I guess I need to clarify for the benefit of Mother Nature that the ‘good’ snow I need to complete my champagne making needs to be just snow, not followed by freezing rain then warm rain.  Ahem. 

We did get 4-6 inches of snow on Saturday, much to Princess Nagger’s mutual delight and chagrin – delight in the opportunity to go out and play in it, chagrin that it wasn’t on a school day for a Snow Day.  But delight was definitely the prominent mode:

Princess Nagger has been bored in school.  For some reason this year the teacher isn’t as cognizant as her Kindergarten through 2nd grade teachers were – as in, she’s not coordinating much with the Gifted Program teacher to make sure PN is challenged and motivated with learning, even though that’s supposed to be what’s taking place.

The boredom rears its ugly head when she consistently forgets to bring homework home.  Though yesterday she remembered that her math homework could be found on the school website to print, so we found the correct lesson number and printed it.  Only it was the 4th grade one instead of 3rd grade.  We did find the correct one, but she decided to turn in the 4th grade one too, since she was able to complete that without any help from me.

I suspect the next Parent Teacher Conference is going to be quite interesting.

Keeping it short and sweet this week – feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re all so entertaining. Rebel On!

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We’re still rebelling while Keely is still hiatus-ing (and maybe, just maybe she might be making an illustrious return soon), if you have a smorgasbord in your brain and want to let it out, c’mon and join in the fun! Rebel On!


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  1. OMG, I could totally have written that part about school boredom! Jude is going through the exact same thing! His teacher is so sweet, but unfortunately, as dull as a stump. Just not engaging. He’s SO bored. And ends up messing up by rushing through things, or not paying good attention. SO frustrating! Let me know if you figure out a way to help!
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  2. Ooh — snow! We had a ton of that last week, but it was pretty brutal; the girls were all happy for the first couple of days but then were totally over it.

    Hopefully PN will find a way around the school boredom. It’s such a drag to go every day and be all, “…”

    Happy Tuesday~

  3. Happy RTT!!!! Glad the Princess and Little Dude got their snow. You guys can keep it as far as I am concerned. Yuck!!

  4. OMG, how sweet does Little Dude look in the snow?
    Indy is very upset that we’ve only had snow once this winter. It only lasted 2 days and then it was gone. Sadness.

    Reading your bits about school remind me once again why we home school. There is no boredom in our house! Well, okay, *I* get a little bored sometimes (teachers must be bored out of their skull teaching the same thing year after year), but Indy is rarely bored. Hsing is exciting according to him.
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  5. I wish I could say The Young One is bored in school – on HIS end, he gets into daily arguments with his government teacher, who is on the opposite political spectrum from TYO. Although she told him yesterday (in so many words) that he’s her favorite student, mostly because he not only challenges her, but is really the only student in his class who participates – apparently the rest of the class sits there like a bunch of mute lumps.

  6. Having gifted children is as hard, or harder than having challenged ones. I like that she did the grade 4 assignment too. 🙂 Good luck with the parent-teacher interviews.

