Here we are mere days from Thanksgiving.  Princess Nagger is not only looking forward to the turkey, but the fact that after today, she’ll have six days in a row off from school.  I’m looking forward to having six days in a row of not having to round her up for school in the morning, then coordinating Little Dude’s nap in the afternoon to accommodate her return bus.  And Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving.

Did you see that they found a new (old) nest of baby dinosaurs?  Princess Nagger was excited to see this:

Pretty cool, no?  It’s a 70-million-year-old nest filled with the remains of baby Protoceratops that gives clues to the dinos’ early behavior.  You can read all about it here if interested.

Princess Nagger had a great birthday last week.  Her favorite gift was the ginormous Angry Bird plush we got her:

She crashed out on the couch after we got home from her birthday dinner.  The next morning she woke up with a fever and no voice – which explained why she was uncharacteristically quiet at dinner the night before.  Poor thing was home from school the next two days, but she was feeling better by the weekend – just when it was passed on to me.  Aren’t I lucky?

Because of the sickness that descended on our household, we had to postpone Princess Nagger’s birthday party – so we’ll be doing that this weekend if all her guests of choice are available, what with the holiday weekend and all.

We have a new driveway!  Our tired old weedy gravel driveway is no more.  We went from this:

to this:

So much better.  No more dodging mud puddles on a rainy day with little muddy footprints on the interior of the cars.

I’ve been enjoying Christmas shopping online – usually I’ll have most of my gifts bought by Thanksgiving – but I’ve been a bit behind the past couple of years, and this year is no exception.  Considering Thanksgiving is just two days away and all.  I think I’m at least half done, if not more.  I have been spending a lot of time perusing – for my geeky friends and family.  

Just looking at all the funky gadgets with their funny descriptions makes it enjoyable, but when you put something in your shopping cart and forget about it, the follow up email messages are even funnier.  I found some great things as gifts – but I can’t reveal them yet, in case those same geeks happen to be reading this.

That’s going to wrap it up for this week – I know I was going to share more Princess Nagger birthday pictures and commentary, but you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to see the highlights.  My sinus infected foggy head is having trouble focusing and distractions by shiny object are…….what was I saying again? 

Before I forget, be sure to link up and see if I can focus on your randomness.  Be forewarned, though, in my foggy brained state my comments on your posts may be a bit on the dorky side.

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  1. I missed my very first RTT ever last week. I feel empty. Hee. I’m back! I love how cute the fall look is on the blog and feel like a total hoser for not Christmas shopping at all this year but I’ve been really great about making it a habit to never Christmas shop at all ever so luckily no one expects much from me.
    Julie From Momspective would like you to read ..RTT – Guess Who’s Back?My Profile

  2. 6 days off school! I will not tell Jude this, he’d go crazy with jealousy. Love the giant Angry Bird. And your driveway is to die for!

  3. Kids and their germs, don’t you wish they can somehow keep it to themselves? Whenever my kiddos came down with something nasty, it wasn’t a question of if I’d get it, it was a matter of when would I come down with it. For the most part that is behind us with two of our three of the house. I hope you’ll be feeling better later today. Your drive looks very nice. I love online shopping! I believe I have all of ours done, except for my DH and I’m so clueless as to what I’m going to get him. 🙁 Have a blessed Thanksgiving, dear!

  4. Nice driveway! And I too have been doing some online shopping but have forgotten when I put stuff in my cart. Sigh. And like Julie, I missed RTT last week and hated it! To my credit, I was sitting in jury duty. Anyway, happy Tuesday and happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh, dear – I hope you’re feeling better soon! I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have small kids who catch every bug out there and bring them home (although that’s how I got the chicken pox at 30).

    I think you mean – which I also love.
    Jan would like you to read ..Random Tuesday Contest WinnerMy Profile

  6. POOOOOR Princess!! I always used to get sick around Thanksgiving as well. That picture is hilarious though! You should show it to all her buddies when she graduates from high school!
    Sarah would like you to read ..bittersweet.My Profile

  7. Turbo gets five days and I’m taking off tomorrow to be home and do some prep work for the big feed a.k.a. Thanksgiving.
    Hope you all feel better soon!
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Random TuesdayMy Profile

  8. I’m down with the crud, too, but thankfully I’m the only one affected, so far. I’m impressed that you usually have your shopping done by Thanksgiving! I haven’t even begun to think about gifts, and I really should, since I hate the holiday-packed stores…
    Aimee would like you to read ..Random During Turkey WeekMy Profile

  9. I know exactly how you feel with the whole cold thing. Except I was the one who came down with it first and passed it on to my youngest. Now we are both coughing.

    You must love your new driveway!!!

    J-Man would love a giant angry bird. Hope PN has a great birthday this weekend.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Elle would like you to read ..Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

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