Ten weeks, people!  Ten weeks since our fearless leader Keely decided she needed a sabbatical from the randomness.  But we’re still pressing on.  At least I am, and hope you’ll join me.  Jen brought the Spin Cycle back after six months – so maybe Keely will be on that six-month cycle.  Get it?


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Did you have a nice Memorial Day?  I enjoyed the long weekend, but have been discombobulated because I kept thinking Sunday was Saturday and yesterday was Sunday…so that would make today Monday, but it isn’t and that means I had to scramble to make sure I had something ready for today.  So I’m winging it.  Flying by the seat of my pants.  Does that mean my pants have wings?  Something to ponder…

Mother Nature is still whacked – or needs to be whacked.  She’s decided that it’s already time to send the suffocating heat we normally don’t see until August.  I’m not happy with Mother Nature.  Princess Nagger thinks we should move to Alaska so we won’t have to deal with the heat, but I told her Seattle will be comparable, since it’s been pretty cool there so far this year.  My aunt in Seattle was telling me to ‘shut up’ about our heat (jokingly, of course) because they’re still not quite to ‘normal’ spring temperatures, and there’s actually moss growing between the pitiful plants in her garden since it’s been so pitifully cold this spring so far.  Apparently someone has messed with Mother Nature’s meds.  I’m just sayin’.

Tomorrow is Princess Nagger’s last day of school – if you can call it a day…they only go to school for two hours tomorrow for early dismissal.  Basically it’ll be two hours of partying and saying goodbye to their fellow classmates before taking that final trip on the bus home.  Usually school is out a week later, but they didn’t have any snow days to make up this year, so they’re out early.  Like I said, Mother Nature is whacked.  But at least Princess Nagger’s summer break gets to start earlier – that’s definitely the upside.

Hubby decided to hang some green plants up in his man-loft:

Sorry for the angle (I decided on a whim to snap a picture trying to get a good shot through the spinning blades of the fan) but at least you can sort of see all three.  We’ll see how long they last – and if he remembers to water them.  I probably won’t, because I don’t crane my head looking up every time I come into the Summer House.  Though he did mention getting some for the first floor, too – maybe that will remind me there are some thirsty plants hanging over my head.

Our hot carpenter friend also had some time a couple of weekends ago to do a little more work on Princess Nagger’s dinosaur claw desk – she was so excited the top of it wasn’t piled with tools and stuff, that she moved her laptop over from my desk to her own:

Hubby went out and got paint so the hot carpenter friend can finish it up – he found some time this weekend to start with the painting part:

In case you need a reminder on what he’s using as a model or muse, here’s the dinosaur claw he’s emulating:

Hubby picked up some black paint yesterday, so the next time our hot carpenter friend has some spare time, he’ll start doing some detailed texturizing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how it looks when it’s all done!  My desk can wait – that way Princess Nagger can crowd up her own desk with her stuff instead of crowding up mine.

That’s it for this week – feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up!


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  1. Have I mentioned how much I love that you get your RTT Rebel posts up early enough for me to link them before I go to bed out here on the West Coast? Well I do. It’s fun being one of the first linkers instead of one of the last!

    That is the coolest desk I’ve ever seen! Princess N is a lucky girl!

  2. Princess Nagger’s desk is just the coolest thing ever!!! And to be done school already? Julie had to wait until June 28th. 🙁

  3. That desk is beyond cool! We had perfect weather this weekend, although yesterday started off with a thunderstorm….

  4. Loving Princess Naggers’ desk!! Going to be so cool! She will be over the moon!! Been nice temperatures here but the wind is vicious. 50 to 70 MPH EVERDAY!!!!! Yuck! I practically have to string lines through my property to get around by tying myself to it! Ha!!
    Glad to rebel with you!!

  5. My health issues has deemed me unworthy of flying the friendly skies since they can’t promise to get me here every three weeks for my infusions so it looks like I won’t get to make out with – er, I mean MEET – your hot carpenter friend 🙁

  6. We’ve been smacked with the heat, as well, but are actually enjoying it (’cause it’s still cooler than in Texas! 🙂 )

  7. Thank heavens we have you – to ick up the RTT slack! I love Princess Nagger’s desk..it will be done just in time for school to get out and to start that summer reading! 😉 Happy Tuesday!

  8. That desk is so cool. PN will love working there.
    Turbo was done last Friday. And yes, Mother Nature is definitely skipping her meds with abandon–we had snow this weekend–SNOW. What’s with that Mother Nature?

