Thank goodness it’s Friday!  Well, OK – almost…this post is going up early for those that want to link up for tomorrow early.  Anyone else have a really long week?  I’ve been getting quite the workout moving piles’o’stuff and boxes up to the attic trying to get a good chunk of my normal deep spring cleaning done, plus Princess Nagger has decided she wants to take over the guest room since it’s bigger than hers.  That works out really well, because the mess she creates in the living room is always hard to keep up on – now she can create her tornado episodes up in her own room and we can close the door if we don’t want it to be seen when company comes over.

I’m such a pack-rat – I inherited that trait from my dad, who inherited it from his dad.  One of these days I’ll have to face the music and start to whittle down the massive amounts of ‘stuff’ I now have stashed in the attic.  besides, it would be nice to revert the attic to a nice place to actually use, since it is a finished attic complete with a full bathroom that boasts a wonderful old claw foot tub.  The attic was originally going to be my craft room 9and sanctuary/escape) but I’ve acquired so much unnecessary stuff that it’s been converted into a big storage area – I have my work cut out for me if I want to convert it back into my sanctuary!

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Are you a pack-rat or a ‘keep it simple’ person?  How do you keep control of the clutter?


Have a great weekend!

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  1. I want to be a keep it simple person – but I’m notorious for looking at something and thinking…yeah I’ll use this toothpick holder someday – if not for toothpicks for something else…up in the attic it goes. There are all kinds of things up there I don’t even know I own. It’s bad.

  2. Yes, I am, but an organized one. When my kids were little I always put summer clothes & toys away in a box (the toys were put away when they were sleeping), and I would bring out the winter things and visa versa. Every season they thought they were getting new toys. ~snicker-snicker~ I do the same for me. I put season clothes away & some of my nic-nacs & bring out the to date season clothes along with different nic-nacs. I don’t like clutter, but I like STUFF!!!!

  3. I am definitely a pack rat and it controls me!! Ha! My studio is packed to the rafters with stuff (necessary art supplies of course). And we have a separate storage unit that we pay for monthly!!
    I am hopeless!! Ha! Ha!
    Good luck

  4. I am a keep it simple girl, who does have some pack rat tendancies… My husband (the neat freak) keeps me in line.

  5. I’m moody. I keep things for a while, then about once every six months I do a clean sweep and get rid of junk. I’m good about getting rid of stuff when I have to re-do a room or something, too.

  6. I’m trying to clear clutter in my house.. trying to streamline everything and declutter regularly. Things seem to have exploded in the house ever since the kids arrived.

  7. I am such a pack rat! My Kindergartener’s teacher is retiring and let me take some of her papers, books, workbooks, posters, etc.

    I was thinking that my kids could play school with it, but I took too much stuff. I just couldn’t turn it down.

    I joke that someday people will see me on “Hoarders”, but it’s not funny. I need to get organized!

    Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  8. Tough question!! I try to be organized but this past year, due to a lot of multiple personal and physical problems, it has gotten worse than what I would like it to be.

  9. I am totally a packrat! Although I am trying to change my ways. With 4 kids the clutter and accumulated stuff gets to be a bit much at times.

  10. According to my husband, I’m a pack rat. However, I don’t think I’m as bad as he says. I am very sentimental and a sucker for nostalgia, but the accumulation does get to me pretty quickly and I will go through and dump stuff regularly. We have a small house and there are things of the kids’ that I’m not willing to part with. With four kids that can add up, but I try to be selective. We did re-insulate our attic last year and purge a lot. That certainly helped.
    I’d die for a finished attic like yours. Wow!

    Have a fabulous weekend! I’ll have to keep your meme in mind for next week. I’m already too far behind with other things this week ;(

  11. I do try not to be a pack rat. My mother and sister are and I am cleaning the house they lived in for them. It is terrible. I don’t know how all those things fit in the tiny little house, but it does.

  12. wow, by the time i got through all your blog hop stuff, i had forgotten the question! 🙁
    Pack rat is me…
    and hubby? totally keep it simple!
    i am trying to get better !
    i am getting ready to go and make sure i follow on facebook/twitter and GFC 🙂

  13. I’m more of a keep it simple type. We don’t have a lot of extra space here so we can’t get away with being pack rats at all.

  14. I really wish I could say that our house is clean and simple… but unfortunately I inherited a bit of my mom’s pack rat mentality. I’m not nearly as bad as she is, but I’m actually sitting outside right now holding a garage sale in hopes that we can clear out even a tiny bit of space. It just never seems to end!

    Thanks for joining us for Friendly Friday!

  15. I don’t keep anything other than stuff the kids make/give me and books. My hubby keeps EVERYTHING!!
    Seriously…EV ER Y THING!!!
    It drives me crazy!! The only good thing about it is that he keeps it outside in our pole barn.

  16. Gosh- I should have come by earlier to join your hops.
    As far as pack rat goes….hubby is the son of a major pack rat (big story…….). I will throw stuff away and find it stored in the attic a year later. After losing my parents I have learned that you leave this world with exactly what you came into it with.

    Have a great day!

  17. I use to be a tosser but the older I have gotten the harder it is to get rid of stuff. We don’t have a lot of storage in our home so I do have to get rid of stuff. We donate a lot and sometimes do garage sales.

  18. I’m a bit of a hoarder myself but trying to keep things under control. Hi there, just discovered this blog hop. Hoping to gain more followers.

  19. I can never, ever throw anything away that has anything to do with my kids. Any note they wrote to me, report cards, any drawing or work of art they made, special clothing that “reminds” me of a special time, teeth that they lose — I could go on and on. Times this by NINE (I have 9 kids) and I *think I can be classified as a semi-hoarder. My closet…has just ONE rack of my clothing. Everything else, every other available space in my closet, is full of boxes of kids’ stuff and clothing. It’s pretty pathetic, but what can I do? My heart simply cannot take it if I should get rid of anything. I am NOT a tosser, that’s for sure. Well, except junk mail. I toss that right away.

    I am a new follower via NetworkedBlogs, and I believe I’m already a follower via GFC but it wasn’t working when I tried to check…and I’m a new follower on Twitter (mamakat9)

    I’ve joined the hop! Yay! Hoping to make new blogging friends this weekend!

    They All Call Me Mom

  20. i think i have hoarder tendencies (which is why i love to watch those hoarder shows because i’m all like ‘whew i’m not that bad’ and then i declutter like mad) and the older i get the easier i’m finding it to split up with the stuff and throw it away. i’d love to be that person who keeps it simple.

  21. I’m a keep it simple person but for some reason clutter keeps happening around our house. About once or twice a year I go on a pack it up, take it to Goodwill spree just to keep things cleared out.

  22. Hi- Am your Newest Follower (on the networked blogs!)

    Nice to meet you – am visiting from the Friday Frog Blog hop-

    Love all your features and posts and ideas – so creative!

    Happy Saturday –

  23. Hello! I’m a new follower (via the Friday Over 40 hop). Nice to meet you. Hope to see you soon back on my blog.

    Oh, and to answer your question…I’m a reformed pack rat. I grew up in a family of pack rats. As I get older, I’m letting more and more stuff go. I’m liking the downsized life.

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