I have a confession to make.  I never really truly acknowledged or appreciated the extra work that goes into having more than one kid in the house.  After Princess Nagger arrived on the scene, I had a better understanding and admiration for people like my mom, who juggled 4 kids that were only a year apart in age (save the last two, who were only 7 minutes apart).

To this day I don’t get how she managed to keep the house clean, drag all of us grocery shopping (to many different stores to get the best sales all over town), and the library, and still get us all home by 1:00 pm for a late lunch and a full afternoon of play time…and keep her sanity.

Until now.

Now I get it.  Well, except for the sanity part.  And I’ve only multiplied my number from one solitary child to two.  So to those of you out there with 3 or more kids?  You have my deepest and sincerest admiration.  For the first time ever, I’m feeling like a fish out of water.

I’m sure this feeling will pass, after all it’s different when you are learning the idiosyncrasies and personality traits of a 3-year old vs. having that first-hand knowledge from birth on.  It’s a learning curve for us and the Little Dude, but progress is being made daily.  And I’m getting to reflect on some of the fun Princess Nagger was at 3 – amazing how your memory fades in 5 short years.

For instance, on Little Dude’s fifth day here, he got the notion in his head that it would be a good idea to pull the padded part of the toddler potty seat we have off the plastic base, and wear it – only he couldn’t get it back over his head since his ears were in the way:

Of course I had to take a picture before helping him remove it (and explain why it’s not such a great idea to stick your head into things).  He hasn’t tried that neat trick again since.  I’m just waiting to see what he gets into next, since he is all boy.

This weekend there was a big Fire Fighter’s Convention – which meant a parade.  Of over 150 fire trucks and equipment.  Here’s a hint of what’s to come in tomorrow’s post:

Yes, we literally had front row seats.  While we were waiting for the parade to start, Princess Nagger and the Little Dude were running around on the front porch being goofy – Princess Nagger was testing him on his shapes and colors, and she’s met her match, since he was messing with her guessing things wrong on purpose.  They’ve been having a great time playing together:

Little Dude kept asking me to take pictures of him, then did this:

I did manage to capture a couple of good ones, though:

Random Conversation with the Princess Nagger:

PN:  “If you lost, you snooze!”

Me:  “Wait…  If you lost, you snoozed?”

PN:  “I know, it’s suppose to be if you snooze, you lose, so if you LOST you SNOOZED!  Get it?  Get it Mama?  Get it? Get it?  Get it?”

Me:  “Yes, I get it, I’m typing it.”

PN:  “Did you notice I said ‘get it’ a million times?”

Me:  “I noticed.”

PN:  “Well, you better get typing faster then.”

Me:  “…..”

That should be enough for this week, eh? I’m still trying to get caught up visiting all my awesome regulars, be patient with me as I step into the time machine to climb that mountain of toddlerville again! Feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up and check out the other randomness going on today!

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  1. I am comments and randomizing and, and, and…laughing with you with the two kids!! Wowzers!! Getting two all of a sudden is not easy at all! Best of luck!!
    And tell PN I get it!!

  2. Sticking the potty seat over his head is such a 3 year old boy thing to do. Your waiting until you took a picture before helping him get it off is such a blogger thing to do. HA!

  3. I think I am in love with Little Dude – that picture of his head stuck… I am sorry, it couldn’t have been fun or cute at the time, but I think it is so adorable after the fact….

  4. I don’t know how people do it with more than one either. I feel out numbered with just one!

    I can hear that conversation.
    LD: Wah, I have a potty seat stuck on my head
    S: What did you say? A potty seat. Where? How? Why???
    S: I am sorry you have that stuck around your neck, and I promise I will help you, but first, let me get my camera. This will be great for RTT!

  5. From one to two was hard. But it gets easier, more manageable, and hey, you make wine so…you’re covered after the kids go to bed, right?

    My sister says from two to three is a piece of cake. I guess I’ll find that out soon enough.

    Happy RTT!

  6. Going from one to two when the 2nd was a baby was fine, but then that day came when he was old enough to be a pain and then heap that on top of my older pain… man, I feel your pain in this post! 😉 Happy Tuesday.

  7. The picture of him with the potty seat over his head sent me into literal GALES of laughter – having two sons myself, I’m not a bit surprised. What a little cutie!

    Princess Nagger cracks me up, as always. That girl is SHARP.

  8. Linking up for another Tuesday of randomness. Little Dude sounds like he’s fitting in well. Some kids really surprise you with what they can find to get into. It makes you wonder how their brains work, doesn’t it? lol Thanks for hosting!

