School’s out (at least for Princess Nagger) summer is here (based on the hot, humid and sticky weather Mother Nature has been hitting us with) so let the fun begin!  I have some catching up to do – along with the hot, humid and sticky weather we’ve been suffering through, we’ve had random severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings – which, for where we’re at in PA, is a rarity.  My heart goes out to all those that have actually had a tornado, including the shocker of Massachusetts the other day.

The worst part of our crazy weather patterns is that the internet has been spotty at best the past couple of days, putting me way behind on my blog-hopping and commenting.  Luckily it looks like Mother Nature has finally mellowed out a bit, and we’ll not only get decent (and tolerable) weather, but she won’t be messing with our internet.  Fingers crossed.

Now that Princess Nagger is done with school for the summer, it’s time to start making some plans.  The biggest of which is our return trip to Iowa for some R&R and fun with my sister and her family.  My parents are actually making the long drive out from Seattle at the same time, so we’ll have some quality time to spend with them in Corn Country, too.

We’re lucky that Princess Nagger is such a good traveler – we joke about thinking we’ve left her at home she’s so quiet in the backseat.  She rarely watches the DVD player we bring along, she much prefers to watch the scenery go by outside the windows.  This year we’ll be traveling without our dogs, only because my parents have priority and they’re bringing their little Shitzu with them on their trip, and between their dog and my sister’s two cats, we figured we’d lessen the anxiety of the animals by letting our dogs party it up at our house with a house/dog sitter instead.

Since we won’t have the dogs with us, that actually gives us a little more freedom for the road-trip part of our trip.  Princess Nagger is excited that we’ll be stopping in Columbus, Ohio on the way to Iowa, since the COSI Science Center there is having a huge (and cool) dinosaur exhibit this summer:

You know Princess Nagger is going to love that pit-stop.  We’ll probably be hard pressed to get her out of there when it’s time to go.  At least that means she won’t be lollygagging the morning we depart (she tends to be a late sleeper) so we’ll be able to get on the road really early that day.  The ‘bribery’ to get her to get up and moving that morning will be the sooner we leave, the more time we’ll have at the dinosaur exhibit.  And since the dogs won’t be with us, that also means less stops along the way which tends to extend the estimated travel time from Point A to Point B.

My sister is already brainstorming on what fun things we’ll be doing whilst in Iowa – we’re looking forward not only to the time spent with family, but some fun days as well.  Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Do you have any fun vacations planned for this summer? If so, are you doing a road trip or flying to where you’re going?


Have a great weekend!

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  1. We are going on two trips this month to different parts of Malaysia. Our first trip will include a short plane ride while the 2nd we will be doing a short road trip). It will be the baby’s 1st trip overseas and I’m psyched !!

  2. I live in a vacation spot (Hawaii) does that count? LOL! We don’t have any plans to leave the island. I’m sure we will go to the beach several times over the summer!! Seeing as its right down the street and all… 🙂

  3. I grew up in Columbus!! Small world. She is going to love the museum!!! Take lots of pics on your trip now!!!
    Us? Well we are traveling by road and by air this summer and early fall. Both times to see our moms. Illinois we will drive too and stop at Antique shops along the way. And Ohio we will fly! Takes too long to drive…eats us our vacation time that way. Hope to visit the Hartville Kitchen in Hartville, Ohio. Fabulous Amish home cooking!!!
    Might fly to Seattle this July as well with girl friends! Fun times!

  4. No real vacation plans this summer but than again we don’t have school age children that we have to plan around. We are going to DisneyWorld in October to meet up with Jen from Sprite’s Keeper. I’m eagerly awaiting that trip!

  5. We usually stick close to home other than the odd day trip here and there. We have a pool, trampoline, horseshoes , a fire pit and volleyball all here in the yard, so there is tons of stuff to keep kids of all ages entertained. 😉

  6. oh she is going to love that…that is awesome. heading to baltimore in a couple weeks to take in the U2 concert but the boys will get to camp and have fun too..

  7. Our family has a condo at the beach so we’ll go several times(I hope). We’re going next weekend for a 5 day vacation. We also have a boat so we’ll go out on that weekends that we’re not at the beach condo!

