Yesterday was the first official day of summer, though it went by largely unnoticed due to the fact that Mother Nature has been doling out excessive heat since May – and continues to do so.  The unbloggable greatness has been a flurry of activity the past couple of weeks, causing me to be a slacker when it comes to my blog, and the next couple of weeks may still be slacker mode, since we’ll be heading out on our vacation on Friday.

I’ll be blogging from the road, though, so there might be a little less slacker mode going on, at least in regards to the content.  I finally did manage to download these pictures from my camera so I could finally share Princess Nagger’s fun mode of keeping cool and have some dino fun at the same time.  Ready to fill with water:

Patiently waiting:

Time to play:

Has summer arrived in full force where you are?  How do you keep cool?

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  1. She must be in 7th heaven. Isn’t she the one that loves dinosaurs? That little water park has one & it’s like a jungle. How perfect for her. Gee, the toys they make for kids nowadays. Thanks for the linky & have a great day.

  2. That pool is amazing! I can see why she was enthralled!! Very cool!
    To stay cool here, I turn on the cooler and stay inside during the hottest parts of the day! And it has been so hot!!
    I work outside early in morning and way after dinner time. Makes it much more pleasant!

  3. I saw this advertised this past weekend, and instantly thought of her. Looks like she enjoyed it. If we hadn’t joined a pool this year, I could so see this in our backyard. Have a great vacation.

  4. Wow! I wanna play too! Can I play? That looks like enough fun for two don’t you think? Where on earth did you find that? You know she’s havin’ a blast with that. You’re such a good Mommy. Would you adopt me?

  5. I love that pool. We stay cool here by going to the pool and staying the shade. Summer has begun here but I know it will get hotter yet. Right now it is not to bad.

  6. Such an AWESOME pool. Where did you get it? I know a certain G Man who may enjoy one like it when he comes to visit the Grands.

  7. That dino pool is AWESOME. Glad it didn’t come with a hole in it, that would have been horrible. We have been swimming daily, it’s the only way we have survived so far this summer.

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