As the school year starts to wind down, plans are being made for the summer break.  If you were to ask Princess Nagger what that meant, she’d enthusiastically say that it means many days of playdates with her BFF.  She’d play over there every day if she could, or have her BFF over here on a daily basis.  Or alternate every-other-day.  Just as long as she can see her every day.

With only 7-1/2 school days left of the year, she already has planned what she calls a ‘double sleep-over’ this weekend (what she considers the first of many) – she’ll go to her BFF’s house Saturday night, and when we go pick her up, her BFF will return with her, and do a sleepover over here Sunday night.  She’ll get ready for school and ride the bus with Princess Nagger on Monday morning.

With Princess Nagger gone most of the day Saturday, we’ll more than likely be able to get the house nice and clean since there won’t be the mini-tornado messing things up in our wake.  Which will then be completely messed up on Sunday when both girls will enact their tornado ways effectively.

It will be interesting to see if they’re able to fall asleep at a reasonable time on Sunday night – after all, it is a school night.  Wish us luck.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Do/did your kids have regular playdates and/or do sleep overs (almost every weekend)?  How do you keep the house clean (and hold on to your sanity)?


Have a great weekend!

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  1. I try to organize playdates for the kids but it’s not easy to schedule in time for them once they start school. I’m aiming to put some in this June holiday..but really haven’t started with the co-ordination work. We don’t really do sleepovers here as it’s not that popular..also no extra beds/space for that.

  2. I’d love my girls to have sleep overs! My tomboys hang out with boys and I don’t think I’d like to have a sleep over with 10 boys. I wouldn’t know what to do.

    Its Friday’s Shoegasm – go link up!

  3. I had one son so no play dates to speak of. Mostly his friends and he would play outside…baseball, soccer or ride their bikes and scooters. Very rarely did he have a sleepover.
    Good luck

  4. Julie has sleepovers here or is on sleepover almost every weekend. Yep they make a mess however she isn’t bugging me to keep her entertained. I just tell them that whatever mess THEY make, THEY have to clean up. They are really good about it too.

  5. My son is grown, but he only had one a year–for his birthday. I just couldn’t sleep knowing I was responsible for a child unfamiliar with our home and a child with whose behavior I was unfamiliar.

    And around the time he was in late elementary and middle school. there were a rash of incidents in the Chicagoland area of kids sneaking out and getting hurt…

    However, whoever he invited always came–and a few moms made a point of saying mine was the only sleepover their son(s) could attend since they knew I’d be vigilant in their care and their kindness to each other.

    Whoa, I sound really uptight, don’t I?

  6. My boys are still pretty young and we have not had to think about this yet. I think with boys they do not tend to have sleepovers as young as elementary school aged girls.
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  7. This has always been somewhat of an issue for us. We have four kids (10,12,14, 17) and so when it comes to sleepovers, they’ve always had to take turns having their friends over. It’s really only an issue with our youngest…he would want someone over every single day if we would let him. During the summer, we usually limit him to one sleepover per week. With four kids (three of which are boys) I think sleepovers are a big chore!

  8. We did have lots of sleepovers and play dates when my kids were younger. Now they’re all gone and I’m the one having sleepovers! 🙂

  9. I’m going to miss sleepovers after all my last chick in the nest is gone, to be honest. And yes, 16-year-old boys have sleepovers. Quite a bit, actually. Mine will be gone tonight again. 😀

  10. When my boys were young, my house was the “gathering house” for both sleep overs and play dates, especially in the summer as we ere the ones with the inground pool. Somehow I kept up, but looking back, I am glad it was that way because the time went by way too fast. They are now 27 and 25 and live out of state and I treasure those memories.

  11. With 4 children someone is always at our house! Every week-end and most the summer. How do I deal with it… I let my house look lived in and the kids respect me and each other but have fun as they are only young once!

    New follower, Thanks!