  8. Sounds like a fun road trip!

    I don’t think we have any big summer travel plans… but I wish my girls were as good of travelers. They do a fairly good job hanging out in the car, but the addition of the DVD player and lots of snacks is a necessity for us! 🙂

  9. The fact that I’m commenting this early in the day means I’m home today! I hope you have a blast on your vacation. We’re psyched for our anniversary/Sprite’s birthday vacation in November. Going on a cruise, which means Sprite is telling EVERYONE she’ll turn five on a cruise. Confusing looks..

  10. School is almost out here – The Young One is exempt from all but two of his exams, so he’s home today and will only be at school for about 3 hours on Monday; everyone else has to go through Tuesday because they took so many bad weather days this year.

    Your vacation sounds like so much fun!

  11. I’m actually kind of getting my own vacations. Ryan’s taking the kids to Disney for a week this month and my mother’s taking then for 2-3 weeks in July. I haven’t had time off like that in years. I’m going to do exactly what I do when I’m with them – swim.

  12. Today is our last day of school and we have a Disney trip planned in a couple of weeks and other than that, I don’t know what the hell my kids are going to do all summer. Maybe PN can come up with a plan for them, we’ll Skype daily and have PN be their teacher for virtual school. Hah.

  13. I am hoping to get out to CA to visit my mom and sister! We are always traveling around our area here in TX… we love to camp and explore! Have fun on your trip!! I am excited for Princess Nagger, she is going to love the Science Center!!
    Melissa R would like you to read ..Aloha FridayMy Profile

  14. I can’t believe all the tornadoes this season! And in the oddest places too. I hadn’t heard of the one in Mass. Stay safe on your travels. We are going to be doing a lot of road tripping this summer too. Next week we’ll be driving from Utah to Yosemite! I’m very excited.

  15. My family lives in Pennsylvania and my Mom called me the other night told me about the tornado warnings! Insane weather!!

  16. Looks like a fun summer trip! I haven’t been to COSI in probably 10 years, but I remember it being great.

    We’re tacking on family vacation to my trip to San Diego for BlogHer. The trip will be fun, but the 7 hour plane ride with a toddler seems like less than fun.

  17. Your trip sounds fun…Iowa is one state I have never been to! I am flying to Denver in about a week and driving to Idaho (14+ hours) in August.

  18. Yay! I bet she is excited for summer!

    No plans here as yet. No money so we’ll just be staying home. We’ll see how things work out down the road.


  19. I have gigs lined up for the summer, and otherwise I work. So nothing to spectacular, but I do look forward to my gigs. I always have fun doing those. Have a wonderful summer. I’m too curious, and have to ask you is there a reason why you call your daughter Princess Nagger? Or do I just take it for word value. ~haha~

  20. Hey Girlfriend, how’s goin? Well, Dave is going to take off one week the end of June just to stay home, and chill. You know the routine. Sleep late, maybe some yard work, and just chill at home. Then he’s going to take another week for us to have some fun. I believe we’re going to Cedar Point again. He loves it there, and we’ll probably drive. I love to go, and just watch him have fun, and take pics, and buy souvenirs. ~hehe~ Have a great weekend my friend!

  21. Well, we’re going to Maui at the end of June and spending the 4th of July weekend at the Ala Moana Hotel to watch the fireworks show off of Magic Island.

  22. Hiii, found you from the blog hop and I’m your latest follower. I am so jealous you get to take a road trip, I took one of my own last year when I made the move from California to DC. The open road is so great. Iowa is one state I’ve never been to. How funnnn. xoxo!

  23. Sounds like a fantastic trip. I’m sure being minus your furry kids will make things easier. I’m jealous of your dino expedition. We’ve been debating whether to visit my in-laws in TN…my husband wants to crank through the 16 hr drive in one day. Needless to say the prospect of 4 kids for 16 hrs in my minivan does not thrill me.

  24. Two years ago I rented a car and my daughter and I loaded up three kids ranging 2,5, and 9. We got a long amazingly well and they actually got back in the car for the return trip. I plan big events for my grand kids during the summer. My daughter calls it Grandma’s summer camp. We did pirate day last year where we made pirate things and had a pirate water fight. They had fun and still talk about it.

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