Have you heard about the new toy that will be quite the craze when Christmas shopping this year?  Fijit Friends!  You read that right – Mattel has come up with yet another brilliant addition to the interactive world of toys with these funky fun toys:

Aren’t they funny looking cute?  Princess Nagger literally cackled when she took Sage out of the box as her new friend.  What’s funny is that the description of Sage matches Princess Nagger to a T:

The face and belly light up – and these cool toys will eventually adapt to their little owners, like sense when they’re sad and crack jokes to cheer them up.  Pretty cool, no?

Princess Nagger was excited to host her very own Fijit Friends Dance Party – she invited her BFFL (Best Friend For Life – you heard that’s the new BFF mode, didn’t you?)  along with a few other friends.  It ended up being a smaller party than anticipated, since so many people are enjoying their last minute vacation time before school starts – but having her BFFL and BFF (hey, who said you had to only use one term?)  made her quite the happy camper:

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly – she included her new pet Cockatiel, Nigel, in on the festivities, too.  The girls had a blast dancing with Sage, though they had a bit of a false start when Sage didn’t quite understand them:

But after figuring it out, let the dancing begin:


The Fijit Friends story:

The Fijit Friends™ were created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music!

The Fijit Friends™ love to laugh ’til their sides hurt, dance ’til they’re dizzy, and just be themselves with their one true bestie!

What the Fijit Friends™ can do:

  • she recognizes over 30 keywords and responds with over 150 phrases
  • she tells funny jokes that’ll make you laugh out loud
  • she also has lots of sound effects… just because she thinks they’re funny!
  • she detects the beat of any external music you play and dances to it! When she hears a tune, she identifies the music beat and adjusts her dance timing to match.
  • she also has her own favorite tunes!
  • she has a uniquely soft and squishy body, just made for hugging and tickling! The elastic quality of her skin makes her movements look natural… and fidgety!

Through August 31st, you can get free shipping on all four FIJIT FRIENDS by using code: ‘FIJITBL’. Visit www.ShopMattel.com/fijit today!!

Princess Nagger and her friends definitely give the Fijit Friends two thumbs up.  I know she’ll get hours of enjoyment from her new friend Sage.  What are/were your kids’ favorite toy?


Note:  I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel Fijit Friends and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  The opinions are my own (and Princess Nagger and her friends, of course!) and not influenced by outside sources.  Disclosure policy here.

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  1. My son played endlessly with my feet as his BFF!! Ha!!
    “Feet” and “Foot” talked to him and told his stories. He loved them!!
    I know…don’t say it!! Ha!

  2. I hope Sprite never finds out about these. I think a toy like this would drive Harry over the edge. For some reason, Sprite has never singled out a doll or animal. She tends to rotate them. One day may be a teddy bear she’s had for years, another day, she’ll claim her Figaro cat doll for her “rest friend”, another day, Simba. I keep rolling my eyes over all the stuffed animals she has, but every one of them is getting loved so I won’t complain. 🙂

  3. Turbo had a group of pals we called the gang when he was little, now it’s his beloved blanket, Scooby and Coney (a stuffed sea turtle). Bruiser has yet to decide on one true bestie. He has his own Scooby, Charlie (a sea horse), Foxy (a stuffed fox), various teddy bears but he usually just kind of rotates between the stuffed animals he has.

  4. Very cool! I’ll keep that in mind for any future birthdays, I think the neighbors girls are coming up soon!

  5. I’m trying to figure out how BFFL is going to fit on a necklace the way Be Fri and St Ends did….

    Those things are pretty cool looking….

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