As most of you know – or maybe you don’t, but now you will – we’re on vacation.  Not the exotic kind, mind you (though  I certainly wouldn’t mind one of th0se right about now, you know with sand and beach and warmish water as far as the eye can see…)  Instead we’re in corn country – of course corn is currently not in season, but we’ll just have to trust that they have the best corn ever.

Which leads me to my corny segue into the why/how/where Keely is on hiatus – apparently her hiatus is lasting longer than we originally thought, but we’re still rebelling on in her favor.  Rebel On!

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So yesterday we decided to do the whole touristy thing in Iowa – even though my sister has lived here for almost 13 years, she still enjoys showing us the tourist spots and of course we wanted our parents to get that whole tourist vibe thing going, too.  We got to experience our first real-life Soup Nazi – only this one we dubbed the Sandwich Nazi.  We were at the Amana Colonies enjoying our day, and decided to stop at a quaint little sandwich shop to grab a bite to eat.  Here’s the counter we had to order from:

I wanted to get a picture of the Sandwich Nazi woman behind the counter, but when we loaded up on fudge at a store further down the way and made our way back, she was no longer behind the counter…darn.  Maybe I’ll get a picture when we go back sometime during the remainder of our trip.  The woman was terse, unfriendly, and seemed annoyed if you asked a simple question – like hubby asking if they had horseradish for the roast beef sandwich he ordered.

Her irritated reply was “We might have packets out there somewhere,” nodding to the room behind us.  No packets to be found, but they did have small jars for sale in the fridge for $6.50.  Ahem.  Had she been nicer, or even offered to put some of that homemade horseradish on the hubby’s sandwich, he might have been inclined to buy a whole bottle – basic marketing and power of suggestion, yo.

We all went outside to eat since it was a gorgeous day without humidity, though we still were a little put out by the woman behind the counter.  In fact, hubby had forgotten to order himself a soda, so he went back inside when there was no one there – but didn’t get a soda.  Why?  Good question.  There were no customers in the store, so the Sandwich Nazi was sitting and talking on the phone – and totally ignored my hubby standing at the register waiting to buy a soda.  All he wanted was a Coke.  After 10 minutes of terminal ignore, he left – and went next door to the ice cream parlor, who had the same guy working there that had been at the sandwich shop…who referred him back to the sandwich shop.

Apparently the Sandwich Nazi also is the Soda Nazi since no one else in the Amana Colonies were selling any form of regular coke or soda.  Poor guy never got his soda until we were heading out and passed that same shop again.  We kept it a running joke the rest of the day mimicking the Seinfeld episode of the Soup Nazi, because this woman was obviously the Soup Nazi’s sister by the way she acted.  Good thing we didn’t get kicked out – or banned just because we asked questions.

The adventures in Iowa will be continued – but for now, why don’t you link up and join in the Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebellion?  Everyone is welcome, and don’t forget to visit your fellow rebelers so they won’t feel lonely with their random thoughts.  I’ll be by when I can – and when you least expect it.


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  1. OMG I can’t believe it! A sandwich Nazi??? ROFL I hope you get her picture now I’m dying to see what she looks like. LMAO Hey you have fun down there. How’s your parents doing? I bet there were hugs & smooches all over the dang place! haha That’s great. I bet your Princess was right smack in the middle of it too! Not to worry here we’re holding down the fort. It was a great M4 today I think everyone liked that single name band/singer one today. Don’t forget if you have any suggestions let me know. HUGSSSSS

  2. i’ve been to amana colonies too- during a two day blizzard when i 80 was closed. couldnt find an olive to save your life….or mine….you two are not that far off the beaten path from me…we’ll have to rendevous sometime! have fun! lauren

  3. I would have just walked out with the soda. I’m sure that would have gotten their attention quick, fast and in a hurry!

  4. LOL! I though people in corn country were supposed to be nice? I agree with the above comment. He should have just grabbed one and walked out. Oh and leave some money on the counter.
    I did an RTT 2 years ago (you know back before Keely was too good for us) about a food Nazi we ran across in Belgium. You can read it in my “No Kitchen For You!” post here:

  5. I look forward to hearing more about Iowa; so far, you haven’t sold me. It sounds dreadful. 😉 Happy Tuesday!

  6. Sounds like a rip roarin good time so far! Poor hubs! I would have left some money on the counter and walked out. Too funny!

  7. It’s a wonder they even sell anything, given that the service is so–unfriendly. Service with a smile? Definitely not that lady.

  8. I loathe rude service people and will call them out on it “Gee, I’m sorry you don’t like your job – have you considered finding one where you could actually act like a civil human being?” You’d be amazed at how often they become helpful. LOL

  9. I hope you are having a fabulous vacation (except for the Sandwich Nazi). I can’t stand poor service. I have never heard of the Amana Colonies. Isn’t Amana a company that makes ovens?

  10. Unfortunately, there is an increase of rude people circulating in the public domain, who we are forced to face-to-face time. It’s easy to go blastistic, the real trick is to not stoop to their level. Take the high road, always and you’ll be happy that you did. There are just too many miserable people out there waiting for something to change in their lives without actually seeking the change they need to make their lives better.

    Enjoy your vacation and thanks for hosting RTT!

  11. Clearly a bloggable moment for The locals to hear about. Maybe go all Canadian and write a letter to the local paper/link to your blog. It’s tourist season people. You will lose a lot of customers with service like that. 🙁 Sad that this is what’s happening to the service industry.

  12. So much for small town charm, huh? I wonder if she’s always like that or she was just having a bad (bad, bad) day. Maybe that’s why she was on the phone, too?

  13. Wow, what a bitch!
    You should totally get her picture and put it up on the interwebs! Hell, maybe it can be a new tumblr meme? 😀

  14. what a trip! The lady, I mean. Wonder if she owns the joint – if not, I bet her bosses would love to know she’s ignoring / scaring off the customers

  15. OK, I haven’t been west of Buffalo, NY, yet for some reason expected the folks further west, as in “out west” to be friendlier and not some poor customer service horseradish and beverage withholding meanies! I have a feeling you’ll be back there–have fun with whatever “revenge” you take (and photograph it)!

  16. I’m too frazzled to even write a post to link today, but wanted to say how much you rock for continuing the rebellion.

    And I had no idea there were tourist attractions in Iowa. 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation!

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