Tuesday how I love thee – I’m able to collect my scatterbrained thoughts in one giant brain dump.  It’s actually a lot more fun than that sounds, though.  Trust me.  We’re still rebelling while Keely is still hiatus-ing, if you have a smorgasbord in your brain and want to let it out, c’mon and join in the fun!  Rebel On!

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Our local Target went through a reorganization/expansion and added a grocery section to our regular Target store.  Princess Nagger and I decided we’d do the half of our bi-monthly grocery shopping there instead of the normal trip to Wal*Mart on Friday.   Not sure what was in the air, but it must have been Snobs and Snoots day that day – every single person we passed had their noses in the air and refused to return the smile that we are so quick to give.  I was starting to get a complex, thinking maybe I had sprouted a third eye in the middle of my forehead or Princess Nagger had actually turned into one of the dinosaurs she likes to pretend she is.

Or maybe it was just the ginormous unwieldy shopping cart we were barreling around in – you know the one, with the kid constraints attached to the back – I was the only one pushing one of those monstrosities around, rather than let Princess Nagger run amok in the store while we shopped.  At least we got a way cool cashier on the way out who not only returned our smiles, but even got my jokes.

Since Target doesn’t stock Vanilla Coke (at all) or the brand of dog food I get for our beasts, not sure we’ll be making it a regular thing.  Though I did like using my Target debit card and getting a 5% discount on the groceries I did get, since everything seems to have gone up since we’ve been on vacation.  Just not sure I want to make my bi-monthly marathon grocery shopping span 3 or more stores (since I’d have to go to Wal*Mart to get the things they carry that Target and BJ’s don’t).  I did send a message to Target Corporate (per the store manager’s suggestion), we’ll see if they really do listen to their customers.

Speaking of shopping, I did follow the hubby’s lead and get my new glasses at Sears.  That was an event all by itself – not the eye exam or anything, since it was nice to see that my eyesight hasn’t made any changes in over 10 years, but the actually getting the glasses – especially since it was right before vacation and I really wanted to have a ‘fresh’ pair since my old pair prescription was wrong (no wonder I kept getting headaches at random – the left eye was too strong!)  Getting the optical department to answer their phones was a joke – because they never answered them.   I finally got a response by asking for the manager at the switchboard, who walked his cordless phone over to the optical department to put someone on the phone.

Except that my glasses didn’t get there until the day before we left on vacation – which was about 20 days after they were ordered…obviously not within the 7-10 days as promised.  And of course the prescription is all wonky – I have to hold my head at a certain angle to make sure I get the ‘clear’ spot…the rest of the lens is fuzzy.  ACK.  So I’m mustering up the courage to go back and have them redo them – because they not only screwed up my glasses, but the prescription sunglasses I ordered at the same time.  Wonder if I’ll get them back (corrected) by the end of summer?  We’ll see.  Meanwhile I doubt I’ll be making a return trip to Sears for my glasses needs in the future.  I’m just sayin’.

Sheesh, this RTT is becoming a bitch-fest isn’t it?  Sorry about that.  Let’s see – what are some happy or funny randomness to spout?  Oh, I know!  We’ve been being extra careful about not letting the cats get out of the house, since they have the propensity of catching birds randomly – and leaving them as a ‘gift’ on the back porch.  I know!  Ewwww!  Not to mention the latest one, caught by our clawless cat, mind you, was half eaten!  Bigger EWWWWW!   And no, I didn’t have the heart to take a picture of the sad carcasses to share with you – aren’t you glad?  Link has been relegated to the Summer House since Zelda is queen of the house (and gets annoyed by him), so now he has taken up the habit of trying to get my attention by walking right in front of my face while I’m trying to type.  Like now.  I guess he wanted to make sure I’m showing him in a good light.

Princess Nagger had an unconventional play date with her BFF yesterday – wholly on the phone.  For a majority of the day.  Apparently her BFF needed to clean her room and get a haircut, so PN couldn’t go over there to play, so they ‘played’ on the phone instead – they watched TV together, had lunch together, and even played on the computer together, all on the phone.  Pretty creative, right?  At least she’s doing a ‘live’ playdate today, so she’s been excited all night to finally get to see her BFF after being gone so long on vacation.  Oh, and she’s correcting me on the BFF thing – apparently it’s BFFL – Best Friends For Life.  I stand corrected – no, wait, I sit corrected.

I think that’s about enough random for this week – sorry about the lack of pictures, I’m a little behind on getting them organized!  Feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up and check out the other randomness going on today!

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  1. hello, thanks for the warm warm welcome. 🙂 and i so can’t believe that my sister is calling me doydoy even in the blogging world, it was bad enough that she mentioned it on facebook. hahaha. 🙂

  2. I definitely wouldn’t go back to Sears!! That sucks!!
    I am on vaca now…nice and hot for sure! Sorry your Target adventure went south. Bunch of snobs!!
    We shop Walmart and Smith’s; mainly due to the fact that Smith’s has better produce and meat! But they don’t have my pop nor my fav sherbert!! Sigh!
    I am randoming away!

  3. My cat used to bring dead carcasses to us. One time it kept bringing us back the same dead bird.

    Hope you get the glasses situation figured out. Stinks not being able to see like you want to.

  4. Good luck with the glasses… That is so frustrating. My mom just got new ones and is going through something similar….

  5. I am impressed by your daughter’s ability to stay on the phone that long. Most kids don’t have the attention span for something they cannot see. It sounds like something I used to do: a friend and I would sit on the phone together watching a TV show, but only talking now and then. But we wanted to be ON the phone for as long as possible. Of course, that was the late 80s/early 90s. Times have changed!

