My mom is considered ‘Legally Blind’ – she has to get within inches of the big “E” on a vision chart before it comes into focus.  Which, of course, means us kids were ‘blessed’ with bad eyesight as well.  I’m lucky, though, I favor more towards my dad’s clear vision – his only issue is a astigmatism that doesn’t warrant him having to wear glasses every minute of the day.  My brother and sister started wearing glasses when we were kids – I got lucky and didn’t have to wear them until my senior year in high school.  Even then I really didn’t like the frames my mom picked out for me (um, purple, Mom??) so I’d wear them when I left the house, but take them off as soon as any of my friends came into view.

After I moved out of my parents house, I still abandoned my funky frames for slightly blurry vision until with my first corporate job came vision coverage.  I decided maybe squinting wasn’t the way to go, so I got my first pair of contacts.  It was like discovering a whole new world the first time I went shopping – I hadn’t realized how bad my vision had gotten until after I got my contacts and marveled that I was actually able to read the signs above the aisles with no effort whatsoever.   And no squinting.

I only wore my glasses at night to give my eyes a rest, and my eyesight didn’t change for over 10 years – which meant I didn’t update my glasses frames for that long, either.  Which of course instigated some teasing by my co-workers when I had to wear my glasses to work one day because I had a sinus infection and no way was I going to be able to handle sticking contacts on my eyeballs that morning.

Since then I’ve of course upgraded – and gone from plastic frames to wire frames to frame-less frames.   When I was pregnant with Princess Nagger, the combination of the horrible Pennsylvania air quality coupled with the normal dry-eye side effect of pregnancy caused me to ditch my contacts altogether in lieu of fashionably stylish glasses – with transition lenses, of course.

I realized recently that my most recent glasses are now two years old – and they don’t have transition lenses, since I’d been gifted them for a review, so I’ve been having to swap them out with my prescription sunglasses (which are about 5 years old, but still the same prescription – just definitely not ‘stylish’ mode) which can be a real pain to constantly do.  So today I get to have an eye doctor get uncomfortably close to my face as he peers into my eyeballs so I can pick out a new stylish pair of glasses and not have to do the old switcharoo any more.

I’ll also pick up a new box of contacts, because I do like to wear them when we go out – for some reason they make my eyes feel less ‘tired’, probably from all those years of only wearing glasses when I’m relaxing after a long day at work and am tired.  One of these days I’ll probably follow my brother and sister’s lead and get Lasik surgery done (when and if the budget allows it) so I can forgo the annoyance that glasses and/or contacts can be.  For now, I’ll choose wisely – Princess Nagger is looking forward to helping me pick out my new frames – wish me luck, I’m just glad they don’t have dinosaur frames.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Do you have perfect eyesight, or do you wear contacts or glasses?  Near sighted or far sighted?


Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have horrible eyesight, I have to wear something at all times or I cant function…. First got glasses in 4th grade, contacts in 8th grade. So jealous of my husband who got PRK eye surgery, paid for by the military.

  2. My Dad is legally blind as well. He’s an albino with 20/200 vision. I have the same vision in one eye. I’m near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. The eye dr. always triple checks my prescription because it is so odd.

  3. I have worn glasses since the 4th grade for nearsightedness. I have contacts but I am usually too lazy to wear them 🙂

  4. My father, sister and nephew are considered “legally blind”. I had 20/15 vision until I got sick. My eyes have since started deteriorating which sucks so I get a new prescription every 6 months but I typically only need them the week of my infusion (so I started wearing them yesterday and will need then until probably Thursday). My body start shutting down when my cell levels drop and my eyes ache. I look super cute in them though. Hot for teacher and whatnot.

  5. I had perfect vision until I hit 40; after staring at a computer screen all day, I found I couldn’t focus on *anything* by bedtime so I started with the reading glasses. I didn’t just go from the +1 strength to the +2.75 strength afterwards – I skyrocketed to it. At that point I figured I’d better go to the eye doctor and now I’m on my second pair of lineless bifocals.

  6. I was born with cataract. Never could see well. My eyesight began detereorating when I was in first grade.

    I got a botched operation.

    Wore glasses every since and very thick ones.

    Worked my self esteem in the ground because I got teased badly as a child and did not know how to handle it.

    Now as an adult I realize the horrible effects. I try to not look peple in the face in case they see my eyes.

