Remember how I mentioned last week about the cool Skylanders game?  Stores cannot keep those characters in stock.  At all.  I’ve been stalking all the stores online (and calling) to keep checking for new figures.  I missed out on Target’s latest delivery yesterday – they apparently had them on the shelves by the time the store opened at 8am, and were sold out by 10am. 

If I knew for sure they were getting some on a truck on their next delivery, I’d be waiting at the doors for them to open at 8am.  But they never seem to know.  There are accusations flying all about the internet that the employees at the stores that carry them are hoarding them to sell on Amazon, eBay, and other outlets for insane resale prices (a $7.99 figure for $87.00 or a $19.99 three-pack for $150.00?  I don’t think so, homey).

I did luck out and found a few at Best Buy, but since I was sending the hubby to pick them up on his way to work, I decided to pay for them online.  Except they don’t let you pick specifically which characters you get, so I bought the three individual ones and 2 three-pack ones they said they had over the phone. 

Turned out the three individual figures were duplicated in the 3-pack figures I got, so I planned on returning them for a refund.  Rolex apparently had other ideas. 

The dork dog decided they looked like fun to chew on, so he chewed 2 of the 3 which of course negated the return factor.  He only chewed the packaging, though – luckily his little pointy teeth didn’t touch the important part like the figures themselves or the cards, stickers and internet code they come with.  I’ll just have to list them on eBay with the sad story of the shredder dog’s work and cross my fingers someone will feel sorry for me and buy them.

Speaking of feeling sorry for me, what’s up with the weather?  We’re once again having Seattle weather while my family and friends are complaining about the snowy (aka PA weather) they’re having in Seattle.  Princess Nagger is really bummed, instead of getting the up-to-six-inches of snow the Seattle area is looking at, we’ll be in 50-degree weather with rain all day today (after lows in the teens and highs in the mid-30’s all weekend).  She thinks they should have a rain day at school since they’re missing out on snow days.

I keep hoping for one good snowstorm – just one is all I need.  I’ve been putting off doing the final stage of my champagne batch, because I was hoping that Mother Nature would help me out with at least 4 to 6-inches of snow.  That way I wouldn’t have to make an ice slurry to do the disgorging (freezing the neck of the bottle where the sediment has been riddled to, then open the bottle to let the ice capsule of sediment shoot out [without losing too much of the remaining champagne in the bottle] topping it off with a dosage mix, then cork it, wire and and foil it). 

Since I have 30 bottles to finish, it would be nice to be able to do them all at once rather than 4 to 6 at a time.  I could just stick the bottles upside down in a snow bank and let Mother Nature do the freezing part.  It would go much faster than using a bucket with an ice slurry you can only put a few bottles at a time in, and I don’t have enough buckets to do 30 bottles at the same time.  I’ve got the whole corking part down like a science, so it would be nice to not have to start, stop, and start again. 

Even ice winemakers are lamenting the mild winter which has cut down their ice grape crops, meaning iced wine will be limited this year (and probably end up at a premium price).

C’mon Mother Nature – send me some snow!

In other news… I’ve decided that it’s time to teach Little Dude to pee like a real boy. When he came to us he was potty trained, but when he pees he sits on the toilet and pushes his little wiener down between his legs and pees like a girl.  That was working fine initially (no random pee to clean up around the toilet), but lately he’s taken a fascination to sticking his hand in the pee stream.  I know, I’m right there with you on the resounding ewwwwwww. 

The other night he was sitting on the toilet for his final potty session before bed while I sat on the floor in front of him (waiting patiently to help him finish getting his jammies on [which he can do just fine, but if I help him that makes that process go faster]) he was chatting away when suddenly I saw a pee stream headed right towards me. 

I did what any normal person would do – screamed like a girl and bolted out of the way.  It just missed me, but he doused the floor, the side of his suitcase (that I haven’t fully unpacked from our vacation yet), and my PJ’s I had sitting out for me to don later. Poor thing melted into tears and kept saying he was sorry, I gave him an awkward hug while he still sat perched on the toilet and helped him clean himself off with baby wipes before tackling the puddle on the floor.  I’ve nominated the hubby to teach him how to pee like a real boy, for obvious reasons.

That’s it for this week, feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re all so entertaining. Rebel On!

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  1. Skylanders is new to me! Never heard of them? Ha!!
    And teaching a boy to pee is not my idea of a fun time. Glad you elected hubby to do that! Ha!!
    Good luck

  2. Peeing standing up is definitely a guy teaching thing. Though tossing a couple of cheerios into the bowl and letting him aim also works. You just have to be sure he’s tall enough.

