It’s hard to believe we’re already in the last week of July – where is the summer going??  Princess Nagger starts back to school just five weeks from tomorrow – only five weeks left of her summer break?  Hard to fathom.  Although the stores are sure not wasting any time throwing it in our faces with all the Back-to-School stuff loading down the shelves already.

By the time school does start they’ll have that replaced with Halloween stuff, and before Halloween arrives, Christmas will be in the air.  Nothing like speeding up the seasonal items each year.  I better pick up some random BTS stuff because we won’t know what Princess Nagger will be required to pick up until the first or second day of school – by then all the BTS stuff will be gone.   Let’s just hope that what I decide to pickup I’ll not put in a ‘safe’ place that ends up being safe from me – or that Princess Nagger will find the stash and use them or lose them before school starts.  It’s a conundrum.

So I know I keep ragging on Mother Nature about being in menopause and not taking her medication, as evidenced by her long-term hot flash currently going on.  I also lamented on several occasions about not having had rain in our area in a long time – in spite of the obvious amounts of humidity filling the air with the heat.  So she apparently got a little irked at me yesterday, and decided we needed to get the rain we’ve been missing all in one major dumpage in a wild and windy thunderstorm, followed by a second round last night.  So. Much. Rain.

Of course the rain is good (except for the extra run-off that ended up in the basement), but she didn’t take away the heat and humidity.   During the wicked storms, our power kept going out…then coming back on….then going out.  It was quite annoying, like someone flipping the light switch off and on.   Sure put a serious crimp in my online playtime.  Thanks, Mother Nature (she said sarcastically).

Speaking of Mother Nature, I found this cool ‘Mother Nature’ picture on the internet the other day:

That’s a real tree – pretty cool, no?

Our future Paleontologist was digging around in our backyard the other day, and while she didn’t discover any dinosaur bones, she did find these buried:

She was quite pleased with her discovery, and painstakingly washed all the dirt off.  She insists they’re ancient, since we are nowhere near any beachy areas.  She does love her artifacts.  She then proceeded to create a little beach on my counter-top with one of my flower vases (that looks like a fishbowl), a few of her dinosaurs, and a giant rubber frog.  Of course I totally missed the photo op.  Next time I’ll be more vigilant.   But you have an imagination – use it!

That’s it for this week’s minor randomness – I know I had more interesting thoughts bouncing around in my head, but they exited the moment I sat down at my computer and completely bypassed my fingertips.  Murphy’s Law.  Feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up and check out the other randomness going on today!

We’re still rebelling while Keely is still hiatus-ing, if you have a smorgasbord in your brain and want to let it out, c’mon and join in the fun! Rebel On!

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  1. Those shells are hella pretty!
    Also, the seasonal merchandise game blows. I remember when I worked for Carlton Cards we would have to assemble our Christmas ornament display in July. Then we would barely get anything good for Halloween — it was all Christmas: and it was all lame.

    Mother nature is still giving us Seattle folks the cold shoulder. Literally. 56 degrees and raining in July? No. Just… no.

  2. The weather is killing me. Killing me. I can’t even go in the pool because it’s too hot and not refreshing and we’re getting major storms here. That tree has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  3. I like to see pictures of trees like that. I think they’re so pretty and majestic. I kid you not, one of our grocery stores has an end cap displaying Halloween candy. My jaw about hit the floor.

  4. Those shells are so beautiful!! Great find Princess!!
    Love that tree!!! So sculptural! Looks like it is in the middle of a windy storm!
    Yep!! I am still a rebel along with the rest of you!
    Good luck on your shopping excursion!!

  5. LOVE the tree! LOVE the seashells.

    Hate the heat and the fact that I have to mow our over-grown lawn in it tonight. *sigh*

  6. I keep asking myself where did summer go… I know we still have August, and September is usually still summerlike, but somehow when July ends I feel like summer is almost over… weird, huh?

  7. First off that tree is awesome. But Mother Nature has sure been playing tricks on us too. We got the rain and the humidity. I hate to complain about the rain but I’ll take 110 with no humidity vs. 90 with 90% humidity!

    And the seasonal in your face-ness of stores is so obnoxious. I just want summer to be summer and let us have Halloween stuff in October!

  8. That’s pretty cool she found those shells. All we have here is red clay. Lots of red clay. And those trees are neat; nature is magical! Happy Tuesday!

  9. Hey there Stacy. We got the rain, but luckily not the bad winds and thunder/lightning. I loved being home on the rainy evening!
    School supplies… argh! We have them in abundance at Walgreens. So many sales already, the good stuff will all be gone by the time those who aren’t thinking ahead get around to buying their stuff! The week after 4th of July, the summer stuff was all consolidated and the school stuff went out, Halloween candy is starting to arrive in our stock room, and the Christmas stuff left from last year is waiting on the upper shelves!
    It’s been a strange summer for us, I’m not ready for it to end!
    I’ve got a new home….