    I’m dealing with it bit by bit, but now I only see out of one eye and very thick eye glasses.

    Aloha 🙂

  7. I have terrible vision with an astigmatism in both eyes! I have worn glasses since I was 5. I have worn contacts since I was 13.

  8. I had 20/20 vision until I got a job working at a computer all day. Within a year I needed glasses. I’m nearsighted.

  9. I had lasik in 2007 and have loved it! When you get the money saved up go for it. I do wear readers but that is better than bi-focals.

  10. Avid eyeglass wearer since the fourth grade. Not a strong enough prescription for coke bottle lenses, just a bit of a blur. I have issues with eyeballs, so I cannot fathom the contact lens route (pathetic, I know!) I have decided that a girl should have more than one pair of glasses, kind of likening it to shoes!

    As I scrolled down your post, I was excited for the first time ever to say, “why yes, I am 40 or over”. I admit the thrill was fleeting, but for that moment, it didn’t seem so bad to be 41!

  11. so far the eyes are good..i do enough reading though to probably strain them and give issues later in life…

  12. Baby girl, I’m farsighted in one eye, and near sighted in the other, and the other day I was diagnosed with a floater. I hate those buggers. I’m sorry to hear about your Mom’s eyes that must be horrible for her. Give her a hug for me. I miss my Mom terribly. Anyway you have a great weekend. I was here last night, but you weren’t posted yet. Sorry I’m so late today. Had my granddaughter all week, but she went by my daughter’s today to play with her kids. I’m gonna miss her. Hey girlfriend wanna come over? Bring the Princess too! ~hehe~

  13. Well, I do where glasses that’s for sure. Don’t we all when we get a few years on us! One young lady told me I looked distinguished in them! So, I don’t mind wearing them at all. Have a wonderful weekend, and good luck picking those glass frames.

  14. I am suppose to wear my glasses or contacts but I have a very low correction. So lately I haven’t been wearing anything. I know…bad girl huh? When I do wear my glasses, I think “wow” this is really clear.

    Sorry I made you homesick. It was so beautiful here that day!

  15. I want to see pictures when you finally get your new glasses. I went through a phase where migraines led me to glasses but it turns out I needed a root canal instead (the cause of the headaches). I still wore the glasses sometimes cause I thought they looked cool but they weren’t the right prescription anyway. Now I don’t wear them (but G had them on as Clark Kent).

  16. I have perfect eyesight…but hub’s has slight long sightedness.. I’m hoping that the kids get more of my genes then the fathers.

  17. I’m practically blind. I’ve had glasses since I was 8; so 17 years! I hate having to put in contacts if I want to wear sunglasses. The transition lenses are just so expensive! (we don’t have eye insurance, so we have to pay all of it out-of-pocket.) My eyes get really dried out if I wear my contacts too long, so I actually only wear them if I’m going to be out in the sun or swimming.

  18. I wear glasses when looking at the computer for long periods because according to the doctor my eyes “never relax.” I can see further than most, but I get headaches from eye strain.

  19. i’ve always been badly farsighted and i had lens implants put into both eyes when i turned 40–the surgery is like cataract surgery. i couldn’t have lasik because my corneas are too thin.

    my favorite joke is to tell people the hubby bought me implants on my 40th birthday and watch them try not to look at my chest. after awhile i tell them they were lens implants in my eyes.

  20. You are living my life! I swear we have exactly the same story. My mom is legally blind, my sisters got glasses in elem school but I didn’t until high school, though I hardly wore them. Later when working, I got contacts and had not realized how blind I was until then. In fact, I remember the doctor asking if I had driven to the office and when I replied, “Yes” she said, “You may think you can see, but you can’t see.”

    I now wear contacts unless my eyes are tired and then I wear glasses for a day or so. I just spent a bundle on new glasses and I’m not crazy about the frames.

    Hope you get a gorgeous pair 😉

  21. Completely horrible eyesight! I’m very nearsighted and although I haven’t reached the legally blind stage, I sure have to get pretty close to the E before it starts to resemble a shape. I’m dying to get Lasik but the idea of it scares me (what if something goes wrong??) but hopefully one day I’ll take the plunge because it would be pretty amazing to be able to see!

  22. i have worn contacts since like 8th grade… but years of working in the smoky bar… i now mostly wear glasses as my eyes are so dry!

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