The countdown to the first day of school is definitely continuing – only 2 weeks before sending Princess Nagger off to school on the big yellow bus.  It’s crazy how fast the summer has flown by this year – though between you and me, I’m not going to be sad to see it go this year, only because Mother Nature’s Menopause has been exhausting.  Her terminal hot flashes really need to be medicated soon, or I’ll be wilted beyond recognition.  Our oppressive August heat continues – and it’s been in place since May, so you can see why I’m quite annoyed.

Hovering Hubby has a new nickname:  George.  As in George Washington.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.  When Princess Nagger and I got home from getting last minute goodies for her Fijit Friends Dance Party on Saturday (I’ll be posting about that tomorrow morning, you’ll have to wait on that), George had done this:

See those blue tubes?  Encased in those are the shorn trunks of my 6 cherry trees – what’s left of them are that pile’o’branches and leaves to the left.  He cut down my cherry trees!  Granted they were going to need some major TLC come fall, since they were growing sideways following the afternoon sun, but they were only 3 years old and could have been re-trained to grow upright. 

We had talked about moving them or cutting them down when we were talking about building a carport in that location – only we had opted not to build a carport because it was going to be a pain to get a permit since we’d have to get some sort of variance from the township.  We decided to build a fence to block the annoying neighbors instead.   He felt bad and was going to go buy replacement trees right away, but I’ll just get new baby ones early next Spring and start over.  I’m still going to call him George, though.

This frog was eyeballing me from under one of my grapevines when I was outside the other day:

Here’s a closer look:

He refused to turn around and ham it up for the camera.  He’s obviously anti-paparazzi.

I’m keeping it short(ish) and sweet this week, I have some catching up to do from last week since things have been craaaaaaaazy busy – some of which is bloggable (coming soon), some of which is unbloggable (not coming soon – but good stuff, not bad).  So feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up and check out the other randomness going on today!

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  1. I know summer heat has been oppressive but it is still summer!!!! And I love it! No winter for me!!!!! And I would call him George too!! That is so sad he cut them down. Sheesh!!

  2. I think I kind of threw The Young One for a loop when I reminded him he’d be heading back to school two weeks after he returned from Texas. Heck, it threw ME for a loop – school shopping. Argh.

  3. I’m diggin’ the nickname; lol. Also, I did a double take on the frog too. On first glance, it totally looked like a huge snake! Happy Tuesday.

  4. I hate hearing the chainsaw. Whenever he powers that thing up I know it’s bad news. Once I had a dream that I looked out my back window and there weren’t any trees as far as the eye could see, only stumps. This year he tore out my pretty little rose bush while he was “weeding”. Makes me soooo mad!

    We have a frog living in our tunnel.

    Thanks for keeping up with the RTT!
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  5. Aw poor cherry trees. Cute frog, wouldn’t want to touch it though.
    My kids started school yesterday. MJ was crying as soon as she got into the car (not handling all that thrown at her). Happy randomness!

  6. PN could totally teach that frog some Hamming it up for the Cam tricks? Yikes! Cherry Tree massacre? George George George, no cherry pie for you!

  7. Doofus here linked with you last night, but forgot to publish my RTT post! Clearly, I was worried about getting up and to the airport this morning! Lucky the airport has WiFi! Thanks for continuing the rebel!

  8. Thanks for keeping the rebellion going, Stacy! Tell George, I have a maple tree that needs to be removed to see if he’s interested in chopping it down. =D

  9. Turbo tried to be George Washington a few years ago and attacked one of our cherry trees with a stick. He was immediately banned from having any sticks outside (inside too). The tree survived and Turbo doesn’t attach the trees any more. He likes the cherries too much.

  10. Your poor cherry trees!!!! What was “George” thinking? I love the little frog though!

    I’m trying to decide how I feel about school starting. Good luck to PN!

  11. LOL, I thought the frog was a snake, too. I need glasses (and to quit reading posts backwards!)

    Bummer on the cherry trees, but new ones in the spring are probably better than having to do major work to get the old ones back into shape. I’m so lazy, I’m all about replacing rather than repairing.

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Look at that frog and his I’m-too-cool-swagger! Haha! I would take him over the horrifying things I find in my yard any day (centipedes, anyone?)!

    Happy Tuesday!

  13. We lost our peach tree this winter when hubs and some of his friends ran over it with their skiddoos. I wasn’t impressed…. 🙁

  14. The frog is CUTE! I’m obviously partial to him.

    I have mixed feelings about school starting. We’re still four weeks out, and I’m dreading it on one hand. On the other…well, I could do with the routine of getting back to the gym. Still, I’m loving our lazy summer.

  15. Cherries are yummy—I hope George finds a good deal at a farmer’s market on some! What will you replace them with? Frogs scare me–they are a little too unpredictable with their hoppiness for me–that little guy could’ve turned at any second…or not! I think we have 4 more weeks until school–the son won’t speak of it, and the daughter is chomping to go get supplies! Has PN settled on an awesome backpack?

  16. I thought it was a snake too until I read it. I know what you mean about wilting. I sit around put my arm over my forehead and say languish, languish, must have sustenance until someone waits on me. 😉

  17. Oh wow, you had cherry trees? Did they produce cherries for you? That’s too cool! Sorry you lost them though, and for heavens sake what are you doing with those huge icky frogs on your property? ewwwwwwwwww They enormous! Have a great day!

  18. I honestly am beginning to think that guys feel more “manly” if they chop or hack things growing outside their houses. My hubby has killed countless plants and shrubs because he just doesn’t get the “don’t cut off more than 1/3 of the green” rule. I’m actually amazed he hasn’t killed my Mimosa tree yet because he literally hacks at the branches and leaves them broken and butchered like an open wound that needs stitches!
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  19. He cut down the cherry trees? At least he is still breathing… that’s better than Washington. Funny, every time I come across a frog and go to photograph it, it turns it’s back to me. Maybe the frogs are showing us their good side.

  20. Not your cherry trees! NOoooooooooooooooooo! At least he admitted it…

    Wish we had a cherry tree here, or apple or pear. FL is no good for the yummy fruits, although my orange tree produces the best oranges I’ve ever tasted…

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