Have any of you been watching the new series Terra Nova? 

Princess Nagger is in seventh heaven – she’s pretty sure they created Terra Nova just for her.  And she happily critiques the episodes each week to make sure they’re getting the dinosaurs right.  So far, so good.  Both my hubby and I are enjoying watching it with Princess Nagger, too – probably me more so because Jason O’Mara is awesome:

I loved watching him on Life On Mars – here’s hoping FOX will keep this one around for longer than one season.  If they don’t, they’re going to have one very upset Princess Nagger.  And her mama.

The other day Princess Nagger and I were subjecting ourselves to the bowels of Wal*Mart to finish up the bi-monthly grocery shopping.  She shrieked when she saw a display full of Angry Birds plush toys – only to discover they were dog toys.  Really?  

My joke on Facebook yesterday that Angry Birds has gone to the dogs was met with chirping crickets.  Except for Michele.  Thanks for the thumbs up, Michele!  You totally get me.

I was surprised to see that I had over 800 pictures stored on my phone – when I finally downloaded them to my computer last night, I found out why there were so many.  Apparently Princess Nagger downloaded a game called Talking Tom – and captured images of him on my phone:

637 pictures, to be exact.  I mean he’s cute and all that, and it’s a fun game, but I certainly don’t need 637 pictures of him stored on my phone. 

While Princess Nagger had snagged my phone to play games, it appears she also took a picture of her T-Rex with the phone as a test:

She definitely gets points for creativity, don’t you think?

That’s it for this weeks’ randomness – good news is I’m on the last few days of my antibiotics and my brain is getting less foggy every day.  Link up and do the random thing – be sure to visit the fellow rebelers and see what’s rattling around in their random brains. Rebel on!

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  1. I’m really enjoying Terra Nova too. In fact, it’s the only new show that I am still TiVoing! And yes, that Jason O’Mara is very watchable. 637 pictures of Talking Tom! Hysterical. Totally something Jude would do!

  2. Oh, I haven’t had a chance to watch Terra Nova yet, but he sure is pretty! Must dash over to Hulu to check it out.

    My dogs could probably go for some Angry Birds toys!

    Hey, I’m doing an RTT giveaway on my blog today. Go check it out. The shop has a prompt journal PN would love. I’m just sayin.
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  3. How funny is this! We were at Wal*Mart over the weekend, too, and I saw the Angry Bird display and my thoughts drifted to you or more precisely your darling PN. I had never heard of this before you introduced it on your blog and then to stumble upon the stuffed toys was kindda ironic. Anyhow…while some people noises itch and they may say, “I wonder who’s talking about me?” What happens when someone is thinking about you? Did you notice anything strange? =D

    Check out some of my posts…
    Smartphones to Not-so Smart Moves to Mr. Cool in RTT
    Meet Me On Monday
    The Lamb, The Spaarrow, and Butterfly Kisses

    Have a good day!
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  4. “Someone” downloaded that Talking Tom app on my Ipad. Somehow, I’m not thinking it’s that cute! That’s pretty funny that PN found soooo many things to take pics of! Happy Tuesday!
    Gina would like you to read ..Happy Birthday PK!My Profile

  5. Heh heh, John has face time on his iPad and I recently found out that he and Sprite are face timing each other whenever she has her iPod and he’s not around. I love that she can reach him this way, but it makes things quirky when he’s got his headphones on and all of a sudden, I hear things like “I love you, Kiki.” 🙂
    Sprite’s Keeper would like you to read ..Flopsy and Mopsy ApprovedMy Profile

  6. Hubby and I tried watching Terra Nova, but we can’t get into it. 🙁 Hope others disagree for PN’s sake.

    We saw those dog toys Angry Birds about a week ago. My girls begged me to buy the toys for them. Ummm…no. They’re for dogs. They were so upset with me. Good news! We found the toys for kids at Kmart. FYI…They’re supposed to be the hot toy this Christmas. Stock up now!

    BTW….I added my link twice. The first one is wrong. Thanks for hosting, mama!
    Run DMT would like you to read ..Random Thoughts about Creepy Clowns, Witches, Toads and Other CreaturesMy Profile

  7. I haven’t seen a single episode of Terra Nova, but my husband says that it’s pretty decent.

    And who the hell thought of Angry Birds dog toys?? I mean, I can see how it would be neat on a geeky level, but… they’re dog toys. SMH.

    Happy Tuesday 🙂
    Lex would like you to read ..Random Tuesday Thoughts Vol. 49 — GurgleMy Profile

  8. LOVE the Angry Bird toys. Julie doesn’t need to know they are for dogs. I think one or two will land in her stocking for Christmas. 😉
    Kristine would like you to read ..Randoms…My Profile

  9. I have to say I LOVE Angry Birds. It is the only game I play outside of a word game. And have you seen the Pistachio commercial? Angry Birds do it on the fly. I just crack up every time I see it.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Mad Mind would like you to read ..Tuesday TrainMy Profile

  10. I haven’t seen Terra Nova yet but I have been meaning to ~ there isn’t 1 thing in my life that I could say I’m up to speed on. I enjoy watching things that are unpredictable – and Terra Nova looks like just that!

    PS – I buy baby toys for my dogs all the time ~ I don’t see any reason why the opposite wouldn’t work 😉
    Donna would like you to read ..Swimming with the Fishes…..My Profile

  11. I’ll link up tomorrow (my WW publishes after midnight local time), but thought I would comment now. First, I would love to watch Terra Nova – too bad so many other shows are on at the same time. Second, I think you should get the Princess one of the Angry Birds toys – I got mine over on Amazon.com (and they were *human* toys!)

    Happy WW! See you (again) tomorrow!

    EdT. would like you to read ..Twenty-FiveMy Profile

  12. I have only seen one episode of Terra Nova and my Lucas loves it too because of the dinos! 😀 I sure hope they keep it running for a long time too.. 🙂

    Ahh, the Angry Birds phenomenon is also apparently a hit with dogs.. 😛

    I have Talking Tom on my phone too, along with Talking Ben, Talking Giraffe and all the other Talking things.. 😛 Lucas likes do download free apps from the app store.. 😛 The first time I heard Tom imitate me, I couldn’t stop laughing so hard, it’s hilarious how he makes me sound! 😀 We love Tom.. 😀

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 🙂
    Ane would like you to read ..My Dearest Sister’s Birthday!My Profile

  13. I have been watching Terra Nova and I have to say I have been loving it. The graphics and the scenes are great. I love that it is family oriented too. The only thing that would make it better for me is if they started to show us more of the secret stuff that’s clearly lurking underneath the main “safe” storyline. I really want to know what the deal is with the 6ers and Taylor son.

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