It’s still August, right?  I just need to double check because when Princess Nagger and I went to A.C. Moore over a week ago, we saw this:

If you’re having trouble wondering what Princess Nagger is gawking at, it’s Christmas stuff.  In August.  Once upon a time, those that are they used to wait until the day after Thanksgiving before putting out the Christmas bling. Over the years, the holiday bling has crept up closer and closer to the summer months, but they still held off putting Christmas stuff out at least until October (still too early in my opinion) where they vied for attention with all the Halloween fare.  Poor Thanksgiving sort of got shoved into the background.  Now they have their fall and Halloween and Christmas stuff all out by the end of July?  I just don’t get it.

We finally have gotten a break from Mother Nature – our heat wave seems to have subsided for a few days, giving us a break from this:

As long as I haven’t jinxed us by blogging about it, the ‘cooler’ temperatures (you know, in the humid upper 80’s) should stick around at least for the next week. 

All right already,I know you’re just dying to find out what all the awesome unbloggable has been about, aren’t you?  Fine, I’ll fill you in, or at least let you know what it involves.  This little cutie patootie:

Isn’t he adorable?  He’s 3, and he’s here to stay.  From this moment on, we’ll be referring to him as the Little Dude.  He arrived on a giant airplane on Friday, so we’ve been having fun over the weekend adjusting to having a 3 year old in the house again.  Princess Nagger is loving the addition, though she’s already had ‘big sister’ eye rolling moments.  It’s only the beginning! 

Now you know why the last few months I’ve been a bit scarce around the blogosphere, and might still be until we get regular schedules figured out (since I forgot that 3-year old’s tend to want your attention every 5 minutes, unlike the 8-year old who can’t see you disappear out of the room fast enough), but at least all the time-consuming work that went into bringing him here is done, and the dust will finally settle.  At some point I’ll be able to blog about the story behind the Little Dude, but for now just be prepared that you’ll be seeing him as a regular player in our household.  And of course I’ll have to be taking pictures to embarrass him when he gets old enough to date, so Princess Nagger won’t feel all alone in that regard.  Hang on – it’s going to be a wild ride!

That should be enough for this week, eh?  I’m still trying to get caught up visiting all my awesome regulars, be patient with me as I step into the time machine to climb that mountain of toddlerville again!  Feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up and check out the other randomness going on today!

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  1. OMG! He is adorable Stacy! Congrats on the new addition. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your family adventures and toddler fun!

  2. G’day from Down Under Little Dude! It’s so wonderful to meet you.

    This is truly fabulous news, Stacy! Thank you so much for sharing it us.

    I just had to add, I love Christmas, I even have a blog about it, but I do agree that August is just a little bit early to be bringing out the goodies!

    Best wishes,

  3. Looks like he’s settling in. Yes, 3 year old’s want attention all the time. And, if I remember correctly they talk constantly.

  4. Aww, adorable! I look forward to reading the story but that’s awesome! And yeah, I noticed the Xmas stuff at the craft store the other day. Three aisles of Halloween then an aisle of wreaths. It feels all too weird in August! Happy RTT!

  5. What great news! I want to hear the whole story!! Tell us!!! He’s so cute. But, yes, 3 year olds have more energy than a hurricaine and want to focus it all on YOU.

  6. yes yes yes! I’ve been waiting to hear the news. Congrats momma! That’s SO awesome. Though having adopting once (and now adopting again) I kinda knew what you were going to say 🙂

    Welcome Little Dude!

  7. Congrats on Little Dude!
    Christmas stuff already? Our stores seem to be holding off until Labor Day. They’ve got to move as much outdoor stuff as they can. I’m sure I’ll see Christmas stuff appear along with Halloween stuff before long. Way to rush the season.
    And Yay for cooler temps!

  8. Congrads on the new addition to your family. I know how much a handful a 3 yr old is. I have heard that they too started selling Christmas stuff in July in England.. really weird marketing campaign. I personally won’t start Christmas shopping till Nov the least.

  9. I think Christmas does start in August.. 😀 We see decors like that here for sale at this time too.. 😀

    Glad Mother Nature is giving you guys a break, and crossing my fingers so you don’t jinx it by blogging about it.. 😀

    That Little Dude is just the cutest little thing.. 🙂 Cannot wait to see more of him around here.. 🙂

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 🙂

  10. Wow! Hooray for Little Dude–he is super cute, and worth all of the suspense! Only fair that you and the hubs got a new friend to play with after PN got her new pet.

  11. Christmas starting popping up here in July! Crazy, crazy world we live in!

    I’ll be checking back for Little Dude’s story! 🙂

  12. Little Dude is precious!!! The Princess isn’t going to know which way is up – I had a little brother too!

    Congratulations on the addition and thanks for joining the Train!

  13. August is just ridiculously too early. Can’t we enjoy all of the fall stuff first?

    Yes, I’ve sent a cool spell your way 🙂

  14. Well, isn’t this cute. I always miss out on everything. I didn’t know you were going to spill the beans today! He is such a cutie putie! YO, LITTLE DUDE! WAZZZZZZZZZZZ UPPPPPPPPPPP! He is just too cute, and I’m so happy for you all! CONGRATS IS IN ORDER, and I think more so to the Little Dude! He’s got a new family that includes a cutie putie new big sister! WOO HOO!

  15. Wow, I had thought you maybe got another dog, and it turns out you got a little dude! He’s adorable and looks like he’s full of energy. Congratulations and to PN as well for being a new big sister!

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