Here we are, already in August!  I made a mathematical error in last week’s post – Princess Nagger actually starts school three weeks from tomorrow!  Yes, I’m counting down the days while she’s doing the polar opposite.  Is it bad that I’m looking forward to having my daytime hours ‘free’ again? 

Though I’m really not looking forward to the whole homework mode where Princess Nagger puts up supreme resistance at my insistence that she does it immediately when she gets home from school – no TV, computer or anything else until homework is done.  So resistance and insistence turn into assistance.  Here’s hoping I find out I’m smarter than a 3rd grader.

I also had a Blonde Moment on last week’s Wordless/Wordful Wednesday post – I forgot to post the last two pictures of the cave visit, so I’ll just post them now.  The first one is of soda straw stalactites, the second one is Princess Nagger in the 3rd row of my sister’s van on the way home:

There.  I feel better that you get to see them, and I’m sure you feel better that you got to see them too, right?

Once again the blankscreenitis has set in, and all the glorious random thoughts I had in my brain have dissipated.  So I’m keeping it short this week, because I know you have better things to do.  You do have better things to do, right?

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  1. I so can relate to the get the Homework done before TV and games issue. Am also struggling to be consistent with getting the boys to finish their tasks before giving them some down time.

  2. I’d have blankscreenitis every week if I didn’t keep notes in my iPhone. I’m totally dependent on it. Love the little thumbnails!

  3. Blankscreenitis. Blegh. I totally feel you on that, though. I almost always have it; if it wasn’t for RTT there would be, like, absolutely nothing on my blog.

    Thanks for hosting the rebellion once more!

  4. Gotta love the rebellion but the big question is when is our girl coming back? This is a lovely place to hold it as you are the most resourceful and dedicated person I know but we all want to smooch our Keely.

  5. I’m liking the thumbnail linky. My kids start school in three weeks as well. It’s a Catch 22 for me. I’ll enjoy the quiet time but will miss the quality time. Love the cave picture. I think cave rocks and minerals are awesome.

  6. We’re starting kindergarten in a month, so I’m hoping I don’t have to start the homework fights in full force just yet. I love your rule about no computer/TV, etc. until it’s done tho!

    I hate blankscreenitis…so I was pretty psyched when a friend joined a 30 Day Blog Challenge, and jumped on board. There are a few that are tricky, but I think it’s gonna be fun! 🙂
    Cheryl M. would like you to read ..30 Day Blog ChallengeMy Profile

  7. Tara still has 5 weeks of summer. I’m conflicted as to what is better. I’m not ready for the morning time and homework arguements. There is no structure this summer, we haven’t even done anything fun (she’s happy she’s been to concerts and has another coming up) I have some vacation time coming up soon, can’t wait!

  8. I like the thumbnail link; it switches it up, makes it more fun. I had a bunch of ideas yesterday but when I picked up this morning, they seem to be gone. Sigh. I should have seized them when I had the chance! Anyway, happy Tuesday.

  9. Do I have better things to do? Just work…but I wouldn’t describe it as “better” – just “necessary.”

  10. Yeah, I’m there with you Stacy on the blankscreenitis condition. I begin getting my randomness moving in my head on Monday, and then come some Tuesdays my thoughts just aren’t pulled together until I get in front of my computer. It kind of plays out somehow and like magic something appears on the screen. Thanks for keeping the rebellion going!

    Check it out….
    Daughter’s Job Loss to Iced Lemon Cookies – RTT

    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  11. Ugh, even VPK has homework! And I am a homework stickler. Sprite begins class next week (don’t ask why my county is starting public school on Aug 8, we’re still scratching our heads) and Sprite already knows that any homework to come home will be the first thing touched before anything else gets to happen. She’s already plotting to overthrow, but she’s small. I can still take her.

  12. Turbo gets to do his homework when he gets home from school too. He’s not been too resistant to the idea–yet. I have the feeling that Third grade homework will b just a bit more involved than what he has done so far.
    I’m looking forward to having Turbo have something else to do other than try to beat the world record for most levels played in a day.

  13. You’re right, I feel better after seeing those last two photos. 🙂
    Why is it that we all have lots of random thoughts until Tuesday? Than they are gone.

  14. Hey Stacy! 🙂

    Don’t feel guilty for wanting to have your free mornings back, I feel like that too, my kids drive me crazy, I love them, but they drive me crazy.. 😀 School starts in June here and ends in March. I can’t wait until next school year when Lucas starts school too, then I’d have some peace and quiet.. 😛

    That happens to me too! I have a lot of cool random thoughts and then I sit down and write and it just vanishes. It’s a bummer!

    I love PN, she’s so pretty! 🙂

    Have a great week ahead Stacy! 🙂

  15. My blogging mojo seems to disappear when I look at my blank screen too. Hmmm. PN sure is a cutie! I’m ready for school to start back too. I’m tired of listening to my upstairs neighbors’ daughter stomping all day. And I hate sharing the pool with all the rude kids.

  16. I can’t believe how quick the summer is going. This should be an interesting school year. My nonverbal autistic son is finally getting his communication device. I have been trying to get him one for the last two years. My daughter goes into the third grade, and discovered the telephone during the summer. I am not looking forward to seeing how much she will be on the phone when school starts back up.

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. You have a great blog and I’m following you back. Have a magical day.

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

  18. Well at least it has a name! I’ve just been saying I was brain dead!

    Ain’t it something when you have to carry a notebook around with you to write down your blogging ideas so you won’t forget by the time you actually get in front of a computer!!

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!
    Donna would like you to read ..Time for the Tuesday Train!!!My Profile

  19. Oh, right, polite thing to do, yes… ehm, I was getting to it.

    Three weeks from now is so civilized for a school start date, although it must feel like forever from a mom’s perspective. Kids here start next week, some even started last week, and not only is it still 110 degrees out, we don’t have to account for snow days. Ridiculous!

    Eh, if I’m not complaining about one thing, it’s another.
    Thanks for continuing to host, I’m thinkin’ you’ve got a semi-permanent gig going here. Keep up the great work!

  20. Love the pic of PN hanging out in the back seat! I wish we never had school ever again! I hate the pressure to get all A’s and the constant asking, “How are you doing in such in such class.” Nag, nag, nag! Thank heaven’s it’s my baby’s Senior year!!!!!!

  21. Oh you don’t have to tell me twice to rebel, I already am, or always am….

    Thank you so much for posting those last two pics!!! I can finally sleep tonight!

    Luv you!

  22. Love the new linky!

    We don’t start school until after Labor Day so we still have over a month of vacation. We did get one teacher assignment today. J-Man was not too happy.

    Princess Nagger looks pretty happy for someone who has ridden half-way across the country.

    Thanks for rocking the random!
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  23. I am doing my RTT really late and am way too tired to figure where I am supposed to link what to, so just wanted you to know, I got my random on!

  24. Those stalactites are so cool! Until you said what they were, I thought is was a sea anemone.

    School starts on Aug 22 here. I’m not ready to send my kids back yet. I feel like summer was just a blur.

    I can’t believe PN is going into third grade! These kids are growing up too fast!

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