Where in the world has this week gone?  For that matter, where in the world has this month gone?  Hard to believe it’s the last Friday of July already.  The last few days have been crazy busy, with me being away from my computer for hours, which is the opposite of what’s normal for me.  But I did get a lot done – and realized that there’s only 3-1/2 weeks until Princess Nagger goes back to school.  I’m looking forward to it way more than she is.  Of course the Back to School items have been out since the Fourth of July, and when I went to go pick up some random BTS supplies yesterday, a large portion were already completely sold out.

Since we pay an exorbitant School Tax for our township/area/school district/whatever, we usually don’t get a list of things the kids need to bring to school with them when they start.  The school utilizes the school taxes we pay to provide all the kids with the necessary supplies to get them through the school year.  On the one hand, that’s great – nice and convenient for me, so I don’t have to forage through the half empty shelves to find what is needed.

On the other hand, they do tend to send home a short list of random school supplies that your child will need to bring in during the first week of school – that list is given on the first few days of school.  Making it a bit hard to find what is needed since by then we’ll probably be hearing Christmas music floating through the store with the fast-forward retail companies tend to adopt to get their sales jacked up before the end of the year.

So let the foraging begin – and hope I actually pick up the items that might be needed 3-1/2 weeks from now. 

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Have you started Back to School shopping yet? Does your school supply a list of supplies needed? And if you don’t have kids school age, ‘fess up – do you buy school supplies for yourself since they’re usually at a great price?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I got Sissy’s stuff today! At the end of school last year fliers were sent home to buy a “Keiki Kit” (keiki is the Hawaiian word for “baby” or “child”) which would contain all supplies needed for whichever grade was specified. A portion of the proceeds go back to the school and for every so many bought one kit would be donated to the school. I was happy to get one just for the simple convenience of it!! I hate shopping for school supplies…

  2. OMG BACK TO SCHOOL ALREADY! WOO HOO! Only thing is there goes the pocketbook again! It seems that dang thing never closes these days. They get out of school buy them summer clothes & bathing suits, don’t blink cuz you’re buying them school clothes & don’t turn around cuz then your buying them Christmas presents… ahhhhhh the joys of being a mother… and a NaNeee! I’m going to add a pic to my Friday post of my granddaughter’s birthday yesterday. I’ll probably have the Post on Saturday! She’s too cute!

  3. Love your Post. Guess I’ve better get out the old wallet too and take my grandson shopping! I always get him a new outfit for school for the first day he goes back right down to his shoes. Prices have sure changed a lot since I went to school I’ll tell ya! Have a great weekend Stacy!

  4. I haven’t gotten any back to school stuff as my son’s sch term already started one month ago as we don’t have 3 month long holiday breaks but breaks that are spread out throughout the year.

  5. I saw the first back to school commercial yesterday and I freaked a little (even though I don’t have kids)… It feels like summer just started. How can it almost be over?

  6. We get very detailed school supply lists for our elementary and middle schoolers; they usually consist of a long list of supplies. They usually give us the lists during the summer. Our high schoolers don’t get a list until after school starts. Supplies for the high schoolers are usually very minimal, but several of their classes request a class fee ($10-$15). I haven’t started school shopping yet and our kiddos go back on Aug. 10. I’m very stressed! It costs a lot for us to do our back-to-school shopping since we have four kids.

  7. Since I haven’t had kids in school for at least 30 odd years, I don’t buy school supplies anymore, but the local school does have school supply kits if parents choose to buy them. However, the kits don’t have everything they need, so there still has to be some school shopping anyway.

  8. It has been a few years that I had to do the “school supply shopping day”. However, just last week I did take advantage of the sales for office stationery supplies for both hubby and myself.

  9. Our schools do provide supply lists, but usually just generic lists. Then once school starts, teachers give out a more detailed list. Stores would do better to have their back to school sales the first week of school when parents really know what their kids need. But I have already made a few trips to Staples for their 10cent deals 🙂

    Debbie – new follower from the blog hop

  10. No have not started yet. Daughter is going into the 12th grade. so this year I will let her shop for the school items. They do have a list. however I found that most of the stuff they do not need.

  11. We don’t get a list for daycare, but there are still things they need that are “school supplies”. They bring their back packs and lunch boxes each day, and the only time those are readily available is at back to school time. We found out the hard way last year that if you wait until September to buy thermoses and stuff like that, you’ll end up on the internet!