  10. Ugh! Back to School! So not looking forward to that! We do get our BTS supply list early, which is helpful.

    We finally had some rain Saturday night. Mother Nature wasn’t mad at us so it was a gentle rain. That is a really cool tree!

    Thanks for keeping the randomness going!
    Elle would like you to read ..Hold the Egg Noodles & other RandomnessMy Profile

  11. Wow! I totally forgot RTT this week. I posted a misspent youth story or at least part 1.

    Something tells me that that tree was trained that way. Or I’m a cynic.

  12. I love cool trees like that. I’ve seen some completely shaped very weird from the wind!! I think this is part of the summer where it starts flying by!

  13. That tree is beautiful!

    My kids start in three weeks and I am absolutely dreading it. I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping late and not having a schedule and being lazy. I’m not excited about getting up early and nagging about completing projects and homework and so forth and so on.

    You are so right about the stores…I guess I’d better stock up on some random BTS stuff too. By the time we get the supply list at orientation, everything will be gone and the Halloween stuff will be out. Yikes.

  14. I hear you on Mother Nature’s extended hot flash. And we haven’t had it as bad as a lot of places have here.
    BTS has been up since just after the 4th. I’ve been studiously ignoring it. Although the schools here are nice and send home supply lists for the next year on the last day of school. I just have to be organized enough to keep track of it.

  15. I have to show this post to PB! We were talking about how all the thermoses were in the stores two weekends ago, and we picked them up for the boys because by the time Sept rolled around last year they were GONE! Kills me.

    Love the shells. And you do have to wonder how they go there! A little explorer like PN lived at this house before you?

  16. The weather is horrible all over the country. It’s been sorching hot here. I, too, feel like a wilted flower, especially when we’re out in it. Ugh! PN’s imagination is a wonderful thing. In fact, I’m writing (currently editing for my agent) a story about dinosaurs. Perhaps, she would like to give me her expert opinion on it. What do you think?

    Keep the random going!

    Check out….
    Blah to Hooray…Random Tuesday Thoughts

    Visitng from Tuesday’s blog hop…
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  17. OMG! I feel the same way about Mother Nature! She’s wreaking havoc in my country now through a typhoon, and we had an earthquake earlier today.. 🙁 Mother Nature seriously needs to take her meds.

    That is one cool picture.. 🙂

    Awesome find for PN.. 😀 Curious how they ended up in your backyard when you say you’re not near any beaches, I have to agree with PN when she says they’re ancient.. 😛

    Happy RTT Stacy! 🙂

  18. We got a huge dump of rain for about 5 minutes yesterday. First we have seen in a month. 🙁

    Love the shells PN!!! That tree is soooo cool!!! Looks like a fairy nymph dancing!!!

    Have a rebellious day today!!

  19. Yeah, mother nature’s being a witch all around this summer, isn’t she? I wanted summer and am not getting one, while the rest of the country is getting way more than they bargained for. Weirdness!

    Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  20. I completely feel your pain where the store displays are concerned. I mean its like they scream at me “YOU’RE BEHIND.” I dread even looking and try to walk through with blinders on. Otherwise I’ll feel guilty that I don’t have Christmas already planned in July.

  21. Rats! I was so hoping you’d get distracted by the heat, and caught up in the random, and accidentally blog about the unbloggable! That tree is super cool, as are the relics from PN’s treasure/archeological dig!

  22. UGH! BTS shopping is the WORST! Even with clipping coupons and shopping the sale ads, I still spend about $200 on BTS stuff. Hate it. Blah.

  23. Hope Mother Nature will take a break with her hot flashes and I also hope she doesn’t start sending them our way…I am actually enjoying our summer weather for the first time in many years….well, minus the random rain and wind.

  24. I can so remember doing the same with my kids – finding shells, climbing trees or finding different leaves of trees for a school project. It’s been a very long time.

  25. Oh my Lord, that’s right! All these lil’ darlings will be going back to school next month. Dang, it’s like they were just there, but I’m sure mother’s all over the world are HAPPY! LOL Now, the hunt begins for the best back to school sales. OH BOY! Love your pics and PN has done a great job finding shells, pretty shells too. Those are quite different.

  26. Mother Nature sure is in a snit – there’s no doubt there. There’s a tropical depression heading towards the Gulf and I’m praying it becomes a full blown hurricane. That’s about the only hope we have for rain and it’s becoming the second dust bowl down here. So sad!

    I was actually at Garden Ridge on Saturday and they ALREADY had their Halloween stuff out – right up there next to the summer yard ornaments. Ridiculous!

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

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