Monday usually sneaks up on us because it’s well, Monday.  Though today didn’t, because Princess Nagger was off school on Friday, so I kept thinking yesterday was Monday which would make today Tuesday and would also mean I’m way behind on just about everything.  So it was kind of a relief to wake up and realize today’s actually only Monday.  If that makes sense.  Welcome to the way my brain thinks.

This week’s theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is a freebie week, so let’s get ready for some great tunes, shall we?  Let’s start with Bruno Mars “It Will Rain”:

Next up is a song that Princess Nagger has been singing all weekend long – she says her favorite artist (right now) is Ke$ha.  The song she’s been singing is fun (though if you have a problem seeing a video where unicorns get shot and spout rainbows, you might want to skip this one).  Here’s Ke$ha with “Blow”:

Next up is another awesome song by the amazing Adele with “Set Fire to The Rain”:

This next song is fairly new (to me) but a fun one.  Here’s The Wanted with  “Glad You Came”:

And last, but certainly not least, I had to put at least one country tune in here, right?  A song that’s apparently in the upcoming movie “The Hunger Games” (which Princess Nagger keeps nagging me about wanting to read the books, but that’s another post for another day) here’s Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars: “Safe and Sound”:


Enjoy your Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


I have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and her cohorts in crime, Lorie of The Shewbridges of Celebration, Florida, and Callie from JAmericanSpice for Monday’s Music Moves Me – want to join in the fun? It’s easy peasy! Just find a tune that rocks your boat, post it and link up – don’t forget to grab Xmas Dolly…er, um, I mean her button…over at her place here. Check out Xmas Dolly’s sidebar for the random themes we sport each week – and you can always ask for a specific theme of music you like, too. Check out the other music lovahs and let’s jam!

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  1. I love different songs of Bruno Mars. I’ve been following his footsteps into music industry. He’s great and unique voice makes me felt that any time of genre he would sung, it is good to be heard by others. No wonder that he very famous right now. I’m not quite familiar at the other music you have listed above.
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  2. Great picks, mama! Of course you had to throw a country song in the mix, 😉

    Bruno Mars music is like a good friend. His music gives comfort or a good time, whatever you need.

    Tell PN I love that Ke$ha song too. 🙂
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  3. I’m digging the Taylor Swift song and I am excited for Hunger Games. I don’t know if I’d let my kid read that until they were older, honestly but I suppose it isn’t that bad, considering most kids know about killing already.
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  4. I like Adele, but this one I haven’t heard yet. Boy she sure cleaned up at that awards show didn’t she? All good choices & I like Taylor Swift most times too, but this is another new one I haven’t heard. Thanks for sharing. Have a good day & thanks for hosting. I love this meme
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  5. And I’m way behind all this music but they’re nice. My fave is Glad You Came. Thanks for featuring Bruno Mars. Seriously it’s my first time to be acquainted with how he looks.

  6. Adele’s Set Fire to Rain may be one of my favorites by her. All your others are excellent freebie picks for this week, too. I’m playing catch up late today. lol Keep dancing the week away! =D

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