    So glad we are out of the “must have game” stage of life. good luck with the ebay thing.
    Michele would like you to read ..RTT – new furnitureMy Profile

  3. I have never heard of Skylanders. I asked Indy if he had and he said yes, he saw a commercial for them on Disney XD, but as all the commercials are in Finnish (or Danish, we’re not sure which) he wasn’t sure what it was all about.
    Ah, potty training boys. I do not look forward to going through that again. Ugh.
    Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..RTT: Chicken Knows BestMy Profile

  4. We have Skylander figures at our stores. Just sitting on the shelves. Sorry about the dork dog attack.

    As for the potty thing, Bruiser wants so to stand up to pee, but has absolutely no control yet. I make him sit down. Way less to clean up that way.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Confess is Good For YouMy Profile

  5. I’d heard about the ice wine crops, but had no idea what you had to go through to bottle your champagne!

    Poor Little Dude…little boys are much less graceful than little girls in so many ways, and going potty is one of them. He’ll get the hang of it, soon.
    Jan would like you to read ..Meatloaf Cupcakes with Sweet Potato FrostingMy Profile

  6. I’ve seen the figures in stores, and so has the kid. She thinks they’re like happy meal toys and I’m now glad I didn’t buy her any. They would’ve been wasted at the bottom of her toy bucket.

    And potty training is as easy as open-heart surgery. Good luck with that one! We made up a potty song for my nephew, and he was trained in a day. He also *really* wanted those super-awesome underwear with the super heroes on them, and that was our motivator. The cheerio aim thing really works; they think it’s a game, so it’s not really like we’re teaching them to do something. I’m just glad I had a girl so I wouldn’t have to do the whole “pee on the wall” thing.

    Now if I could just get the husband to lift the lid….
    Kate would like you to read ..Bad Weather, Mean Kid, Dumb Husband, Fair Trades, And Star Trek For Kids: RTT RebelMy Profile

  7. Ok, this is the second time I’ve heard about skylanders and I have never ever seen them before or knew anything about them until today. Weird. I’ll have to check it out.

    Poor guy and his stream of pee. My husband sits down to pee. I thought it was odd in the beginning but now I’m so thankful. No pee pee stains around the rim is awesome! {He does pee like a big boy every now and then though} Shhh. Don’t tell my secret. He would DIE!

    Thanks for linking up with us! We appreciate it!
    Impulsive Addict would like you to read ..The Search for BFF’sMy Profile

  8. I am not aware of these skylanders that you speak of, I’m in the land of pillow pets with my kids and informercials and them telling me what I need to buy from said infomercials.

    By skylanders and price scalping reminds me of beanie babies and I was sucked into that long ago.

    Hang in there and hope you find one!

    I am a new follower on networked blogs and google +

    Regina would like you to read ..Organize my kitchen puleeeze!My Profile

  9. I’m sort of surprised no one has said that teaching him to pee standing up doesn’t end any of the issues you just brought up. LG will get distracted and suddenly there is pee everywhere. Little o can focus, but if he’s tired you’d best be standing far, far away.

    Come on mother nature. Stacy needs her champagne!!! Get with the program.
    MamaBadger would like you to read ..Spin Cycle- DreamsMy Profile

  10. I can remember when my husband tried to tech our little son how to pee standing-up:) It was really funny, although I had some clean-up job:)
    Catwoman would like you to read ..teljes fogpótlásMy Profile

  11. Uh-oh! Naughty dog! Would you believe that while I was at Target I wanted to look for your dudes, but hadn’t written down what they were and felt silly saying “some sort of action figure that is very popular that you probably don’t have…yeah, what are those called?” Will try again—with notes!!!! Champagne making–how cool! 14 year old pees sitting…nothing else to say there!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Roll out the RandomMy Profile

  12. Wth? I have to google skylanders now.
    And, I’m lol’ing at IA’s husband peeing sitting down. I don’t know exactly why but it makes me giggle.

  13. I haven’t heard of skylanders….but then that might be because I have two teenage girls and these don’t sound like teenage girl “toys.” 🙂 I have a dog that still chews things up. It is so frustrating. I sure if the toys are really popular that you will find someone willing to buy them off of you.
    Michelle would like you to read ..Photo collage and picture a day shotsMy Profile

  14. I had to teach my son to pee standing up it was just easier for him, but there was one time he couldn’t reach the seat standing up at church so he had to sit on the potty and he peed all over my dress…..I mean it shot out there wicked fast…luckily we were headed home anyways..but it was horrible….never again!

  15. Okay, I’m confused I had you on my list for WW, but what I’m seeing this is for Tuesday? This blogging sure gets confusing sometimes. How about if I just say hello, and I hope everything is fine, and good luck with that young man.
    Tom/Introducing Mr. Cool would like you to read ..Wordless WednessdayMy Profile

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