Growing up, we’ve always had dogs.  We had some awesome dogs, like our St. Bernard named Hobo, who let our little cockapoo Cocoa chase him around the backyard.  He also was a great pillow when I was reading a book outside in our backyard – though focusing on the pages was a challenge when he’d be panting and my head would be bobbing up and down.

When I met my hubby, I had the most amazing Wheaten Terrier named Elvis.  He was the best dog ever.  We still had him when Princess Nagger arrived on the scene, and he was her constant companion/guard dog.  Always hanging around:

Elvis in the forefront, T-Man in the background with Princess Nagger - both dogs have since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

When we visited with friends, she loved hanging out with their dogs, too (no matter what their size):

She even loved pretending to be a dog, playing in the dog crate we had as we contemplated getting a new puppy:

Five years later, a repeat performance as we dusted off the doggie crate anticipating getting a new puppy for sure this time:

Finally, a new puppy – Travis:

Sleeping puppies are almost as adorable as sleeping babies:

Nine months later we brought home a brother for Travis, Rolex:

Then there were Two

They’re mischievous and dorky – and get dirty:

They follow Princess Nagger everywhere (probably waiting for her to drop food), and keep an eye on her when she’s playing out in the backyard.  She loves to involve them in many of her made-up games (pretending she’s a dinosaur, naturally) and has them chase her around the house and outside (which is even more effective when she carries a treat for them).  They’re her best friends (of the four-legged variety):

Of course after I got this post all written, she spoke up and said “You know, I think I’m a cat person.”  Sorry, the cats are going to just have to wait their turn, since I’m borrowing Michele’s blog name “It’s a Dog’s Life” for this post.   Five minutes later she grabbed a couple of treats and commenced having the dogs chase her around the living room, through the dining room and kitchen in circles.  The cats went into hiding, of course.  Do you have furry critters in your house?

This Fuzzy Spin Cycle was brought to you in part by Jen, who as Sprite’s Keeper probably will have some hilarious puppy dog tale to induce some giggles. Stop by and check out the other Spinners – this week’s fun writing prompt is Puppies and Unicorns, feel free to join in the fun – especially if you have pictures of a unicorn, because Princess nagger would love to see that (and so would I).


  1. Those are really adorable dogs. Dog is my favorite pet. They are truly man’s best friend. I admire their loyalty to their owner. I also love cuddling and playing with them.
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  2. What beautiful pups!!! They have gorgeous coloration!!
    I have not pets whatsoever! We lost our Great Dane five years ago and I just can’t do it again. Too sad! So no pets!
    Am I a sap or what??!!

  3. As you know we have our Goldendoodle Cheddar. Love that dingbat to bits! We also have two black cats, Whiskers (22 lbs of hateful) and Snickerboobles (only 10 lbs for her) who is gentle as the other one is nasty. LOL. I am more of a cat person but Cheddar has made me rethink that. 😛

  4. You didn’t have to credit me but it did grab my attention.

    We always grew up with dogs. My dad and mom were both ‘dog people’. So I’m a ‘dog person’. JR grew up with cats. When JR and I were first married we got a cat. He was all; “yeah I love cats”, I was all; “meh, not so much”. A year later we added a dog to the family. JR thought he was a ‘cat person’ until we got that first dog.

  5. Awwwwwwwwww. the wonderful fur babies melt my heart. I too love dogs and had them growing up, along when our kids were small. They are great companions and love unconditionally. Oh and I must add her leopard print outfit is just too adorable for words…and fitting once she got inside the pet carrier/cage.

    My Thursday Themesong Post: Mem’ries Hope you’re having a glorious day.

  6. As always, the little ones (furry and not so) are adorable over your way. How sweet does nagger look in those pictures? We are cat people at the moment. I’d like a dog, but PB says no more committments right now…

  7. Somehow the name Elvis was perfect for him! Gorgeous shots of PN growing up too, makes me miss the younger years. (I know, shut up, Jen. Sprite is still under the 5 mark..) Sprite tries to make Blue and Harry chase her, but they just look at her like she’s crazy. She’s more known to chase them. You’re linked!

  8. We have a border collie mix at the moment. Also a garden variety house cat–tuxedo markings. Both our animals are black and white–through no planning. We are anticipating a new puppy sometime in the next year. It will be a lab, not sure what color, black, brown or yellow. With my luck I will be training both Bruiser and the puppy to potty where they are supposed to.

  9. We had a Boxer when the kids were growing up. When she went to doggie heaven the kids were devastated. We still talk about her and her antics. And she has been gone for ten years. Dogs are amazing family members!

  10. Your dogs are so cute, it almost makes me want to get a puppy, but I can barely handle the three kids I have, who often act like puppies themselves. Great spin!

  11. Look at those beautiful dogs. We have a canine type of arrangement here. He really strives to be a real dog at times, but falls a little short and remains just a big scaredy cat (he just sighed all offended-like). I like it when they dream and talk in their sleep! Woof!

  12. The one dog on the deck with PN looks exactly like one of ours. We’re dog people too, although they get second billing behind the kids.

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