I had an awesome birthday – the prime rib at LongHorn Steakhouse was perfect this time (they redeemed themselves from our unfortunate visit on Princess Nagger’s birthday).  Princess Nagger even ordered Prime Rib – her first one – and she loved it.  So did I.  There was so much left over we had an easy dinner Sunday night, too.

Hubby spoiled me again this year with awesome gifts.  He came home from work early bearing two dozen roses, 12 red and 12 green:

I know they look more yellow in the picture, but trust me, they’re more of a light lime green than yellow and really cool.  He also got me a gift set of my favorite perfume (Obsession by Calvin Klein – the original version, not the funky ones that have followed), cute little stuffed deer (since I collect deer), and the finale?  A pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings (something I’ve been putting on my list for several years – I can cross them off now).  What a sweetie!

I finally put all the fall decorations away this weekend – including the scarecrows (though I was tempted to just throw Santa hats on them and call it a day).  I even got the tree dug out of the shed, and my brilliant idea of putting the 6-1/2 foot tree on top of a bar table actually will work:

I guess putting a 6-1/2 foot tree on top of a table gives new meaning to a ‘table top tree’.  Good thing our ceilings are tall, or it never would have worked.  Little Dude is only about a half a head taller than the table, so it makes it more likely he’ll not mess with the ornaments.  Though he has already dragged a kid chair over to admire the lights a little closer.  Twice.  I’ll probably make sure the ornaments are above that level.  I’ll share pictures tomorrow of the finished tree since Princess Nagger and I were working on it last night.  I’tll look even better once I get the presents wrapped and under the tree (and table – might as well use that space and thwart any little munchkins playing under it.  Maybe.

I decided to go minimal this year, though – I didn’t put garland on the front porch posts (though the rope lights are shining bright), and only put out one set of my animated deer instead of both.  I’m not putting out my Analee decorations, either, because it just invites mischief from the Little Dude since I usually have them sitting on the floor and on the gifts.  Too much temptation for a four year old.  Plus it’s only two weeks until Christmas, and we’ll be gone during the Christmas break so it would be silly to go to all that work and not be able to truly enjoy the effort.

I owe quite a few people return email messages – apparently I need an intervention with saving all messages, because transferring my email from my old laptop to my new one, there were over 40,000 emails that transferred over.  From one email account.  I have more than five accounts.  Ahem.  Unfortunately all my tasks and notes didn’t transfer over, so I’ll have to sift through the ungodly number of emails to find all the important ones.  So if you’ve emailed me and wondered why I haven’t replied, that’s why.   I’m thinking I might need serious professional help.

I was talking to my best friend on the phone on my birthday, and I relayed the whole Staples snafu story to her (which, by the way, was resolved thanks to the power of Twitter and the dude behind @Staples – thanks again, J.D.)   When I was relaying my persistence in getting it taken care of, I accidentally combined two cliches into one by saying “The squeaky wheel gets the worm.”  We both laughed hysterically, and have now decided that’s our new catch phrase.  Yes, she’s a blonde too – why do you ask?

The Santa magic is still alive and well with Princess Nagger, thanks to Vandy J of The Testosterone Three and Me and her suggestion last week of checking out PNP (Portable North Pole) – I made videos for both Princess Nagger and Little Dude, and they were thrilled they got a personal video from Santa.  Thanks, Vandy – you are a life saver – and a magic saver.

We’ll all be at the dentist this morning – again – the whole famdamily.  Little Dude and I are simply going as moral support – the hubby has his final deep cleaning, and poor Princess Nagger is having two of her bottom baby teeth pulled since her adult teeth are growing in behind them.  She is not looking forward to this visit, but at least she’ll have a ‘get out of school free’ day.

Sorry things have been so crazy and I’ve been lackadaisical in visiting all you awesome Random Rebels – thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the random alive.  You all ROCK.

Get your random on and link up if you dare.  Rebel on!

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  1. I am so glad you had a happy birthday… I hear you about your email woes… I get in trouble ALL the time at work because my email file is so large, and I refuse to delete emails….
    Hilary would like you to read ..Pomegranate PerfectionMy Profile

  2. Whoo-hoo, glad to hear you had an excellent birthday celebration! Holy Toledo, your tree is gigantic looking placed on the table. I was thinking maybe, you’d put up a three or four foot tree on a table top. You definitely give new meaning to table top tree. lol I’d be like super afraid one this tall would get pulled off.

    40,000 emails! Are you serious? What have you been smoking? Oh good heavens that a lot of email. I hope these aren’t ones you need to answer. Maybe, it’s time to do a little email decluttering…just saying is all.

    I hope the trip to the dentist went well. Have an awesome week!

  3. Happy Belated B-day! Love the Roses! And love what you did to the tree! ~ Our first grandbaby will be here for Xmas and she is only crawling, so think I am safe this year???? Hmmm. . . maybe I better rethink – could put it up on a table??
    Ollie McKay’s would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday in DecemberMy Profile

  4. NICE birthday gifts, especially so close to Christmas! I’m going to Michael Symon’s Lola restaurant (and will buy his cookbook while I’m there) for mine, so that’s not too shabby for 3 days before. But still – roses AND diamond earrings? Lucky YOU!
    Jan would like you to read ..Dairy-Free Ranch DressingMy Profile

  5. Happy belated birthday!

    I had to have baby teeth pulled long ago, and DS#1 had to, as well. Pain in the butt (mouth?), but worth it! Dental work is such fun, isn’t it? Blah.
    Aimee would like you to read ..Random CelebrationsMy Profile

  6. Sounds like a great birthday! And earrings have been on my list for quite some time too. Maybe I need to show my hubby your blog and let him know he’s slacking!

  7. What a birthday!
    Brilliant thought on the tree. My 1 year old wandered away from the tree with an entire ornament in her mouth the other day. I thought I’d been smart by not putting breakable ornaments on this year. Clearly I did not put enough thought into what went on lower branches.
    Sarah would like you to read ..RTT: Followup has never been my gift.My Profile

  8. The tree I took delivery of is much smaller than I hoped and because of that we have had to put it up on a table, it give it futher to fall when the dog charges to the window when someone knocks on the door!
    Marian would like you to read ..Snow socksMy Profile

  9. Wow–loving the roses. Oh and the earrings don’t sound half bad either! 🙂 I am trying to get some perspective on just how high your ceilings are. Seems you have outwitted Little Dude…for now!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random garlandMy Profile

  10. You must have high ceilings if you can put a 6 1/2 foot tree on top of a table! I’ve definitely been behind on the Christmas decorations and will be right there with the minimal decorating. It’s time to move on to the baking and wrapping and more shopping.

    Glad your birthday was so terrific! Roses and diamonds? Awesome!
    Elle would like you to read ..Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

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