Princess Nagger has taken to her new pet Cockatiel, Nigel, inimitably.  She’s had him out of his cage every day, playing with him, having him hang out on her scooter or any handy chair or stool, while she puts on what she calls a ‘Bird Show’, spouting off like a circus master.

She’s already got the little guy tame and is determined to teach him to do tricks.  That will take time, but in the meantime, she’s having fun (and hopefully he is, too):

She even got her friends in on the Bird Show act on Saturday:

Do you have any special requests on any particular tricks you’d like to see the Princess Nagger teach Nigel?


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  1. Too bad you can’t convince her that teaching him to sit perfectly quiet, without speaking (and maybe to do his homework) would be a very special trick, one worthy of her great bird-training skillz!

    Happy WW!

  2. I had a Cockatiel while I was growing up…we taught him to wolf whistle at me, my mother, and my sister every morning when we came downstairs! 😉
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  3. We used to have one named Henry and he would spit seeds in wet hair – shower, pool, rain…didn’t matter. It was a pretty cool trick!

  4. Nice to meet Nigel. I love birds and we had finches, pigeons, parakeets and cockatiels when the kids were younger. I miss the sweet singing and lovely noise… enjoy!

  5. Oh wow, this is so cool! I bet her friend enjoyed doing this show wiith your daughter!
    Thanks for linking up!


  6. We had cockatiels growing up as well. Awways liked to fly up and sit on the curtain rods. I can still remember what their cage smelled like. eww. ha. Have a great week!

  7. How sweet! I love her bird shows! My son wants a pet bird but I just know that the second our heads are turned the dog will eat the bird.

  8. I think she has a future at Busch Gardens! She needs to take that show on the road and start earning keep around there. 😀

  9. When I was a little girl, I had a cockatiel named Keekee. He was an awesome pet. He loved to take showers and eat cheerios right out of the bowl. You’ll find that the bird will begin imitating familiar sounds in your home. For us, it was the microwave beeps, the beeps after the last message on the answering machine, the doorbell. When we walked in the door, he’d say “Whatcha doin’?”. When anyone walked past the cage, he’d give a catcall-type whistle. They’re fun birds. I hope you enjoy!

  10. adorable girl and bird…we had a parrot growing up. Was a fun pet till I had to clean the bird cage…so messy!!!

  11. I’ve always wanted a pet bird! But then I realized how much a mess they make. I’ve settled for a bird feeder in the backyard. It looks like your little one is great at taking care of her pet!

  12. Oh my gosh, very cool. I’m not a big animal person but am always in awe of people who are so comfortable with them. How neat for your daughter.

  13. She’s an ambitious girl! We had a cockatiel once … but we gave it away because when we let it out of its cage, it would dive-bomb my head. No birds for us!

  14. how neat is that. are they the kind that can talk? maybe soon she can teach him to answer the phone….thanks for dropping by Cool Bean mommas =)

  15. I’m impressed that she has managed to look after the Cockatiel daily. Usually kids that age get bored with a new pet after a week or so. Train the birdie to go back to his cage when the doorbell rings. Trust me that’s a good idea.

  16. What great photos and what a beautiful bird.
    I’m sure she will have no time teaching Nigel to do tricks if she already has him sitting on her finger & shoulder like that.

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