I can’t believe we’re already at the end of August, it flew by so fast!  Though with the excessive heat we’ve had since May, it seems as if August has lasted four months instead of just one.  But the upside to wet’n’wild Irene this weekend, she kindly zapped the humidity away and now that summer is coming to a close, we’re finally getting some of the ‘good’ weather we didn’t get to enjoy…pretty much at all.

Speaking of Irene, we were supposed to have been missed by her fury, safely on the outskirts of her outer bands, except she decided to shift a bit to the West and inundate us with wild winds and lots and lots of rain.  Luckily we had no damage aside from branches down on some trees out in our Back 40, and our sump pump (the fourth one in three years) held up.   My heart goes out to those who weren’t as lucky as us.

I thought I was losing my mind when I was sitting at my desk last Tuesday afternoon and the whole floor started shaking – more of a rolling sensation, like I was out in the middle of the ocean.  I also heard a rumbling noise and thought maybe the annoying neighbors were bringing in a huge piece of equipment in their driveway, so I got up and looked out the window only to see absolutely nothing – and still feel like I had sea legs.  I thought I was losing my mind until I heard that there was an earthquake at that time down in Virginia – crazy how we felt it all the way up here.  Though I was joking with Julie about wondering if locusts were next.

Little Dude is finally setting in (or is it that I’m getting used to having a rambunctious 3 year old who’s all boy around?)  He came down with a major cold, and then generously shared it with me.  I know – I’m so lucky, right?  But even with us both being cranky for a few days, he still managed major cuteness and a brilliant smile:

Yesterday Rolex decided he wanted to try the fruit cup I had after I was finished.  Apparently he must have miscalculated how big his nose is, because it got stuck.  Little Dude thought it was hilarious, and even more so that I had to go get my camera to take a picture:

I don’t know why he didn’t knock it off with his paw, it fell off immediately after I took the last picture.  Maybe he thought it was funny, too.

This year, since Princess Nagger is in 3rd grade, her music class also includes learning to play an instrument.  For some reason, the only three instruments her sheet had for her to choose was violin, viola or cello.  Seems odd choices for 3rd grade – I remember having only the recorder to choose from.  Since she’s such a petite little thing, I was glad she selected violin as her instrument of choice as opposed to the cello.  Should be interesting to see how this goes – I’ll keep you posted, and yes I’ll share pictures.

Speaking of Princess Nagger, she’s been spending a lot of time with her pet Cockatiel, Nigel.  she has him out of his cage constantly – his regular perch is the handlebars of her Barbie skateboard-turned-scooter.  She’s done a great job with him training him to tolerate being handled constantly.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she’ll have him performing tricks:

Random Conversation with the Princess Nagger:

PN: “Nigel and I are having a conversation.”

Me:  “You are?  That should be interesting.”

PN:  “It is – we’re Tweeting!”

Me:  “HA! That’s funny!”

PN:  “Wouldn’t it be funny if he really could tweet a Tweet?  That’d be hysterical!!  Try saying “Tweet on Twitter” three times fast – you can’t even say Twitter three times fast…. Twitter… Twitter… Titter… bwahahaha!”

Me: “…..”

That’s a wrap for this week’s randomness – I’m sorry I’ve been a sucky hostess in not getting a chance to get around (maybe I should rephrase that). I think I’m finally getting into a regular groove and should be able to be a much better hostess visiting all you awesome rebels.  Thank you for keeping the light burning for me. 

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  1. I am in love with Rolex! What a beauty! I think dogs humor us when we pull out our cameras. Haha.
    PN is such a comedian! I giggled at her convo with the bird.
    I’m glad y’all were spared from the hurricane and the earthquake. Makes you wonder what’s next, right? I know I’m ready to pull out my Bible and see if there’s a list that I missed somewhere.
    Hope you and Little Dude are feeling 1oo% now!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Ugh; I think we’re getting the summer cold too. My oldest woke up this morning, came into my room and cleared his throat, which was SO disgustingly full of phlegm. EW. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I think Irene blew your “crud” (i.e. cold) my way. I’m so not feeling well today. Oh, well – it could be worse. Hope you and Little Dude are feeling better!

  4. Animals have a sense of humor too.
    Glad that both the earthquake and Irene went easy on you.
    Little Dude is pretty cute!

  5. Indy plays the violin. He started in 2nd grade (he’s 4th now). Actually, I need to get him back in lessons. I was a slacker about it last year because of being pregnant and being too sick to leave the house many days. Bad mommy.

    I love that Rolex got his nose stuck in the fruit cup. I love it even more that you took a photo! Our dogs have a think for yogurt pots. If we leave one on the table, somebody is going to get their nose in it.

  6. Yikes, summer colds! Don’t you just love it when the kiddos share their sick germs? I know whenever ours would come down with something, thankfully it wasn’t often, it would be passed to me.

    That’s great y’all were spared any real damage from Irene and neat-o you felt the quake last week. Some felt it here in the Tennessee Valley, but I didn’t. I was a bit disappointed that I could experience it, too. I’m nuts like that, what can I say?

    BTW, thanks for bringing to my attention the email failure notice. I’m pretty certain it was just a goof up on my part since I had to enter it on your form. I do THAT all the time! FYI, you should have mail from me today. =D

    Thanks for hosting the rebellion!

  7. What a great Post. Dogs can be just as funny as cats I must say! And with PN there’s never a dull moment & Lil’ Dude fits right in! Have a great day!

  8. Wow, that’s pretty neat that PN actually had instruments to choose from! I, too, had a recorder. And that was it. (Okay, sometimes a triangle or a cowbell if the day’s lesson called for one.)

    Happy Tuesday 🙂

  9. Scary about the earthquake and the hurricane. I’m glad you survived!!!! Does LIttle Dude not remember that it was just a couple of weeks ago that he had the toilet seat stuck on HIS head? I hope PN loves the violin!

  10. I totally agree with you about the weather! I am so thankful for the nice springy weather and so are my dogs! Your dog is so cute!

  11. 3 sump pumps in 4 years! Eek! I thought our 2 in 7 years was bad.

    I am SO impressed that PN is learning the violin in school! I think all Jude’s school has is ukuleles!

  12. Glad Irene spared you any damage. We are sitting here in Texas, dry as can be, watching all the flooding in the East. I’m sure everyone that’s flooded there would love to send some of that water our way!

    I love the Princess Nagger “tweet” conversation! Very clever!!

    Hopping by from the Tiggerific blog hop!

  13. Oh my you made me laugh tonight. That poor dog with that fruit cup on his nose. How funny! Then you top it all off with the Tweet for Twitter story!!! You must have some amusing days in your household 🙂

  14. Was the wait for the bus as long as it appears in your pictures or were you a little camera happy and it appears longer?

    They grow up so fast. Enjoy it and take lots of pictures

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