Ever since Princess Nagger was a baby, I’ve always had fun dressing her up in cute outfits.  Hubby always teased me that I should appreciate those times, since she wouldn’t be my ‘dress-up doll’ forever.  Now that she’s 8, she has a say in what she wears (sometimes she can be a real fashion statement), but she’s still adorable in whatever she decides to wear.

Since she’s always been more on the petite side, so many of the things I’d buy for her would last two or more seasons – or until the major growth spurts occur.  It’s always a challenge to find the perfect size for her – while the length may be fine in clothes that should fit her based on her age/height, she’s too skinny in the waist and generally her ‘normal’ size would fall off her hips.  Thank goodness for adjustable waist jeans.

Now that she’s fast approaching the Tween years (November will be her final single-digit birthday – lord help me) buying clothes for her has become a little heavier-handed on the budget.   Thank goodness for T.J. Maxx!   They have cool (and stylish) clothes that won’t break the budget.

Princess Nagger and I went on a mini shopping spree last week, and came home with these for her:

Not shown are 2 cute graphic T’s and one more pair of jeans.  The detail on the back of the gray on on the right is really cool, with a crocheted cutout (but doesn’t show skin, because there’s an attached tank underneath):

Pretty cool, no?  Wish they had one in my size!  Especially for the price of $9.99.  Here’s proof positive that different designers have different dimensions size-wise when it comes to jeans:

Those are all 7’s – of course the one on the far right is a 7 Large (which is waaaaay too big for PN’s slight frame, I made the fatal error of not looking at the size [only noticing the ‘7’ and not the ‘Large’ when I bought them]).  Hopefully I’ll be able to exchange them, even though in my enthusiasm for PN to wear them, yanked the tags off before she tried them on.  Ooops.

This is one of the two graphic T’s she picked out:

It’s her absolute favorite.  I tried to get her to try on and pose with the other clothes we got, but she wasn’t into the whole Pretty Woman scenario.  And yes, that’s a ginormous origami Macaw she has on her arm – I’ll be posting about that later this week (with more pictures, of course).

We made out like bandits on this shopping trip – 2 graphic T’s, 2 nice/dressy tops (one with an added scarf), and three pairs of jeans for about $62.  I went over the $50 budget I had, but it was worth it.

Do you like clothes shopping for you or the kids?  I have more fun shopping for Princess Nagger, mostly because I can buy way cuter clothes for her than I can find for myself.  And she is my little dress-up doll, after all.



I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s and received a gift card to facilitate my review and thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. I love them also, you can always find good deals. Whenever I have a birthday party to attend I hit up them to find a great gift at at least 1/2 the price!

    I’m so sticking to that on jeans whenever I can’t fit into “my size” lol

  2. Ahh…what cute things you all found. Anika only lets me shop for her some now. She is 13 & most definitely has her own style. I buy her thrifted items a lot, some she loves & some she hates. When it comes to spending any big amount though, I make sure she is with me. She has REALLY gotten picky. Enjoy it while you can, the tween years are fun but the teen not so much LOL 🙂

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