  7. I wish we could get 5-6 inches of snow all at once. We keep getting snow but it’s the horizontal kind, as in way to much wind with it. I guess if you count the drifts we have 5-6 inches in places on the ground.
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  8. Ugh. Snow. I’m sick of it.
    Is it just 3rd grade? My daughter is always forgetting things. And she’ll hand over her homework for us to check, only she’s completely skipped problems. She seems to be turning into a bit of a space cadet. Her teacher last year was uber engaged, and extremely available. I could send him an email at 2 with a message for Ella, and I’d have a response at 2:20. He gave everyone his cell number – “Feel free to text me if you have any questions outside of school hours.” Who does that? Heck, I still email him for teacher advice. This year even I’m a little intimidated by her new teacher. I think she gets my emails, but I’ve never gotten a response. She is very by-the-book.
    On the other hand, my 6 year old’s first grade teacher is amazing. AMAZING! She goes way above and beyond to challenge the kids who might get bored. She offered Natalie the chance to do extra spelling words, which she has to take the time to figure out (she usually takes them from other units they’re studying like science or math). She’s just the sweetest woman, and so helpful. She put Natalie in some kind of “special math” class. Somebody’s grandma comes in once a week and teaches a few kids some advanced math. Teachers make all the difference.
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  9. Hey, I couldn’t get in to see your blog at all yesterday – what was up? Actually it was yesterday eve. I see you changed your scenery is that why? Oh well, boy do I remember snow days use to drive me nuts when all my kids were home had to call off work & everything. Naturally all slept in to Lord knows how late except the youngest ones were glued to the TV watching cartoons until they realized SNOW!!! Was that a mess to clean up tracking in & out no matter how many times I said, “IN or OUT”!
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  10. Hi Stacy, Need to update my links page, but wanted to link-up before I forget. I have both SS and BB there today. Hope you have time to will swing by for a visit.
    I remember those days of no school because of snow. I used to live in Michigan. It was so cold and terrible in the winters for me. I often get sick, and don’t feel well.
    Your kids don’t seem to mind it though. Look like so much fun!
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  11. Perhaps, PN’s school should consider a course of study for a gifted child or you may want to investigate a distant learning program(I believe this is what it’s called) to educate her from home at her pace.

    The snow looks beautiful where it is, in your yard, and not in mine. It’s funny I love to see it falling, but I do not want it to accumulate. Here in the TN valley region, it’s safe to say our city isn’t always well equipped to maintain secondary roads. The main roads take priority, but good does this do us, if we can’t get out to them?

    Running late, will visit the others later today. Thanks for hosting,Stacy!

  12. I miss snow days. Down here in Fla my kids never get to play in the snow like I did when I was a kid. Maybe now your daughter will be excited to go back to school after blowing off a little steam. We really need to do something about our education system but that is a whole other story. I always dread those parent teacher conferences b/c I always have to bite my tongue!

  13. Hey … the pics are great – I love the snow … it makes everything look so prestine. BTW, are you going to get rid of GFC? I’m so confused about the Google+ thing now … Anyhoo, stopping to say hey from the Train – hope you have time to visit soon and return the favor 🙂
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  14. I was a gifted teacher for a couple of years. You have to keep them engaged at ALL TIMES. It’s hard work!

    I loved seeing the pics of snow! We haven’t had any snow yet. It always looks so pretty but I’m enjoying our 60-70 degree weather days here lately.

    Thanks for linking up with us again! =)
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  15. We had snow for one day. ROFL! Hubby got so excited he took the day off to go skiddooing. The next day he woke up and it was pouring rain and all the snow was gone. It’s been a weird winter….

  16. I’m late posting and commenting, but it’s still Tuesday.

    I think you have to be very specific for Mother Nature. All our snow melted. The kids haven’t even played outside in it. Maybe February will be more generous. They got snow tubes for Christmas and they are still sitting in their boxes.

    J-Man hates school. It’s a struggle every single day. Ugh! I’m beginning to hate school too.
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  17. Oh you’re so lucky with that white land all over there! I wish we could have some snow, too… It’s freezing and the wind is blowing, but no snow…My kids just want to glide and ski and asI saw the weather report, we won’t have any snow during the next weeks…
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  18. First let me say that that snow is gorgeous and second I’m so glad you’re in it not me! I haven’t been in snow in years and I’m ok with it!

    I have a gifted student as well, luckily she’s self motivated and has learned (I;m not sure how) to challenge herself with more work and research on a topic if need be.

    Thanks for linking up, I look forward to visiting you more and more!

  19. When a class is boring, I think the teacher is responsible of finding way to make it lively. I can still remember our teacher before acting out just to get our attention.

  20. If you can believe it, I’ve never even seen real snow, Stacy! Based in Sydney we never get snow here. Oh my gosh – so jealous of you AND the little ones. It looks as if you’re all having a blast!

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