  9. Yeah toddlers definitely look at the world differently. Bruiser reminds me of that daily.
    Your Little Dude is so cute! Have fun with that learning curve, all of you.

  10. Oh yeah, going from one to two makes it about 100x as hard, not twice as hard like people tell you.
    I’m SO GLAD to see the cute kiddo settled in with you guys, it was a long journey getting him there! He is adorable, even with a toilet stuck on his head, something most people can’t pull off.
    Today was the first day of school so once I get my bearings back, I’ll be back around the blogosphere. We survived summer, hot damn!

  11. Little Dude is a doll! What a change for your family. I’m sure it will take awhile for everyone to adjust….but what a fun change!!!! PN cracks me up!

  12. Wow. I’m surprised my nephew hasn’t tried that yet. Boys do some pretty crazy stuff. Good thing he can’t read, huh?
    He’s a cutie though, so that should help out when he does crazy stuff.
    My sister is pregnant with her third baby, a girl, and she doesn’t know how she’s going to handle it since she can barely handle the two she has. I told her to ask my friend Holly, who is pregnant with her 6th! (1 girl and 4 boys, thankfully this last one is a girl! Her oldest is outnumbered by little brothers!)
    I think you can handle the Little Dude, especially since you have PN to help you out! She seems like she is a good big sister. 🙂
    Thanks for keeping the Random alive! Have a great day! ♥

  13. Oh boy, that one reminds me of my son Robert. Let me tell you the most vivid memory I have of him. I use to work until 3 a.m. finally going to bed at 4:30 most days after changing showering & getting breakfast ready for the kids. My two oldest being ten yrs. older than the young ones pretty much handled things so I could keep sleeping until they left for school. I was cleaning & the baby was taking a nap (they were a year apart) he was about 2 1/2 and I lived in a small yuky apartment and it was winter and freezing. I had the oven on to warm up the house & i smelled something funny. I then found out it was fairly new camera in the oven which I found out he put it away for me. Only thing he put it away in the oven. So keep your camera up girl. When I went looking for him because he was too quiet I found him behind the sofa chair with my now emptied purse chewing & breaking each one of my cigarettes. ewww And prior to that he had my flour canister being he was covered in flour and so was my rug and back of the chair. Now I’m not trying to scare you, BUT… IF YOU HERE SILENCE FIND THE LIL’ DUDE… LOL! Hugzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. As the mother of 3 boys I am so excited to hear that someone out their admires me! 😉 And I can totally relate to the toilet seat on the head photo….because there are a lot of toilet seat issues with boys. But they are a blast!

  15. I can’t help but giggle at the potty seat. I faintly remember mine doing something similar when he was little. Don’t worry, you’ll be juggling your busier schedule like a pro in no time. You must be doing something right, they both look very happy to me!

  16. Not only are you learning to juggle two kids, but you are also learning that there are some big differences between boys and girls and it all starts day 1. I cannot believe how different Liam acts from his sisters. He is all boy. I can totally see him sticking his head in a potty seat for a laugh. 😛

    I bet you are having a blast with two. Little Dude looks like such a cutie and I bet PN is being such a great “big sister” to him.

  17. Two kids certainly didn’t just feel like the addition of one child. It wasn’t really double the work…more like quadruple from what I can recall (from the few brain cells I have left). He sure is a cute Little Dude! I am glad the seat was off when he got stuck!

  18. We avoided any *head-stuck-in-insert name of object here* moments with my now 5yo, so we may be in major trouble with him as he gets older, as I’m sure the stunts they pull only become more complex/dangerous with age.

    However, our 6mo has already managed to get his head stuck in the legs of his older brother’s kid-sized chair. Granted, it wasn’t *really* stuck, but from the volume of his reaction, you would have thought the chair was sticking hot pokers in his eyes!
    Cheryl would like you to read ..BlissfulMy Profile

  19. You’re cracking me up!!!

    I never had little boys so I don’t have any experience with the head through the toilet seat thing ( I have a grandson now so I may be eating my words soon) – but from my side of the blogisphere – it’s hilarious!

    I had three kids – and they’re growing up years are all a blur. I think you go into some kind of trance when you have more than one kid and it’s all survival mode from that point forward.

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

  20. Thank you for sharing your admiration with me.


    He is all boy indeed and I can’t believe he did hte potty thing! It never occurred to me that the kids might try something like that!! lol

    They are just so cute together and I’d love to be on your porch for the parade!!!

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