  12. There are so many kids in my neighborhood. I just send mine out and they find someone to play with in seconds.

  13. We hang out with friends a lot but not too many sleepovers. My niece sleeps over a lot. Maybe it’s because I have boys…

  14. My boys are 5 and 2 so no real sleepovers . . yet. We do a lot of playdates though. It’s tough trying to keep the house presentable, especially with boys in the house 😉

  15. When I am feeling up to it I will let the Emily have a sleep over…but I don’t really enjoy them much. Brad isn’t quite at the age where he really enjoys them yet. As for playdates…we have a bunch of neighbor kids and they play all afternoon through the early evening. Makes it easy on me! 😉

  16. I gotta tell ya, those sleepovers wear on ya. Finally, I had to come up with a “don’t clean your room=don’t get a sleepover”.
    Ha! It worked!!!

    Have a great weekend lady! 🙂

  17. We have only done one sleep over so far. And once our oldest spent the night at a friend’s house. Our kids haven’t asked to do so often so we’ve managed to avoid it thus far. Our house is small as it is and it would be tough to keep it sane with extra kiddos over night, I’m sure. I have many fond memories of sleep overs from childhood and I’m not opposed to them, but putting it off a little longer is ok with me 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  18. 1) I used to be into the play dates a lot, I always have something going on for Trinity. But now, since she is in a lot of activities, I have to cut back some or all play dates.
    2) I struggle with keeping my house clean with two males in the house too. They are not particularly neat.
    Have a terrific one beautiful…
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    *I will reply to your water question in email.

  19. My older daughter does a fair number of sleepovers (although not as many as she would like). My youngest had her first last weekend.

  20. My kids are 4 and 13-months. I visit a friend who has a child, and that is instant playdate for the kids. Sometimes, they come over, too. As for sleep-over, I don’t know yet if I or hubby is going to allow that, but it should be fun however it’s too early to tell.

  21. I have five children, so sleepovers here are seldom, but the do happen. We just don’t have a lot of space to sleep even more children, lol.

    I’m your newest follower via the TGIF Hop! Hope you have a great weekend!

  22. My daughter is only 3 years old, so we haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing sleepovers yet! Soon we will I bet

  23. no playdates for us. we live hawai’i where the kids bike or walk between each other’s houses after school–basically until dark lol. sometimes they’re at my house, sometimes its somebody else’s.

    as for sleepovers, we would never do it on a school night–that would disturb the parents’ night lol. when we do have them we usually contain them–like the kids get the living room only–to contain the chaos and mess.

  24. We don’t have any playdates perse just yet or sleep overs but I hear constantly of who wants to come over and etc etc. I’m sure it’s coming soon.

    PN sounds like she has many fun plans! 🙂 The kids can help clean up too. It’s part of being , learnign responsibility.

  25. My kids are still too young for sleepovers, but I’m sure that they’ll get into them in not too long! As for keeping my house clean, that doesn’t happen anyway, so I guess that won’t be something new! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday!

  26. No regular set dates, just all the time. I just don’t worry about the house cleaning during those times, I just do what I can and let them have fun.

  27. Not yet doing a lot of sleepovers. Of course, we have boys, so that might be part of it…and enough neighbors that live nearby that they aren’t quite as hungry for companionship.

  28. I don’t have kids yet. But I wonder when I do will I feel comfortable letting my kid sleepover at their friends house. I think I’ll be one of those over protective mommies.

  29. when i was a teenager i was in a group of about 10 others, we’d take turns going round each other houses and we’d just take over the living room putting mattresses down for us all to sleep on and that way only one room needed cleaning when we all went home!

  30. Your pictures bring back memories of when our daughter, Christi @ Frugal Novice, had sleepovers. Glad you stopped by Friendly Friday! 🙂

  31. Well, just have a few minutes then off to work. You always have such interesting family blog Posts. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Guess who’s back? ~hehe~ I’m still under the influence, but I’ll be back to normal soon. Still hurtin’ though., bummer! Have a great weekend, and thanks for all the good wishes and prayers.

  33. Ooops! Forgot to make a comment on your Post. Sleepover were always great in my house especially when mommy came over and told ghost stories. Now, ask PN if I’m invited and I’ll bring the ghost stories and popcorn. ~hehe~

  34. I’ve had to say “no” to sleep overs. I just can’t be sure that I know the people well enough for them to keep my child.

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