  6. Wow- I cant (WONT) even stay on the phone with a friend that long…PN is focused! Thats awesome:)


    Stopped by from the MMME hop- nice to meet you.

  7. Snobs at Target? I know it’s Tar-jay and all, but really it’s only 1 step above Wal-Mart! It’s not Saks! Get over yourselves, people! Sheesh. 😛

    It’s the opposite for me. I find myself at Target more often than Wal-Mart. We have two SuperTargets and only 1 Super Wal-Mart in our ‘hood and our Wal-Mart doesn’t carrying all our products. I’m sure I’ll find myself there more now to buy the girls’ school supplies.

    My oldest daughter had a similar playdate with her BFF the other day. Her BFF must have called 3 times just to chat. So funny!

  8. My husband just got his first pair of glasses (tee hee) and we got them at Walmart. I think we paid too much for them (judging by the commercials I’m seeing lately) but – the service was great and they had them in on schedule. They were very careful about making sure they fit (they did) and told us if there was any problems to return them (within 30 days) and they would be corrected at no charge.

    PS – thank you for not including the bird corpse pictures 🙂

  9. We have a Target but it doesn’t have the expanded grocery section so I would have to make trips to multiple stores if I wanted to shop there. And customer service is a dealbreaker for me so I would not be going back except to either get a refund or at least have the glasses fixed!

  10. LOL – the whole “phone” play date? Foreshadowing of the teen years, m’dear. You will seriously consider grafting it to her head.

  11. First time linking up!! 🙂

    That’s so funny that she played all day on the phone with her friend. Very creative indeed!!

  12. I had a cat that used to bring me “gifts”. When he brought me a live baby bunny, I decided that opening the door for him without checking was probably a bad idea.
    I’m headed to the eye doctor tomorrow. It’s way better than the dentist.

  13. We primarily shop at Super Walmart, but occasionally, we will need to buy a handful of things at various stores. You would think Walmart would have everything, but think again. It’s maddening!

    Luck for us, there is also a Super Target in the same shopping plaza. If Walmart doesn’t have what we want, then we walk down there to try for it. Should that be a bust, then we make a ‘special’ trip to a nearby grocery store.

    I’m begining to think there is a master mind behind all of this store hopping, but most of these are rival businesses and really that’s the last thing they want is to lose dollars elsewhere.

    Thanks for hosting, Stacy. Have a good week!

  14. Love Target! But not for food. I haven’t been to Sears in forever, in fact, I don’t even know where one is anymore. And I only go to WalMart because the prices on some things are so low, it would criminal to go somewhere else and waste money!

    I’m glad you finally figured out PN’s relationship to her friend!
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. I’m not feeling the expanded Target grocery – I think they cut too much stuff out in order to do it. I’ve been shopping elsewhere more since they did it.

    DH had the same problem with his glasses from two different places! Is it me, or are businesses just getting sloppier and sloppier?

    ewww to the half eaten bird.

  16. Holy cow- I have yet to get a pair of glasses made “in about an hour”. They tell you at the most about 10 days to 2 weeks but, their definition of “2 weeks” is far different from mine…..gggrrrr……

    Happy Tuesday!

  17. Our Target just opened a grocery section, too, and all the others in the area (there are 5 in a 10 mile radius) will be doing so in the next month or so. I think I’m excited, but I know I’ll be hitting Walmart too. I just like the idea of the 5% automatically off.

    Thanks for keeping things up!

  18. Sure, just torture me with Target. You know how I love and miss them!
    And, bitch away. I love it when other people bitch because then I can do it and not feel bad.

  19. I am so impressed that you can get your act together enough to only shop twice a month! I feel like a superstar if I only go twice a week! LOVE the phone playdate–my friend and I do that to keep each other motivated and cleaning at our respective houses–laundry is more fun to put away if there is a little bit of conversation to go along with it! PN’s sounds maybe a little more fun overall though!

  20. Looks like you had a long week. We generally do all our shopping at Walmart. We are just to busy to split up and drive around to all get a few bargains.
    New follower from Tiggerific Tuesday. Hope you follow back.

  21. Looks like you had a long week. We generally do all our shopping at Walmart. We are just to busy to split up and drive around to all get a few bargains. .
    New follower from Tiggerific Tuesday. Hope you follow back..

  22. JR finds that costco is the best place for glasses. I had lasik about 5 years ago and have never regretted it. Thanks for continuing the best meme around.

  23. Ugh! That’s awful about your glasses. I had the same problem with JC Penney optical and to my regret I didn’t go back.

    So Target shoppers are snobbier than Wal-Mart shoppers? Hmmm..

    BFFL! LOL! I guess BFF is so yesterday.
    Elle would like you to read ..Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

  24. I also hate it when my smiles are not returned…it’s disgusting! I am someone who easily smiles (like it’s an automatic thing to me)…
    Your cats have been busy, huh!:-)
    Princess Nagger..what a modern playdate!

  25. PN’s playdate sounds adorably rad!

    Target is a huge money-suck: I spend way too much at that place on a monthly basis. It’s insane. Also, ordering eye-glasses kind of sucks. On one hand, it’s great because you’re getting new glasses, and they look hella dope, but on the other, they take forever to arrive, they have to be adjusted, etc etc etc. So, I feel your pain on that one.

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