Friday night was the end to an awesome show.  We had to say Farewell to Chuck:

This is one of the shows that Princess Nagger and I enjoyed watching together. We both loved this show. So much so, that when Princess Nagger found out that Friday was the series finalé, she lamented about how much it will be missed and said “You will have to buy it on DVD.” I’m usually not one to buy TV series on DVD, unless they’re that good to where I wouldn’t mind the redundancy of watching them again (like FRIENDS, which I would totally re-watch).  Chuck is that good.

Chuck made Geek sexy, and provided five years of fun entertainment.  Nerd-turned-spy (who didn’t like using real guns when fighting the bad guys, opting to use a dart gun to knock them out instead).  Winning the gorgeous spy girl, Sarah, and the whole unlikely team of spies and geeks combined into so much entertaining fun.  Farewell, Chuck.  You will be missed.   Unless I buy the series on DVD, then we’ll be revisiting you again very soon.

It’s already been a busy week, and today’s only Tuesday.  Yesterday I had a hair appointment while hubby had a dentist appointment – I had him take Little Dude with him so I could have some relaxation time.  I’ll get payback though, since I’ll have to take Little Dude with me to the dentist tomorrow for the beginning of a root canal.  Hopefully he’ll think PBS on the TV in the room will be more interesting than the pole dancing hubby said he was doing yesterday.  Ahem.

Today I was supposed to do my semi-monthly grocery shopping, but I decided to wait until hubby’s home all day Friday so I can go solo which will go much faster (and there won’t be any petulant whining when I have to say no to buying everything in sight).  Instead, I better finish up on laundry I totally ignored over the weekend.  Usually I make sure that all of it is done by Sunday night so there’s none looming over my head Monday morning.  It kept taunting me so this time I decided to ignore it, but now my peeps are running out of things to wear, so I’d best pay attention.

Speaking of ignoring things, I still have my Christmas tree up in the living room.  I’ve just not had the motivation to take it down for some reason, probably because I’ve got so many other things going on that it just doesn’t take priority.  I’ve also been procrastinating on finishing up wrapping the gifts for family and friends out West – Christmas gifts, mind you.  Hopefully I’ll get my act together soon so they can get them in time for Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully.

Hubby’s been working a split shift since the start of the New Year.  One of the instructors resigned right before the holidays, so hubby was stuck with covering the 7:30am class as well as teaching the class that runs until 10:30pm on Monday through Thursday.  He doesn’t get home until 11-ish, and of course there’s the needed hour minimum of wind-down time before going to bed to start over at 5:30am the next day.  He’s been coming home during his 2-3 hour ‘break’ in the middle of the day to take a nap.  I can’t take naps (plus I have to keep an eye on Little Dude, who seems to be anti-naps right now).  Needless to say my brain is in perpetual foggy mode lately from lack of sleep.

I’m looking forward to next term when he’ll be back on a ‘normal’ schedule so we’re not staying up past midnight and getting up at 5:30 each morning.  Instead he’ll just be teaching the morning class, so even though that means we’ll still be getting up at 5:30 each morning, he’ll actually be home in the evenings, and we’ll only have ourselves to blame for our foggy brains if we choose to stay up way past our bedtime.

That’s it for this week – I know I had some other things rattling around in my head I wanted to share, but it’s hindered by the fog.  Feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re all so entertaining. If you’re visiting from Talk To Us Tuesday, feel free to link up, too – the more the merrier. Rebel On!

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  1. I hate to say it, but I never saw one single episode of Chuck. Now I feel like I ought to check Netflix and see if they have it streaming. Might be something fun to catch up on. Your poor husband, and poor you. What awful hours. Nothing worse than a consistent lack of sleep. Ugh. And you have made me feel so terrible TOGETHER because I have actually taken down my Christmas decorations. Though they’re still in boxes in the dining room because I’m too lazy to haul them up into the attic!
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  2. I’ve never seen a single episode of Chuck, but I’ve never heard anything bad about it. I don’t know if I should add it to the back log of shows I’ve been wanting to check out, though… :/

    Totally hear you about the Christmas tree. Although I have a habit of taking mine down hella fast, the boxes of ornaments usually stick around much longer than they need to. *quick glance to the right*

    As always, happy Tuesday, and thank you for hosting! 😀
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  3. I have the brain fog, too. I feel your pain. Mine will go away as soon as the husband is home, though. At least, I really hope so.

    Probably not.

    I’m sorry about your show.. I’m feeling the pain of the impending death of Eureka. Also, the end of Star Trek: Voyager was depressing.

    The dentist always sucks, but hopefully it won’t be so bad.. and the tree? If you hang some paper hearts from it and put a cupid on top, can you say it’s a Love tree?

    When Easter comes around, you can just replace the hearts and the fat kid with no pants with some eggs and a bunny.

