It appears that I’m blinking too much, because I blinked and *poof* the weekend was gone.  Hello Monday.  And why do I find myself adding a ‘w’ at the end of ‘hello’ as I’m tapping at the keyboard at a fast pace before I back up and correct myself?  Maybe it’s a subconscious message to myself to make it a mellow Monday.  Sure, let’s go with that.

This week’s theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is a different one – commercials you like old or new, as suggested by one of our regular players, Karen at I made it through the rain.  Normally any show I watch has been recorded on my DVR so I can specifically fast-forward through the commercials.  Some are so annoying or lame, and deserve the quick fast-forward trigger finger. 

A series of commercials I didn’t fast-forward through were the Best Buy ones at Christmas – very clever, like this one:

The Super Bowl always has great and creative commercials, and this one from the 2011 Super Bowl was one that had me chuckling (most of the Bud Light commercials are chuckle-worthy, but this one takes the cake):

In the drinking mode, the Captain Morgan commercials are always creatively funny as well:

I can’t leave out one of the best commercials done by Evian with their dancing/rollerskating babies:

And last, but certainly not least, one of my all-time favorites that first came to my attention by The Captain, the Volkswagen 2011 Super Bowl commercial:


What are your favorite/funny commercials? May the Force be with you – enjoy your Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


I have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and her cohorts in crime, Lorie of The Shewbridges of Celebration, Florida, Callie from JAmericanSpice, and our special guest hosts while Lorie is taking a short sabbatical, Denise from Run DMT and Cathy from Cathy Kenndey’s Blog have been invaluable in their participation and visits to everyone for Monday’s Music Moves Me.

Want to join in the fun? It’s easy peasy! Just find a tune that rocks your boat, post it and link up – don’t forget to grab Xmas Dolly…er, um, I mean her button…over at her place here. Check out Xmas Dolly’s sidebar for the random themes we sport each week – and you can always ask for a specific theme of music you like, too. Check out the other music lovahs and let’s jam!

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  1. Hi, I remember just about everyone of those. They sure made me laugh. You have a great day. I’m just trying to wind down from work & off to bed. Thanks for co-hosting once again on our Music train.
    Tom would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Moves Me!My Profile

  2. Hi Stacy, they are all great. I wonder why you think Santa game as the concept. Even though it is not Christmas, I know that the game means a lot to you. Thanks for sharing the video clips they are all nice.

  3. The Evian and Volkswagon commericals are the best one of your picks. These are just too cute. Okay, the Captain Morgan commerical was funny,too. I don’t recall ever seeing it before now, though. Keep rockin’ the day away!

  4. Hi! I have to admit that I dozed off a couple of times during the SuperBowl but I did get trapped by some of the commercials. The one of Volkswagen and the Evian one were definitely amongst my favorites!

  5. I don’t know if it was the smug attitude the lady in the Best Buy commercial had or what but I really disliked those. LOL. BUT, all your other picks were great; the vader one was ridiculously creative. For all the thousands of commercials, it’s sad that only a few are ever truly good, you know?
    Claire would like you to read ..Gloomy weekend + MMMMMy Profile

  6. Great videos. You make me laugh at this. I love watching babies while dancing, they look cute and funny.
    Nicholle Olores would like you to read ..Timber DoorsMy Profile

  7. All of it was great videos! If I’m the one to pick, Vader will go first then Morgan, Bud, Santa, and babies. I even saw the teaser of the Volkswagen 2011 super bowl commercial. 😀

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