We don’t have many parades near where we live – the town is too small to warrant it.  They’re usually reserved for the slightly larger towns and/or townships, but over the weekend it was a big deal to celebrate the Annual Fire Fighter’s Convention, where they even closed a state highway to traffic for two hours (which probably made some drivers unhappy).  For the 70+ fire fighter apparatus parade, we literally had front row seats:

You can’t have a parade without the local High School Marching Band taking up the lead:

Followed by the first fire truck of many:

And their mascot:
They alternated fire companies red and yellow vehicles to keep things colorful:

But my favorite were the old/antique fire trucks:
And an old ambulance:
The trucks kept coming:
and coming:

Until finally, bringing up the rear, were these old beaters that were sending out clouds of exhaust (which explains why they were relegated to the tail end of the parade, of course):

I took 526 pictures of the parade – crazy, I know.  But worth it.  That’s what we did over the weekend – how was your weekend?


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  1. We had a great weekend as well! I love parades, they bring out the kid in me. Those old antique firetrucks and ambulances look so neat. Glad you all enjoyed your weekend. Hope your week is just as fabulous!

  2. As I live in Hometown America (near Cape Cod in Massachusetts), parades are always a big deal in our town – especially on Thanksgiving. I’m with you on the fire engines…the antiques are the best!

    Also – the ambulance totally reminds me of the Ghostbusters!
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  3. First, my son’s head would explode if he had seen any of this in real life. Second, it may be saying a lot about me that I look at that old ambulance and all I can see is the Ghostbusters vehicle.

    I have problems.

    The parade seems charming.

  4. Wow… What great pics!!! I *almost* felt like I was right there with you guys, watching the parade… Looks like fun… Happy Wordless Wednesday! 🙂 Olivia

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