Stardate -312835.88, we are still in the dark technology-wise.  Still no phone, no internet, and no cable.  I’m missing my favorite shows, not to mention not having access at the tip of my fingers to the blogosphere and beyond.  It’s a good thing I have more hair on my head than the average person – I’d practically be bald by now with ripping my hair out by the roots in frustration.

So here I am yet again, in the cold dark parking lot of the gas station about a mile from my house like I did for yesterday’s post, to ensure my blog doesn’t go dark like my brain is currently, suffering from lack of artificial light from my laptop and TV.  Ahem.  At least this time I come bearing gifts with pictures…

Those that are they called whomever they call and requested snow on Saturday, and while normally this wouldn’t be a problem (aside from the obvious – that it was still October), the trees are still laden with leaves not yet turned red and gold by the fall coolness we were late seeing, after summer extended itself way beyond the norm.  They’re also referring to it as ‘Snowtober’:

The leaves gave the heavy wet snow something to cling to, which made for a mess of downed trees and branches.  And tons of power outages.  Our power went out and came back on a multitude of times, but after the final outage, our technology was kaput.  At least we had something pretty to look at:

We were lucky, we did have some branches take a nose dive from some trees out back and in the Back 40, but they missed the barn and outbuildings, harmlessly littering the ground instead.  When the snow completely melts and things dry out a bit, we’ll have some cleaning up to do:

Trick-or-Treating was a cold and dark event as well – seems more people opted not to hand out candy this year.  Though Princess Nagger and the Little Dude made out like bandits for the few houses that were participating, especially since we went closer to the technical ‘closing time’ and they were pretty much off-loading the remainder of the candy at those houses.

Today is a very special day – the Little Dude turns Four! 

I keep telling him now he’ll be able to sing the Caillou song legitimately…  “I’m just a boy who’s four, each day I grow some more…”  Sorry, now it’ll be stuck in your head, too.

My apologies about not being able to blog-hop and visit all you awesome people – feel free to link up below and when we’re finally back to the 21st Century and not technologically challenged I’ll be able to stop on by.  I’m hoping they have things restored by the weekend – or sooner rather than later.  For sanity’s sake.


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  1. I hope it all gets restored soon!

    Hello! I’m following from the Whimsical Wednesday Blog Hop! I’m following through Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, etc., if applicable!
    It would be great if you followed me back!

    Have a wonderful rest of your week!

    Much Love,

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL’ DUDE! Four, Four, Four and presents galore! Cake and ice cream, and snow at the door! Okay, now I’m rhyming and I need to find the door because I’m becoming a big bore!!! Snow – Snow – Snow I’m not ready for it to blow! Okay, I’m out of here, soooooooooooo………… Goodnight my friend Ohhhhhhhhh.,.. okay I’ll stop! LOL
    Xmasdolly would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday!My Profile

  3. 1st, Happy Birthday! And 2nd, that is all kinds of awesome that you went down the street to get your posts up! Sounds like something I would do!
    Erin would like you to read ..Halloween FunMy Profile

  4. Oh my!! I feel your pain! I hate it when I lose my hookups to technology!! Hope it ends soon for you!!
    Fingers crossed

  5. Happy Birthday Little Dude! I hope your day was fantastic.

    I hope that the snowy weather doesn’t cause many more problems. I was so surprised to hear about the snowstorms your way but I must confess I was a little envious because I love the cold weather!

    Best wishes and take care,
    Natasha would like you to read ..A Pinteresting & Tasty Tuesday!My Profile

  6. Happy Birthday Little Dude!!! 🙂
    Yes, the Caillou song is now stuck in my head :p

    Thanks for stopping by and for posting my blog hop button. I really appreciate you taking the time to link up!! Hope you get your connections back soon. I have to plug my iPhone up to my computer to get internet because otherwise I would have to have dial-up (not happening!) because of where I live. My iPhone “froze” the other day and I had no phone and no internet so I feel your pain! Hope it gets better for you soon!
    Tonya would like you to read ..Power Wheels Dune Racer #Giveaway!!My Profile

  7. We went without electricity (and the wonderful things it powers) for a week after Hurricane Ike. I totally understand your frustration, and hope the crews get the juice turned back on soon.

    Happy WW! (at least as happy as you can make it, given the circumstances!)

    EdT. would like you to read ..WW: Downtown AquariumMy Profile

  8. Mother Nature certainly has been busy wreaking havoc this year. So sorry for your mess there, but glad to hear you were still able to go trick or treating. Hopefully power will be back up soon. You are certainly going above and beyond and I applaud your efforts. Really. I do not have snow but am typing on my phone as there is no internet in these parts yet. Heaven help me… lol. Good luck with the party. Happy B-day to your little one.

  9. Happy Birthday to your little Dude! And Snowtober that alone is depressing! Smile, maybe all your snow will disappear & wait until Christmas Eve when it’s supposed to snow. lol
    Tom would like you to read ..Wordful Wednesday!My Profile

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