Everyone has their own unique way of pronouncing things.  Depending on where you grew up, where you live, where you’re from, how you learned, the English language is quite diverse.  Or at least that’s how it seems. 

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we referred to things like Pepsi, Coke, Root Beer, etc. as pop – when I moved to Pennsylvania, I got many strange looks and eventually crossed over to calling it soda.  Should be interesting when we move out West again to see if I cross back over to pop.

Whenever Princess Nagger pretends she’s someone else, she adopts an accent – primarily an English or British accent, sometimes it’ll be Australian or Scottish.  I love accents. I melt when I hear the true accents of people like Kevin McKidd speak ‘normally’, with his Scottish brogue, or any of the awesome hotties who are Australian. MmmmHmmm.  Be still my heart.

For some reason Princess Nagger always calls pajamas “pajawmas” – or would that be “pajahmas”?  You get the idea – it’s not “jam”, but “jaaahm”.  I’m pretty sure it’s because that’s how she’s heard it when she’s watched cartoons or kid shows where the leading character has an accent – even though the only other time she adopts the accent is when she’s pretending to be someone else. 

Except when she refers to pajamas.  It’s pajahmas all the time.  Apparently she’s now rubbing off on me, as I’m finding myself calling them “pajahmas” now, too.  All. The. Time.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Did/do your kids adopt an accent when they’re pretending to be someone else?  How do you pronounce pajamas?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I say it the same way as your daughter or I just call them pjs. Laughing about the pop/soda. We always say soda. Can you tell I’m from the North east? LOL. A few years ago I was visiting my BIL in Mn and they kept saying pop. I had no idea what the heck it was. Now that you live in Pa, Do you call your sandwich a hoagie or a sub? We say hoagie. I was surprised what different parts of the country call it. When we travel we always have a hard time ordering. Nobody understands what we want. LOL.
    burgmom would like you to read ..Aloha FridayMy Profile

  2. Oldest Son did (does) all the time – basically, because he can actually do credible accents (a talent he inherited from his father). Darling Daughter never pretended to be anyone else; she’s one of those fortunate people who would never want be anyone but herself (the fact that she’s my daughter sometimes astounds me).

    Poor Young One probably would affect an accent if he could, but he inherited my inability to speak with anything but his own voice. Ah, well…
    Jan would like you to read ..Whole30 While SickMy Profile

  3. I can’t really think of the kids using any particular accents. We say “pajawmas” and we call any kind of Coke/Pepsi etc. “Coke”. I guess I have somewhat of a southern drawl…my husband has always teased me because I say “spyder” for spider and “sireen” (like a emergency siren).

    Happy Friday!
    Kari would like you to read ..Aloha Friday – Disney MoviesMy Profile

  4. I say pajamas. Being from the wild west we say a few things different. The leather things cowboys wear on their legs–chaps–is shaps, not chaps like your lips get. A small stream of water (creek) is a crick, not a creak–that is what my bones do in the morning. Enjoyed your blog. Drop by for a visit.
    Marti would like you to read ..Friday Favorite ThingsMy Profile

  5. Sprite has perfect pronunciation, something I’m actually quite proud of, however she’s still growing out of the phase in which words like pajamas are spoken as “MUHjamas” and dinosaur is still “DIMOsaur”. I will miss those days when she outgrows it.
    I call soda, well?, soda. My mom called it Coke when I was growing up, referring to both Coke and Pepsi, but I have always called it soda.

  6. We say pajamas (like “jam”) here as well… and I don’t think I’ve ever heard my kids try to have an accent. That might be pretty funny!

    I grew up in MN saying “pop” and after moving here to WI I got the same funny looks until I slowly switched over to “soda.” My husband also teases me for saying “drinking fountain” when we’re thirsty as opposed to “water fountain” or, the one that bothers me the most, “bubbler.” Who gets a drink from a bubbler? What the heck is that?
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  7. That is interesting. I love it. I love imitating accents. I LOVE accents and just for the same reasons you do and more 😉

    I do say jammies. or pjs or yes sometimes pajaahmas…maybe I don’t hear myself. I speak differently than others.

    Oh and right now while my kids do pretend to be others, they can’t seem to get the accent part down as yet, maybe when they are a little older.
    JamericanSpice would like you to read ..I’m A Calendar Girl – Aloha!My Profile

  8. My little guy seems to be trying out new voices to go with characters more lately. Not sure they are more than trying to imitate voices he has heard in movies or television. We definitely say something more similar to “pahjamas” – although mostly just PJ’s 😉
    Beth would like you to read ..Buying Bunk BedsMy Profile

  9. I’m like you in growing up in the Northwest so we say “jam”, but the other grandmother grew up in the Northeast so the babies pick up on her pronouncement often too.

  10. I actually call soda – pop now that I live up North. Am I’m certain I would go back with to soda if I moved down South. One thing I say that some people don’t agree with is how I pronounce pecan. I say peecan – other say pican…you know?
    simply bug would like you to read ..Aloha Friday!My Profile

  11. My youngest kiddo picks up accents super easily, like her mother. She’s pretty funny about it. The other two aren’t good at it. I say it like PN, pahjahmahs. Happy weekend! =D

  12. Hi Stacy! I’m new to the blogging scene…
    I’m looking to link up and become more active in the blog world!

    When I was younger, my cousins and I would pretend to be British, lol! And I say p’jahmahs 🙂

    Your site rocks!!
    The Sports Hun would like you to read ..Y3W | Woo Pig SooieMy Profile

  13. No, we don’t. I leave that up to my mother and aunt! I do tend to pick them up without realizing it. If I talk to someone for awhile, I unconsciously start to mimic them… it can be awkward. I’ve always done it, even as a child. It used to drive my mother crazy, because if I had a playdate with a friend who had a speech impediment, I’d come home talking like them!

  14. Jude will sometimes do a British accent when he’s playing Harry Potter, and a weird Italian accent when he’s being Mario or Luigi in a Nintendo game. He’s actually pretty good, but we try not to tell him that lest he gets some crazy idea to grow up to be an actor. God forbid. I say “pajawmas” and I’m from Texas. I also say “pecawn” for the nut. My inlaws from NY say “pajamas” and “peacan”. Recently, Jude has oddly started calling his Aunt Niki “Awnt” Niki. I think a lot of his friends at school pronounce it that way, which sounds affected to me, but I guess is the way a lot of cultures say it. Very interesting.
    Gretchen would like you to read ..Drumroll…My Profile

  15. Funny, never thought about the pronunciation of pajamas. I say pajahmas, as in “my llama wears pajamas!” but I also say jammies as in “Sammy wears jammies!” I guess I’m all mixed up… and I’m from PA too.
    Nichole would like you to read ..My Hair Dryer DIED!!!My Profile

  16. I say jamas or pj’s. Rarely do I use the entire word. Accents? I’ve never noticed if the kids have picked up any except my youngest son likes to talk like he’s from the hood every now & then so a good smack to the back of the head & he’s back with perfect English. lol My youngest has a tendency to pick up wherever she’s living she’ll pick up the accent like overnight. lol
    Xmasdolly would like you to read ..SOCC SATURDAYMy Profile

  17. LOL… I’m not sure how we say it. I’m noticing Tara’s “accent’ changing since being back in PA from FL for 2 1/2 yrs. Something she said just yesterday sounded so different than just a couple years ago… it was Pokemon but I can’t explain in writing the difference! We’ve always called it soda (or by the brand name… Coke, Pepsi – although n-ee-ther is it n-i-ther of use prefer either (or either!)
    Martha would like you to read ..When last we saw our heroine….My Profile

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