School has been in session for exactly 18 days.  Princess Nagger has already been home sick with a fever and sore throat for two of those days, and today is their first 1/2 day (where they’re actually only in school for a grand total of 2-1/2 when they get ‘early dismissal’.  So what was my brilliant idea to do this afternoon since Princess Nagger will be home before noon?  We’re going to see Spy Kids 4.

Princess Nagger is especially excited about the ‘4D’ aspect.  I have to admit I’m curious as well.  Wish me luck on being the referee between her and the Little Dude – they seem to relish in the ability to annoy each other.  And my apologies to those in the theater if the Little Dude tends to be a bit rowdy.  Maybe he’ll fall asleep – it will be during his normal nap time.  Yes, I’m apparently crazy.

Here’s something random – you know that wheel thingy on the mouse?  I’ve been using computers since 1996 and I just started actually utilizing the mouse wheel.  Yes, I happen to be a late bloomer, why do you ask?

I was bummed to read that this past weekend was J.P. Patches final appearance as J.P. Patches:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with him (he’s a Pacific Northwest icon), he played a tattered clown on KIRO-TV from 1958 to 1981, and at tons of community events since.  Us kids were ‘Patches Pals’ in the 70’s, and I remember being really excited when my parents took us to see J.P. Patches at one of the events when we were little – then I found myself scared to death of him up close and personal.  He did let me honk his big red nose, though.  That was cool.

I found this picture of him and Gertrude online that brought back fun memories:

His parting quote?  “Be good to yourselves.  And it will just naturally follow that you’ll be good to others.”  Words of wisdom indeed.

Random picture of the Princess Nagger:

How on god’s green earth is she getting so old?  Yes, I realize that by that statement I’m saying I’m getting old too.  I tell her that I’m not getting old, she’s just catching up with me.  I’ve been searching in vain for that ‘pause’ button for 8 years – no luck so far.  If you find it, let me know.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that a fourth installment of Spy Kids even existed. Hell, I had no idea there was a third one! Yikes. If Midget hears about this, I’m in trouble…

    Happy Tuesday! 😀

  2. Hope the movie experience was a good one. I’m curious as to what 4D is all about. I’m with you on the pause button; So wish I had one for my kids. I’ve seriously had mini mental breakdowns from thinking too much about them growing up way too fast.

  3. The Princess is gorgeous!! Look at that hair….fabulous! Sad about the clown retiring…!! The world needs more good will ambassadors for sure!! Great Random Stacey!!!
    Have a great week

  4. Princess Nagger is lovely, such pretty hair! Bet she loved the Rapunzel movie!!!

    No chance on 3yr old falling asleep during a 4D movie!!! good luck!

  5. Stacy, I’ve been looking for that pause button for 23-years and I like, you have not found that darn thing. I use to pretend with my kiddos when they were small by putting a little cap on their heads so they wouldn’t grow up, but stupid thing didn’t work. They grew up despite my attempts at keeping them small. Let me just say, life is simplier and less stressful when they are younger. Your heart aches really don’t begin until they step out on their own. It’s like big time OUCH! Keep the sanity…keep the randomness going! Hugs to you, my friend!

  6. Question…how do I get your linky code to display on my RTT posts? Do I have to pay for the subscription service to get this? If so, what’s the best option you would suggest? Thanks!

  7. Hey! I’m a little older than you so the closest we had to PJ was Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans. Of course, they were on tv so we didn’t actually get to meet them in person.

  8. I’m really keen to know how the show went.. it’s also the first time I heard about 4D shows. The boys have watched the Spy Kids 1 and 2 on the telly and they really enjoyed it. Hope your princess gets well soon.

  9. She’s so pretty. If there was a stop button I’d of pushed it a long time ago on mine!! It seems now it’s just fast forward..all these new things sprung on me before I’ve had a chance to absorb the last growing pains…ach.

  10. I’m pretty sure that 4-D would give me a headache. Hope it’s a good movie and have fun.

    PN has beautiful hair. All 3 of my daughters used to have long hair like that.

    I’m sooo not a fan of clowns. Just creepy.

    If you find that pause button let me know. I’ve been looking for it for a long time.
    Elle would like you to read ..Shake Your Random Thing!My Profile

  11. Oh, clowns scare me!

    I have a friend who saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 4D in Korea (in English). She said it was awesome for the most part, but the chairs moving up and down while the ship was moving made her queasy and the constant spray of water got annoying. I can’t wait to hear how yours was!

  12. I get you – my mom kind of had a freak-out when I turned 35. She said, “But that means I can’t be 35 anymore!”

    I think I’ll be there when my boys are in their 20’s. I feel perpetually 23.

  13. OK, I have to know if PN brushes that beautiful hair by herself? I feel like I should see Spy Kids 1 first—I don’t want to miss out on any story line with the added distraction of 4D! Hope it was a fun outing!

  14. She is so pretty! I love going to the movies so I’m happy mine is at an age where we can go and he enjoys it. Hope they have fun and don’t kill each other! 🙂

  15. I think you are now the reigning RTT queen. 🙂 Congratulations!

    My girls want to see that Spy Kids movie too.

    PN’s hair is so long! WOW! She should be Rapunzel for Halloween.

    I couldn’t even read the part about the clown. I’m scared of clowns and that gave me the eevie-jeevies. 😛

  16. The Princess is turning into a beautiful young lady!

    When I was little we had Uncle Jay and Packer Jack in my area. It’s been a long time since thought of them.

    Thanks for joining The Train!

  17. What a beautiful princess.

    Count me in the clowns are creepy club- them and those ventriloquists dummys. Then they started making those hack – em – up movies using the aformentioned and dolls and there’s no changing my mind. LOL

    If you used the pause button you wouldn’t get the grands and they are a whole ‘nother ballgame.

  18. Uh-oh Spy kids has a IV? Hubby will be buggin me! He loves anything in 3D We have this one in 3D & he watches it when he gets a bug in him. LOL Love PN’s pic! She’s such a cutie pie! Happy WW! I remember when Ray Rayner quit believe it or not & you probably don’t know who he is he’s before your time, but he was similar to your Patches there. It was like another Era buried. I loved him when I was growing up!

  19. Okay, somebody explain to me what is 4D??? I have no clue. Goodness! I’m getting such an education in this blog world. I had no idea I’ve been living under a rock! hahahahaha

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