  12. i look online and get the boys school lists…
    we haven’t bought much this year, as they are so high in prices…
    paper fora dollar a pack? last year, it was on sale for a quarter! what?!
    just waiting, figure it can’t go up too much more (I HOPE)

  13. Oh, back to school time! I remember how exciting it was to prepare for it – I loved when my mom brought us school supply (and clothes!) shopping! Of course, that’s about all I enjoyed about the fall. Otherwise, like Princess Nagger, I’d prefer just to stay home with all my loot! Ha!

  14. Fortunately my kids are only headed off to preschool this fall, so our list of back to school shopping pretty much consists of… a backpack and not much else. But I’m sure we’ll have much longer lists in the future!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. We homeschool, so we don’t do the traditional new school clothes or anything like that. They get clothes if/when they need ’em. And I do our school supply shopping after the school supplies go on clearance, then I really stock up! Lol! Ah yes, the joy of homeschool!!! Stopping by from Friendly Friday, new follower!

  16. I bought the package they sell at school the year before, and my kids don’t need new clothes…so my school shopping is DONE!

  17. we got a list SEVERAL months ago, and of course I lost it. its a HUGE list and now the school site doesn’t have the list online. meh. i guess i’ll have to just buy a bunch of crap and go along with my gut feeling. lol.

    Your Newest follower via GFC! Found you on a Friday Blog hop. I would love it if you came and checked out my blog {& giveaways while you’re there!} and follow back as well!

    Cassondra / Mama’s Passions

  18. I am starting my school shopping (clothes) tomorrow. I’ve already started with the school supplies. Our schools provide a list through junior high, but not for high school.

  19. Hi, I’m a new follower. I HATE back to school shopping. There are millions of people in Target at this time of year and the supplies are all over the floor. It’s crazy I tell ya.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Have a great weekend.

  20. My daughter’s school has a HUGE list of supplies we have to buy. In fact, we’re buying them tonight since my husband just got paid. I hate buying stuff for the whole class…this list is ridiculous and WAY more stuff than 1 first grader will use.

    BTW…I just followed you on GFC, here from the Bee Friendly Friday Follow. 🙂

  21. I already did D’s BTS shopping 2weeks ago 🙂 I’m usually late and freaking out so since the hubs isn’t home. I get things done early since I have to do it all alone.

    yes the school provides a list of what’s needed. Weird some of the things but at least I know what to get.


  22. Have I done my BTS shopping…hahaha…more laughing!

    Nope, don’t even want to think about it! We don’t start until September 7th…so I have time.

    Of course I buy school supplies for myself! 🙂 I use to work for an office supply wholesaler and I became addicted way back then.

  23. 1) not yet, I think soon though. The school provides a list, it’s great.
    2) i love office supply stuff, I buy them mostly at target or office max, when they have sales. Humm your daughter is going back to school early…

  24. Hi Hi! Thanks for stopping by this morning and joining us at Nessa’s birthday party. You should’ve brought your Princess too! ~hehe~ Also, I don’t know if you looked at the sidebar for Monday’s theme there was a mistake. The next theme posted is NOT for August 1st THAT’S A FREEBIE! August 8th is for bands/singers that begin with M. So put your thinking cap on for that one! ENJOY your weekend my friend! Talk to you soon.

  25. yes, all done but then school here starts for the kiddos on monday. and shopping involved a half a day at walmart that was crowded with another of my RL mom friends (yes, i have some!), 15 mins shopping online with the 9 yr old and an agonizing all day, going to so many different shops day with the 14 yr old. sigh. its good to be done. may your foraging take much less time, work and money.

    p.s. yes i bought myself office supplies as well.

  26. Gah! Bite your tongue! Summer can’t be over!

    This is the first summer I’ve had to do school shopping (sort of, it is just preschool) but still…..I’m having horror flashback from when I was a kid.


  27. Yes, our school provides us with a list but I can never find everything at one store. Plus some of the things they need to bring are a bit unusual like . . . baby wipes. 🙂

    Aloha – Kailani
    An Island Life

  28. Stopping in a little late from the bee friendly hop. Thanks for the follow, I thought you were following me already too =) glad you are now. I am already following you but wanted to drop by and say hi.

    School supplies ugggh I really dislike school shopping. I have one in middle school and one in high school they will each bring list from 6 different teachers so total of 12 that first week. I probably won’t buy until then because I can’t stand going twice and they are very particular I have learned. But I will be stocking up on crayons and markers for my toddler and paper.

  29. We have it easy this year. But- most years we have quite a list to gather items for. We get a more detailed list sent home the first day of school from each teacher!

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