Before the holidays I had been doing the usual barrage of shopping for gifts.  After a whirlwind of several stops and fruitful shopping, my final stop of the day was a combination of a few returns from what I’d ordered online followed by a perusal through the entire store to buy more gifts (and a few necessities). 

When I unloaded my bulging cart into my vehicle, I breathed a deep sigh of relief and went to pull out my phone to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently missed any calls while traipsing up and down the multiple aisle, since cell signal can sometimes be sporadic at best.

Only my cell phone wasn’t anywhere to be found.

My hubby had just a couple of weeks prior jumped on the bandwagon of actually getting SmartPhones for each of us, after years of surviving with DumbPhones. 

Had I lost my DumbPhone, that wouldn’t have been an issue; replacing that wouldn’t have been a major financial setback so close to the holidays.

Or at all, really. 

Of course the first time ever to lose a cell phone, it had to be the SmartPhone.

My stomach having already done multiple somersaults, I knew I had to start retracing my steps – beginning with the store whose parking lot I was still parked in. 

I first stopped at the Customer Service counter on the off-chance that I may have left it there while doing my return. 

No luck. 

I then retraced all my steps through the entire store, most likely looking like a psycho woman peering under garment racks and checking in dinosaur toy bins. 

Still no luck.

I double-backed to the Customer Service counter and left my number with them, including a description of the phone just in case a Good Samaritan happened to be kind enough to turn it in, and reluctantly returned to my car racking my brain to remember when I last saw my phone.  I did have it when I went into the store, I remember setting it next to my bag in the top part of the cart, but didn’t remember seeing it while at the checkout, or when I was leaving the store.

I was certain I must have dropped it somewhere in the store, and someone else must have picked it up.  As I resigned myself to having to break the news to the hubby, I suddenly had the idea that maybe, just maybe, the phone was still in the cart I had used. 

I went back out to the cart return, praying that no one had retrieved the carts from the parking lot yet, or that no one had grabbed the same cart I had just returned less than an hour ago.

I walked over, peering at the carts in the rack, and almost let out a whoop when I saw my phone nestled in the cart vertical against the back of the cart.  It had slipped from the top part of the cart into the basket unnoticed by me. 

I hadn’t realized I had been holding my breath until I let it out in a rush as I reached for my phone.  Needless to say, I’ve never made that mistake again, nor have I lost my phone since.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Have you ever lost your phone somewhere?  Or lost anything important?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I lost my very first smartphone years ago . . . or should I say one of the kids hid it from me. So that doesn’t really count, right? Then last year I lost my iPhone when it fell out of my diaper bag in my parents’ garage and I ran it over with my car. Then there was the time I left my phone on the hotel shuttle. Luckily, another crew member found it and recognized my kids from the photos. Then another time . . .
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  2. Its good to know that you found it, not like me. I once lost a phone when I rode a public transportation a few years back. =( I didn’t tell my mom about it but she knew I lost it.

  3. Lost your phone?? Oh my!! Glad you spotted it…talk about the Good Lord watching out for you!! Whew!!
    I lost my drivers’ license once….then discovered my hubby had it!! Whew again!! Long story but I sure was relieved!

  4. Dude. I’ve recently lost LOTS and LOTS of someone ELSE’s money. It’s in my house somewhere, but where?! I cannot find it, and I’m going to have to replace it. SUCK!!!! 🙁

  5. Not in a while but the last thing that meant something to me was a watch hubby bought me, a diamond watch. We were in a hotel getting ready to move and we believe that the lady cleaning the room got an awesome tip…UGH.
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  6. I feel like every time misplace my phone it is like in my pocket or something….or right in front of my face… that happens often too

    Thanks for the blog hop!
    New follower from

  7. I misplaced my phone a few months ago, I used it to text someone, set it on the desk in my home office and it got buried by my son’s school work. I hadn’t even really missed it yet, as I am not a big cell phone person, when I had to drive 80 miles away to a doctors appointment. Turns out there was confusion about the address of the appointment, and I did not have my phone to call them and tell them I wasn’t going to make it. On the way out of that town I ran something over that punctured my tire and I had no phone to call for help, so I had to try and learn how to change my spare tire. Luckily a good Samaritan stopped and helped me with the tire. I was really kicking myself for losing track of my phone that day!

  8. I don’t use them. But I did once lose my wallet and had to go back and search all the place I’d been to try to find it. Someone had turned it in at one of the stores I had been at. Of course all the money was gone but I got everything else back and was happy for that.

  9. Whew! I’m so glad you found it!!

    I can’t remember losing anything major…..

    Oooh YESSSS!
    Not sure I lost it though. I know it was stolen.
    I used to sketch a lot and brought my book to do it when I was needing somewhere to outlet.

    I had so many in this book. Kids would ooh ahh over it. I carried it everywhere iwth me in school.

    One day it was gone. i went everywhere, asked everyone. No one saw it. Someone stole it.
    I still feel that emptiness caused from what happened. It still hurts.

    I haven’t sketched much since then. And now that I’m married, I don’t at all. Sigh.
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  10. Wow you were really lucky! I have lost my phone several times. I have left it in the shop, on the top of my car(XD) and once it was stolen from my bag. I’m not a kind of lucky person:)
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  11. I lose things all the time but fortunately they don’t tend to be important things — well, not usually 🙂 I have to be really careful though since I tend to be so forgetful — just this morning I couldn’t find my notebook and panicked because it had all the notes I needed to take care of things for the family business today. I found it after tearing around for a while and whining a lot! 🙂

    Visiting from Aloha Friday
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  12. I’ve never lost my phone (yet) but have misplaced it around the house a couple of times.. when I go out I normally place it in my pocket so that I know it’s always there as I can feel it. Glad that you found your phone.
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  13. I’d had my smart phone a whole week when I LOST it. Heart attack. I used a land line to dial my number and found it in the back seat of my car. I thought I would die for sure, embarrassed and ashamed that my husband would be upset. It’s too much for a mortal heart to stand.

  14. Just last week, we were looking for important information to register Sprite for public school and I went to the bank to check our safety deposit box for her social security card. When I opened the box, it occurred to me that my engagement ring and anniversary ring were not in the box as I had thought they were. (Neither was the card.) I called John and we both swore the rings had to be in the box. Getting home that evening, we tore the house apart looking for the rings. Finally, I checked a bin in John’s office since the last time I had remembered seeing the rings, it was when I put them in a ring box and left them on John’s desk to be taken to the bank. He had shoved everything off his desk into the bin when we had company over and the rings had been swept away with the pile.
    The very next day, I brought the rings to the bank myself and made sure they were put away correctly. I found the social security card too. In my own wallet. 🙂

  15. A lost phone is one of the most annoying and difficult things to replace, its horrible, Its made a little better these days as thing can be easily backed up but all in all there is probably nothing worst to lose than your phone!

  16. I was once lost my cellphone before in school when I was in college but after such several times of finding of my missing phone a friend had came and he gave me my phone and he said that I was left it in my chair and when he saw it he returned it to me because he know it mine. 🙂
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