Technology is nice when you have it, and when it’s gone you realize how dependent you’ve become.  We’ve been disconnected from the technical outside world since Saturday.  (So much for getting caught up on the blog-hopping I had planned over the weekend.)  The only reason you’re reading this post right now is because I didn’t want to leave you in the lurch, so I typed up this post then drove down to the local gas station where I heard a rumor they have a Wi-Fi Hotspot, and voila – cut-and-paste then get out of dodge.  Funny how just a mile down the road they have all the technological perks – they must not be Comcast customers.

Because of the oddity of a snowstorm we had on Saturday (which produced 6+ inches of snow – pictures to come when we’re actually back online), while we were lucky in that we maintained power (aside from the ever-annoying off-on-off-on that took place), we did end up losing our phone, internet and cable TV.  Since Saturday.  We miraculously had all our services back for a few short hours Sunday evening, only to be disappointed yesterday morning to yet another complete disconnect.

It’d be one thing if it was only internet or phone or cable that was out, at least utilizing one of the three would serve to keep things in forward motion.  But having all three out?  Chaos.  And major frustration.  And many hours of terminal ignore trying to find out from Comcast what the ETA would be for possible reconnect.

I’m really regretting our decision to give in to their pleas last year when they were begging their old customers to come back.  Comcast sucked when we had them before, and still sucks disguised as Xfinity.  I’m just sayin’.

Moving on… Today’s the first day of November – which means there’s only about 24 days until Black Friday.  See what I did there?  I pinpointed Black Friday rather than the fact that Christmas is approaching at lightning speed. 

Usually I try to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy watching Christmas movies while wrapping the pile’o’presents.  Hopefully I’ll get my act together and not be shopping at the last minute like I did last year.

We’re planning on descending on my sister and her family in Iowa for the Christmas break (yes, we were just there this past summer – we figured we’ve experienced the summer heat, why not enjoy the winter blues with family?) Both Princess Nagger and the Little Dude were concerned that Santa wouldn’t be able to find them if they weren’t actually here at home, but I assured them that Santa will follow them wherever they go.

This means I better make sure at the very least the Santa gifts are bought and wrapped so I can ship them to my sister in advance to keep the magic alive.  Which will ultimately break records for me – all my friends and family out West are used to getting their Christmas (and usually their birthday gifts from earlier in the year) in time for their New Year celebration.  Having kids really throws off your finite schedule, I’ve found.

That’s it for today – sorry not to incluce how trick-or-treating went last night (since I’m typing this 2 hours before the fun will start, as I enjoy the last 15 minutes of quiet with both the Little Dude and the hubby taking a nap) and for the lack of pictures (since I’m not sure how strong the Wi-Fi signal will be once I get there and attempt to connect from my car) I’d rather not chance trying to upload pictures yet.  I’ll do that when we actually have functioning service from the comfort and convenience of our own home, rather than looking like a psycho stalker with my laptop in the parking lot of the mini-mart.  Too bad Starbucks isn’t a convenient quick trip.

Meanwhile, feel free to link up and hop around to visit other Random geniuses – and here’s hoping the disconnect doesn’t last all week.  That would drive me completely insane (since I’m pretty much on the edge as it is).

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We’re still rebelling while Keely is still hiatus-ing (and maybe, just maybe she might be making an illustrious return soon), if you have a smorgasbord in your brain and want to let it out, c’mon and join in the fun! Rebel On!

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  1. You get all your Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving!! I’m so impressed. I’m always struggling down to the last minute. Sad. Sorry about the lack of technology. I don’t know what we’d do around here!
    And speaking of which…I can’t see the Linky link again! I fear that in your cutting and pasting at the closes wi-fi place, you may have not hooked Mister Linky up right!. So here’s my Rtt for this week – If you get down the hill, can you add me in! Thanks!

  2. Good luck with the electricity… I hope it is restored soon…. I still can’t believe there was a snow storm before halloween!
    Hilary would like you to read ..Road RageMy Profile

  3. I hope your power is still on and your connectivity issues are resolved soon. That’s a major bummer! How did we ever survive before Internet and Cable TV? Okay, we’re still surviving without cable TV. That’s the truth, too. Anyhow, while y’all have had the luxury, if you can call it that, of an early snow fall, we’ve gotten a cold snap here in the south. My son has been salivating over the news of his northern friends who are getting dumped on by all the white stuff. He’s a kid at heart, still like the rest of us. It’s just he’s a lot closer to that status than us. lol Our kiddos always worried about Santa not being able to find them, too. They soon figured out when Santa never failed to leave them a little something beneath the Christmas tree at their grandparents’ house that he really must be magical. Keep toasty warm, my friend!

  4. Hey Stacy – I was wondering if we could agree on a Twitter hash tag, I thought it would be fun to cross promote our Random posts over there. Today I’m going to try out #RandomTuesday. Let me know your thoughts!!
    Rachel M. would like you to read ..Random TuesdayMy Profile

  5. Dear Lord, no interwebs or cable??? Are you okay? Are you surviving? We were disconnected once for about 5 days and I thought I was going to lose my mind.
    I’m glad to know you made it through the storm and have power (mostly?). You are truly dedicated to go find a WiFi spot just to post this. I bow to your dedication and awesomeness, for which I’m sure there is no extra charge. 🙂
    Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..RTT: The cookie candy barMy Profile

  6. Being without power for any length of time is just awful! I’m sorry and hope it goes back on soon and that Mother Nature gets her act together.

    I’m impressed that I’ve managed to buy 3 presents so far. I’m one of those last minute types and I struggle yearly to be better. I’m also the one wrapping late into the night on Christmas Eve. I always have visions of putting the kids to bed, sitting down with my husband and a glass of wine and watching Christmas movies instead. Maybe this year.

    Sending good thoughts of power restoration your way and you are the new queen of Random since you are so dedicated!
    Elle would like you to read ..If it’s Tuesday We Must be Random AgainMy Profile

  7. Oh, 3 days of technicological blackout… I would be SO lost. I hate it when I tak a DAY off to just reenergize myself – I feel so lost. Glad you were able to contact us from the bowls of the earth.
    Hope you get out of there soon.
    Lorie Shewbridge would like you to read ..Halloween 2011My Profile

  8. You really are the hostess with the mostess…keeping the random rocking even with no power!!!!! I am going to aim higher with when the shopping is done–you’ve inspired me! Even when it’s all here, I am a bit sluggish about the packaging sometimes.
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random sugar hangoverMy Profile

  9. Ooohhhh….I hope you get your BAD internet back soon, cuz BAD internet is better than NO internet. You are an inspiration. I haven’t really started THINKING about Christmas. I’m kind of afraid too!
    Gina would like you to read ..Halloween AftermathMy Profile

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