  9. Someone has indeed done something to Mother Nature’s meds! It’s supposed to be summer over here and yet we are drowning in rain! Seriously bummed out because we haven’t been to the beach yet and aparently Mother Nature says summer is over and it’s now te monsoon season.. 🙁

    I don’t get why people like to have plants inside the house.. 😛 no one really remembers to water them until it’s too late.. 😛 hehe

    Wow, your hot carpenter friend did an amazing job with PN’s desk! Know where I can get me a hot carpenter friend too or can you loan yours? LOL 😀

    Happy Tuesday Stacy! 🙂

  10. Cool plants in the man loft – I don’t know how manly but cool none the less – and that desk! – I want one – can hot carpenter friend make me one? Wait, I need a house first – can we get a picture of hot carpenter friend?

  11. Where does Julie come up with this stuff??? (above)

    That desk is really impressive. It would be so cool to have one.
    I’m with ya on that weather thing, which I too B&M’d about in my post.
    Thanks for hosting this Stacy!!!

  12. How cool is that desk??? Freaking cool, that how! I’m jealous. I can never show this to Indy because I will never stop hearing “But, why can’t I have one?”

    BTW, “flying by the seat of your pants” actually comes from the early days of military flying when instruments weren’t that great. The biggest part of the pilot that touched the plane was, well, their bum and they could feel all the shakes and jolts of the plane. Knowing these shakes and jolts told the pilots what they needed to know to fly and land safely, thus the term was born. And you can thank AFN (American Forces Network) for this. We don’t get regular commercials, so they fill the time with historical/military tidbits.

  13. Cool desk!

    I’m totally over Summer (and it hasn’t even started yet), WAY too hot already! Bleh! I want Autumn!

    Happy Random!

  14. This heat is ridiculous. I swear I’m going to have a heat-stroke before the summer even gets here. It’s supposed to be SPRING for crying out loud.
    I really love that desk. I’m super-jealous. Be sure to tell PN that. A 25-year-old is jealous of her. I don’t even have a desk.
    I’m jealous of the man-loft too. I don’t even have anywhere to put my herbs, much less hang some pretty plants. *sigh*. Apartment life…
    Happy RTT!!

  15. Yes, it’s freezing here in Seattle. I have the fireplace on. It’s the end of May, what gives?!

    I am in LOVE with PN’s desk. That is seriously AWESOME!

  16. I ‘m a new follower, on the Tiggerific tuesday blog hop , but I joined your Random Tuesday thoughts rebel. Love the purple chair..stop by the can do it blog..

  17. Mother nature is definitely whacked. Last week we were wearing fleece. This week I’m sweating. I hate to complain but… tonight it’s going down to 8C so good sleeping weather.
    YAY! for school end! Happy End of the year for PN!!! love that desk, really really love it and the purple chair.

  18. mother nature definatly needs her meds checked. i live in the DESERT and we got hail and snow in the foothills.
    that desk is about the coolest thing ever!

  19. Man, the last day of school comes rather fast, huh?
    Also, I want to drop-kick Mother Nature; I’ve been wearing sweaters — in MAY. Now, I know that WA is supposed to be all chilly and shit, but this is a bit much.

    Once again, thank you for hosting RTT! Happy Tuesday~

  20. Man Loft, oh yes. I love the sound of that. Slow and easy that’s what I say. Looks like your husband has some marvelous ideas. My memorial day weekend was spent working. I took the shifts so the men with young children could spend the day with their family’s. Mine are all grown and mostly out of town. Have a great day!

  21. OK, cannot decide where the most envy is being directed…the Princess for having such a cool desk, or having her own laptop….or that you are visited by a hot carpenter! At least you are having ridiculous heat as well…but that is probably just making the hot carpenter hotter?!?!

  22. Thanks for keeping the random going. I also remembered late last night and had to send a reminder message to Stacy. That would be why my randomness is sort of lame this week.

    I love Princess Nagger’s cool desk and am jealous of you having your own hot carpenter friend. I need one of those 😉

    We are in the middle of a heat wave too. Ugh! No spring, just winter to summer.

    Happy RTT!
    Elle would like you to read ..Random Tuesday ThoughtsMy Profile

  23. Your post was fun! If those were my plants they would die since I don’t know how in the world to reach them without getting water all over me. Cute idea with the dinosaur claws! 😉

  24. Decided to uncork a bottle which reminded me to visit you 😀 Thanks so much for tending the fire for the unmom. I can’t believe that it has been that long since I RTTed! On the aside – love the photos & am crazy-in-love with the man cave’s high ceiling & your daughter’s dino desk

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