Princess Nagger has a thing about catching goldfish from our pond out back.  She likes to catch one (or three) in a container, keep it in the house overnight for observation, then release it back into the wild pond the next day.  So when I saw her skulking about the pond over the weekend, I figured that’s what she was up to:

As you can see, thanks to the excessive heat we had all summer followed by the incessant rain, things have gotten quite a bit overgrown out by the pond.  Hopefully Mother Nature will get on the proper meds to treat her Menopause so I can finally get out and get things back under control. 

Princess Nagger spied me taking pictures, so I ventured around to the other side to get a beter angle:

That’s when I spied it.  The thing she was stalking.  A frog:

She stayed perfectly still watching it watching her, waiting for the perfect opportunity to snag it:

But the frog (wisely) hopped away the moment the dogs started barking.  I think someone was a little disappointed that the frog didn’t successfully get captured, don’t you?


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