I can’t believe there’s less than a week left of June!  The combination of the flurry of activity for the unbloggable coupled with trying to get ready for our vacation (which was supposed to start yesterday, but is starting today) has really made the month fly by at lightning speed. Yesterday was definitely a hectic day – last minute laundry, packing (since I can’t seem to manage to do that ahead – always last minute for me!), last minute errands and making sure the coolers are stocked with healthy (and not-so-healthy) snacks and treats for the road.  Let’s hope I didn’t forget anything important.

Very early this morning (or as early as possible, considering Princess Nagger is definitely not a morning person), we’ll be hitting the road heading towards Corn Country to visit my sister and her hubby in Iowa.  For two weeks. It definitely couldn’t have come at a better time, we certainly need the break from reality for a bit, after the exhaustion we’ve been experiencing between the awesome unbloggable coupled with hubby’s bout with shingles last week, and making sure we don’t forget anything before we leave for our trip.

My parents have already arrived in Iowa after driving straight through from Seattle – straight through, people!  A 27-1/2 hour drive (per MapQuest with no stops)…yes, my parents are definitely crazy, why do you ask?  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it appears.  We, being much younger than they are, and only slightly less crazy, are going to take our time and split our 16-ish hour drive from our house to my sister’s house over two days – not drive straight through.

We kind of look forward to the break in the middle, Princess Nagger especially likes the opportunity to jump from one bed to the next in our hotel room, and hubby is looking forward to imbibing in Skyline Chili for dinner.  Not to mention Princess Nagger is really looking forward to our in-between stop at COSI in Ohio to peruse the 10,000 square feet of Dinosaur excitement they have there this summer.  So today we’ll be on the road – and while I like country I’m not a fan of Willie Nelson, but the song “On the Road Again” is definitely running through my head.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

When you take a road trip, do you prefer to drive straight through and get to your destination as soon as possible?  Or do you like to take your time and see the sights along the way?


I’ll be looking forward to seeing your answers – and stopping by to see your question(s) when we stop for the night at our hotel and relax.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. If possible I guess I would rather drive straight through. Although if there was something fun to see along the way that could be fun too! We haven’t had to take a lengthy road trip in a long time. The last time was only 5 hours, we stopped to take pictures and potty breaks of course, but that was it.
    Couldn’t take a road trip now if I wanted to. I can only drive so far before reaching the other side of the island, haha (hour and a half drive at the very most)! I could drive around the edge in circles! LOL

  2. I would stop at the sights if they are a must see. It also depends on the length of the drive. If its a long one breaks would be more helpful.

  3. We like taking our time and seeing the sights. But most of the time, we don’t have the luxury of taking as much time as we would like too!! Work schedules and all interrupt! Ha!!! Or we would take even more time. And my butt gets numb after six hours anyway!!
    Have a safe trip!!

  4. We have to make frequent stops due to my back problems, not being able to sit for long periods of time, just to stretch and walk around. But would rather drive straight through.

  5. most often I like to just get there but if it is a really long road trip breaks to stretch legs are nice. Stops at McDonalds are a must on any road trip though for drinks.

  6. We will stop if there are sights or attractions that we want to see, but for the most part, we drive straight through.

  7. i like to get there fast… when i have the boys… road tripping with 4 kids can be stressful…
    but, when it was just hubby and i, i LOVED stopping and seeing stuff along the way!
    take lots of pics… we want to see them!
    have fun

  8. Welcome to Iowa, I live in Iowa also! When we travel back east to visit the family, hubby likes driving straight through. We do stop every few hours to let him catch a quick snooze, and back ‘on the road again.’ We have a travel camper (our motel room) that travels with us, so should we decide to rest for the night we find a campsite. But mostly we drive straight through, it is about a 16 hour drive for us, even with all the naps along the way. hehe

  9. As much as I’d think I love to take my time. I am too anxious to get there and get going, so no I don’t slow to sight see. I hope you have a great time.

  10. I love to sight see, but hubby doesn’t much, and when we stop to eat I love to shop in the little stores, but he hates it. So now I wait until he goes to the bathroom & then I run & browse. I totally love buying souvenirs for the grandkids & my kids. ~hehe~ Hope you’re having a great time. I wish you had relatives near me, so we can do lunch or you could come by the house & I’d throw you a big barbecue. There’s a few bloggers around here I could invite like NightOwlmama & Glitterbabe, but there’s a few more close by too. Be safe & have fun! Give your mama a hug for me too since mine is in mama heaven is it okay? Come on now didn’t your mama teach you to share? ~hehe~ Say hello to PN for me.

  11. I like to drive straight there, but don’t mind seeing the sights as long as I can still get to my destination quickly. I don’t like to spread it, unless it’s more than a 12 hour drive. I miss road trips. I liked this question. So fun!

  12. I like sightseeing. Especially with kids. we need time to get out and take pictures and walk and etc.

    Unless we are on schedule and can’t stop!


  13. We tend to drive straight through. I always intend to stop but once I start, I just want to get to my destination.

  14. I would definitely drive straight through. It’s cheaper that way too I think instead of making the pit stops for junk food or hotel etc.

  15. Yay! for vacation. I hope you have a wonderful time. I won’t be having a vacation this year ;(

    We usually only do short road trips – 5 hours – to hub’s parents, which is plenty long. We did do one big trip to MI which was about 14 hours. We did it in a day and a half. Definitely needed to stop for the night. Then we were able to enjoy the beach when we finally arrived.

    Have fun and be safe!

  16. :o) Enjoy your vacation! I found you through another’s and am joining in with your blog hop… I also am following now @ #1354….if you get a chance, please do stop by and follow back too :o)

    We love going on road trips or any trips! It depends what the reason for our trip is…whether we take our time and savor the sites or hit the road, quick as a wink!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  17. I think it depends if I’ve been there before, if so I like to drive fast and get there, if it’s a new area, I like to stop and see things along the way. enjoy your trip!

  18. It depends on what’s along the way. We don’t go on too many road trips but I do remember driving from Los Angeles to San Diego once. We drove straight through.

  19. I think it depends on where we are going, and for how long. Seriously, we seldom get away overnite anyway…

    I like to travel slowly and stop at places we see that are interesting- you have a better experience when you leave opportunities open:)

    Nice to meet you, stopping by from the Never Growing Old hop.


  20. Definitely take in the sights…everyone gets too tired and cranky with those long drives. Have fun!

    I can’t believe your parents drove that long…ugh!

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