Last week I mentioned that I was taking the kidlets to see Spy Kids 4 in 4D.  It was an overall success – the 4D, since many of you asked, is the smell portion – you get a scratch’n’sniff card when you buy the tickets, and when certain numbers pop up on the screen during different scenes, you scratch and sniff that specific number.

Except they forgot to give us the scratch’n’sniff cards. 

Princess Nagger was disappointed, but like the champ she is, managed to enjoy the movie without it.  Though we did stop at the box office on the way out and ask about them, and she scored a small stack to take home with her.  She did regret experiencing some of the smells (like the fart smell and the barf smell), but was in heaven with the bacon one.

I didn’t sniff, thank you.

I was glad we had the entire movie theater to ourselves (rare event for sure) because while Little Dude was mostly good through the movie, he didn’t grasp the concept of not talking.  When there was still about 20 minutes of the movie left, he got up from his seat, waved towards the door, and started saying “I go now?  I go now?   I go now?”  Um, no.

He almost threw a hissy fit when I shushed him and told him to sit back down.  Then he kept having to be shushed for the remainder of the movie, with comments of “I bored.”  (Shhh!)  “I no like this.”  (Shhhh!)   “I tired.”  (Shhhh!)  “I so hungry.”  (Shhhh! Have some more popcorn.)

Although, his tune changed when we left the theater and Princess Nagger was exclaiming how awesome the movie is, where he piped up “Me like it too!” 

Speaking of the Little Dude, he was in rare form all day yesterday.  I’m sure it had something to do with him finding the 1/2 box of Milk Duds of Princess Nagger’s left over from the movie on Friday (that she had barricaded in the dining room with her laptop behind a child safety gate and a strategically placed [and open] Toy Story table umbrella so her personal stuff would be Dude-Free while she was at school), and sneakily eating them all.  It took Princess Nagger six days to polish off half the box – it took Little Dude 15 minutes to polish off the rest. 

They were all globbed together in one giant Milk Dud since they had melted into each other from the heat.  It was an icky sticky mess to clean up since he drooled caramel and chocolate all over his face, hands, arms, and down the front of his clothes (and on the coffee table, on the floor, and on the couch).

Major Sugar Rush, anyone?

During his extremely sugar-fueled hyper-active mode, he managed to decapitate one of my deer statues:

In my rush to clean up the broken shards of glass, scattered ears and antlers, I didn’t think to take a picture until after I lessened the impact of the destruction.  But you get the idea.  Here’s the survivor:

Sorry about the bad shots – I was monitoring a Time-Out while cleanup and picture taking ensued.  The only difference between the two was the odd angle the destroyed one’s head was in, looking backwards over his shoulder.  Hubby bought the pair for me just this past Christmas – they’re about 3-feet in diameter, so it wasn’t an easy feat to manage the decapitation. 

Unless you’re in the middle of a sugar rush, of course.

I guess it served me right for deciding to step into the kitchen to clear the morning dishes.  Now I’ll have an excuse why they won’t be getting done in a timely manner in the future.

That’s all I can squeeze out of my non-sugar rush brain for today.  Link up and do the random thing – be sure to visit the fellow rebelers and see what’s rattling around in their random brains. Rebel on!

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  1. They didn’t give you the scratch’n sniff cards? I’d have demanded my money back. That’s an entire “D” that’s missing. Who wants plain old 3D?

    Stacy, am I losing my mind? I can’t find the Linky. I have tried loading your blog in both Mozilla and Internet Explorer, and it’s just not there. Did you forget to stick it in? Here’s my link –
    I’ll pop by again in the morning and see if I can get linked.

  2. No scratch -n-sniff cards? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of the 4D experience? Evil.

    I knew sugar rushes could be dangerous, but damn… 🙁

  3. A sugar rush will definitely cause some difficulites in one so young. Ha! In one older too!! My friend had a can of Full Throttle….it has 57 grams of sugar!! She has been up for over 38 hours!!! Yikes!! But she is getting her fall cleaning and sorting done. Ha!
    Have a great week!!

  4. This is one area where I have (thus far) been lucky. None of my kids have smashed anything. Maybe baby Mich will be the one, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Btw, now I want some Milk Duds….

  5. Elliot had a small Frosty form Wendys on Saturday and soon after, he ran up and down the hallways for a good ten minutes. I don’t think I have ever witnessed that level of sugar rush! Happy Tuesday. 🙂

  6. Kids in general have more harnessed energy than a small nuclear reactor. Give them sugar and it’s like a nuclear melt down – ALERT, ALERT! Run for your personal safety or tie them to a tree to keep from harms way or say keeping someone’s ceramic deers out of jeopardy. Just saying is all. Who can blame, you though? This is one of those little things you’ve forgotten about by now that PN is so calmed down, right? And…your sugar fuel youngster is a boy. Need I say more? I don’t think so. All and all, I know you’re delighted to have a livily little guy in your home. That’s what makes life not only interesting, but fun.

    PS: Kindly send Milk Duds this way as I could seriously use THAT kind of energy, but make sure it’s a full box coz I don’t think half will work for me. =D

    Hair Dye to Ice Cream Comparison with RTT

  7. The whole 4D thing with Spy Kids scares me off a little. Not sure I like the idea of the smells.

    I can’t even imagine being shoved right back into the world of 3 year olds. I can even leave my girls home alone on occasion.

  8. aw poor Deer/dear. I hope Little Dude wasn’t too upset. It’s hard though to remember sometimes that kids /boys don’t know their own strength.

  9. Sugar + small boy = bad juju. We watch the amount of sugar that our little boys get too. Although caffeine has a worse impact on Turbo simply because the only caffeine he gets is in the limited amount of chocolate he gets.

  10. Wow. 4D is a waste of money if you ask me. lol. Unless it’s in one of those theatres that moves and sprays water on you. Those are fun.
    I love milk duds, but hate how they stick to my teeth. I can see how he would have a sugar rush, but how in the world did he manage to break that giant deer!?
    My crazy sister, gives her three-year-old son candy, ALL THE TIME. And then she wonders why he acts like a lunatic and won’t mind. But she swears that candy doesn’t make him hyper. *sigh*
    I’m glad L.D. didn’t get hurt by that deer.
    Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! 🙂

  11. I wouldn’t have sniffed either.
    Poor deer. Those boxes should come with a warning from the Surgeon General, but at least now you have a reason to procrastinate on the dishes.

  12. They should have given you a couple bucks back since they forgot to give the scratch n sniffs! My daughter is only 5 months old so i haven’t experienced it yet but I guess sugar rushes are a real thing, haha.

  13. Spy Kids 4D sounds and smells like a blast. My girls would love that! Well, they would love the thought of smelling stuff while watching a movie, but I don’t they would really enjoy a barf or fart smell. But who knows?!

    I empathize with the whole sugar rush thing. My youngest daughter goes bonkers after an ounce of sugar gets into her system. Of course, we also have the same reaction when she has a low blood sugar moment. It’s awful. Too extremes, but the same results.

    Thanks for continuing RTT each week! 🙂
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