Bowl came on at 12:30am here, so I slept right through it. James Bond got Indy up and they watched it together and ate loads of junk food. I suppose I could look Madonna’s performance up on the web, but I’m just not that curious. Eh.
    Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..RTT: Jedi BobMy Profile

  14. Just like Janet–the more they talk about the “mishap”, the more people have to look to find it, to see for themselves, and then be offended by something they wouldn’t have known about. I watched both of those halftime shows–fairly intently and never saw either thing…ugh!

    I think the stray will be happy with just regular food. If he/she is not hungry enough for that to be appealing, maybe not a stray? The last time my friend took in a stray, she ended up giving it to her niece, and the kitty had babies about a week later–yikes!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Randomly randomMy Profile

  15. I didn’t watch the superbowl. I boycotted and watched the puppy bowl instead. I heard Madonna’s performance was good though. I can’t move like that and I’m nowhere near my 50s. 😉 Yeah that’s pretty disrespectful for MIA, but let’s face it…with a name like MIA, are we really surprised?
    Date Girl would like you to read ..TTUT: Puppy Tummy CuddlesMy Profile

  16. I couldn’t quite figure out Madonna’s outfits chosen, and her with the pompoms I thought was weird, but yeah, I thought it was decent! And I saw that gal flip the bird, I asked the people I was watching with if they saw it and they were like I dunno. OMG!

  17. I hated the halftime show, simply for all the pelvic thrusts, half-naked chicks, and the songs.. mostly because I knew my Grampa was watching, and I think they should take their older and younger audience members into consideration when planning these things.

    I vote for ZZ Top next year.

    And stray pets are always the best pets. Just like rescue pets. 😀
    Kate would like you to read ..Men And Excuses, Sandwiches and Cats, And Saving Lots Of Money With The Internet: RTTRMy Profile

  18. I didn’t see Madonna’s show. However, I did see her on NightLine prior to it, and it sounded like she was planning something big. And that her daughter keeps her in check. What is okay and what is not. And heck yeah, when I am 53, I wouldn’t mind having that shape. Sheesh.

    Ummm the cat…I let a stray in…and he sprays…even after being fixed. So if you do take this cat in…fix it right away. Male or female. Shots too. He doesn’t do it as much, but the damage is done.

  19. That PN has such a good heart. Keep feeding that cat and yes, cats LOVE tuna fish.

    Along the same lines, find the book Six Dinner Syd and have PN read it to Little Dude for his bedtime story.

    I totally missed MIA’s one finger salute. How sad that she had to stoop to such low standards because she doesn’t have the longevity that Madonna does.

    I have to say that I was disappointed with Madonna’s performance. She looked stiff and wooden and uncomfortable, which I would never expect from a performer like her. Also, I thought Madonna was being pretty controversial with her “Like a Prayer” song, since Pepsi ( SB sponsor) pulled that song from their ad 20+ years ago.

    Good luck with your “pet”! 😉
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Random Thoughts about Getting Physical and Rocking ‘n RollingMy Profile

  20. Oh, goodness, I missed the little birdie, what was the point? Oh, well.
    Oh, and if you put food out you will have a new cat LOL, which I think is what Princess Nagger really wants, I have two stray dogs that my little urchins wanted, my urchins have happily flown the coup and I still have two dogs (we love the dogs LOL)
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  21. I liked Madonnas performance too. I definetly think she was lip-syncing but really who cares, most performers do the same why should she be any different?

    MIA and that stupid finger (she also did a vag shot) are going to add to the amunision to stop lives halftime shows. t was unneccessary and not needed !

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  22. My 6 year old is OBSESSED with Skylanders!! We have to go to Best Buy, Target, Game Stop, Toys R Us, etc every single week to see if we can find anymore of those little suckers.

    I watched the halftime show and didn’t notice MIA either. I noticed the scramble but thought it was just my cable messing up a bit.

  23. Ty so much for coming by my place today. No Madonna wasn’t lip synching. As someone who has spent a ton of time singing and in choir I have learned the nuance of the face and body that comes with it. The sound change occurred because the roar of the fans in the background would cover over Madonna so they lessened the sounds and feed back in the speakers. Which of course made Madonna sound quieter. I think she did an awesome job. I caught the bird flip and thought to myself REALLY REALLY as awesome as this has been and you go and do that?? Seriously? Someone needs to grow up still apparently.
    Angel would like you to read ..TTUT I am all over the place..My Profile

  24. no on the stray cat.
    I didnt’ watch the SB at all .I was so excited to safely avoid the whole thing by watchy fluffy girl TV that when hubbie came upstairs and started discussing the game, I got ultra cranky crispy with him.

  25. If I look that good after 50 I’ll be very impressed!!!

    She is starting to calm doen her performances a little.

    No need for M.I.A to do that – a little bit of attention seeking maybe? She’ll never be the centre of attention if Madge is there!
    Maria would like you to read ..Unfair Dismissal TribunalMy Profile

  26. I don’t know anyone that saw M.I.A. flip off the camera. I certainly did see it. I was too busy wonder who in the heck she was and whyndidmthe pick her. Even my 16 year old that lives and breaths all types of music had no idea who she was. The person who found that must have been scanning for a wardrobe malfunction.

    Madonna definitely still rocks.
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