    I’m full of ideas.
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  4. The finale of Chuck came on here last night (we get them a few days after they air in the States). We were all so sad that it was over! Indy even got to stay up late to watch it. I’m not sure I like the way they ended it, but I’m not terribly upset with it either. You know what I’d like when a series ends? All the characters to just go on living their lives the way we’ve watched for years instead of all moving off to some great unknown (FRIENDS). I want to know that things are just as they always were.
    JB and I have only ourselves to blame for our foggy brains. I have the intention of getting to bed NLT 10:30pm every night, but before I know it it’s midnight and I’m still puttering around. D’oh! This still gives me about 7.5-8 hours of sleep (bless Han Solo for sleeping late!), but I’m a person who needs like 10-11 FULL hours of sleep, so I’m always foggy. Must go to bed earlier tonight! haha
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  5. Hmm, never watched Chuck. Wonder if it is on Netflix. Tara is into finding “new” series and watching all the episodes. Will have to check it out!

    Get PN to make some paper hearts and decorate the tree for Valentine’s Day. Our tree is down, but the boxes need to be packed up in the car and taken to storage. With the warmish weather today and not having to work until 4pm, that might be my project!

    Ugh, that sleep schedule sucks! It is bad enough when I have one shift a week where I close and get home 10:30ish, and have to be be back up by 6am!
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  6. I’ve watched some episodes of Chuck and I loved it. I just didn’t have time to watch it every time its aired. I loved how he portrayed Chuck’s character. A nerdy but adventurous man with a hot, sexy and though Stacy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Anya Ty
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  7. I used to stay up late, too, when I was still married to my ex and he was “working” evenings (if you can call community theatre working), then get up at the crack of ridiculous every morning so I could go to work (and enable him to “work” at his hobby). I so feel your brain fog.
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  8. I’m a HUGE Zachary Levi fan! Meg and I loved to watch Chuck too! He made Nerdy fun and I loved that it was a show you could watch with the fam! Much like Princess Nagger, Meg’s been going on about how much we’re gonna miss the show! No more Chuckie Chuck is her fav line! I have to giggle about how his character’s hair changed over the years! lol I liked the flash backs they did in the last episode! 🙁 Yeah we’re bummed! 😉
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  9. Sorry about your show being canceled. That sucks for you both!!!
    Naps are great but I have a hard time getting one in too!!

  10. I never watched Chuck, but I know my sister liked it. I hate when a good show ends. And I’m totally with you on Friends, I keep hoping someone will hand me the complete series on DVD, because I would watch it all again. And then when my husband or I would make a Friends reference, I’d like to be able to watch that episode if I want. I had to do groceries last night after the kids went to bed. But first I had to stop at Target, where they’re remodeling so I can’t find anything. It took me 2 hours to do Target and then the grocery store. I feel like I could use a nap today!
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  11. I’ve never seen Chuck.
    What’s up with the numbers? weird.

    I did a post today.
    Also I will not go shopping WITHkids. I just can’t do it. Some Sunday’s I’ll pop in for 2-6things but no more with kids. I can’t handle the “I wants” or the “Whyyyyyy are we doing this noww”

  12. Thnaks for linking up with us, I so need to remember to link up with you. I will do my best to remember next week.

    I don’t watch much TV so I’ve never seen Chuck, maybe I’ll watch it on NetFlix the next time I sit down to scrapbook.

    Your tree is still up and you haven’t wrapped or mailed some of your gifts yet? Can I just tell you that you just made me LOL! Girl, throw some hearts on that thing and call it a V-day tree. It will make you look ontop of things instead of behind the 8-ball.

  13. I started out watching Chuck but I quit and I have no reason why. I can’t believe it’s the last of it. They said maybe there would be a spin off, right?

    Girl, you might as well take the xmas decorations and replace them with Valentines decorations! HA! Next up would be St. Patty’s day and then Easter!

    Poor hubby. That schedule sucks.

    Thanks for linking up with us!! xoxo
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  14. Well, now I think I might have to check out Chuck on DVD, as I never watched it! I think there must’ve been an East Coast laundry epidemic this weekend, as mine didn’t get done either. I am still in awe of the organization it must take to grocery shop so infrequently!
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  15. I just hate it when a show I love goes off the air. Why??? and stupid shows like those Kardysisters continue!! I don’t get it.

  16. I hate saying goodbye to a show that has been apart of my house for so long. Seems every show I fall for, leaves me and gets cancelled. The networks should contact me first. Doesn’t DVR still count as a person watching? You have a MAJORLY busy week and I hope you’re able to get it all done– grocery shopping with little people is always a pain for me too.. my husband takes our son and he thinks its a toy trip every time..
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  17. I was not able to saw the final episode of Chuck (sad here). One thing that I really hate is when the show ends in a thrill way maybe I have to check out any DVD copy of Chuck, hope I can avail.
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  18. I haven’t watched Chuck this season. Once I heard it was ending I haven’t watched it. I really enjoyed the show, it was one of our favorites. At least we can still watch Once Upon A Time together. That’s one of our new favorite shows.

    Nap? Did someone say nap? I love naps. They’re my favorite. Hope you can get caught up on some sleep soon!
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