I’m two weeks late(r than normal) getting my front porch all decked out for the fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving Season.  But better late than never, right?  Last week I showed you the Ironic Scarecrow – he’s now happily taking up residence amongst the other scarecrows on the front porch.  I started with the porch looking pretty barren like this (aside from the pile’o’cornstalks, hay and pumpkins patiently waiting for placement):

After removing the burnt out lights (that disappointingly didn’t last a year) and replacing them with rope lights, positioning the cornstalks, securing them for the upcoming inclement weather, adorning them with fall leaves, arranging the hay bales, pumpkins and scarecrows, we are now ready to welcome the upcoming fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving festivities:

I didn’t sweep the porch afterwards, I figured Mother Nature will probably take care of that for me with the windy/wet weather we’re supposed to get today.  Or I’ll just have more to sweep up after that happens.

I also think another trip to the craft store is in order – might have to had fall leaves to the bench on the right to tie it into the decor.  And maybe relocate one of the pumpkins over there.  I’m sure I’ll come up with something.  Besides, I have the back porch yet to decorate, as well as the interior of the house – that will all be done by this time next week, so there most likely will be a ‘Part 2’ coming.

Princess Nagger helped pick out the 4 large pumpkins for the front porch, 4 small ones for the back porch – one for each of us.  It didn’t dawn on me that with the addition of the Ironic Scarecrow that we now had 4 – one representing each of us.  Princess Nagger has denoted that the two large ones are myself and Dada (he’s the crow, even though it stands shorter than the other one, because according to Princess Nagger, it’s obviously a boy), the medium sized one is her, and the smallest scarecrow is the Little Dude.

I concur with her assessment – how about you?


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  1. Your porch looks fantastic! It also makes me wish we had a porch (stupid Army stairwell housing!). I love to decorate for fall, but since we’re moving in about 3 weeks (what? 3 weeks? I should get busy), I’m not putting any of my pretty stuff out. Sadness.
    I’ve linked up a VERY wordy post. It’s giveaway day 3! Come see what it’s about!
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  2. Love the decorations! We can’t do likewise, because (1) we don’t have a porch, and (2) my wife is allergic to hay. But, it’s sure nice to see them going up, as it means we are getting into cooler seasons, which after the heat this summer is a welcome relief!

    Happy WW!

    EdT. would like you to read ..WW: In the Pumpkin PatchMy Profile

  3. I love it! I wish I had a big front porch but alas I only have a stoop. 🙂 Looks great! New follower and I linked up as number 14 🙂

  4. It looks wonderful! I love that you go all our on your front porch. The newest scarecrow fits in with the decor too. I saw a bunch of those crows at JoAnn’s today and thought of you. 🙂
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  5. It looks awesome, I remember thinking that last year when you decorated too! I let the kids “help” me unpack the Halloween stuff and it backfired since they decorated themselves and get pissed if I move everything. There are little clumps of Halloween stuff all over the house and front porch…
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