Hi, my name is Stacy, and I have problem hair.  Well, not so much that it’s a problem, just that I have way too much and it tends to have a mind of its own sometimes.  I certainly have enough hair that could easily be distributed between two heads vs. just one, but I’m not complaining…much.  On the one hand I consider my hair to be one of my few best assets – on the other hand, it’s my Achilles heel.

Along with being thick, it’s also naturally wavy – which is one of the reasons why I wear it long, the weight of my hair helps pull the waviness out so it’s easier to flat-iron straight.  Unless it’s raining or really humid, then all bets are off.  I had one hairdresser tell me she needed to cut my layers uneven to make them look even, since blonde hair is hard to cut evenly.  Huh? Another hairdresser butchered my hair so badly it looked like I was wearing a bad wig on top of my regular hair; the chopped top layer not progressing smoothly into the bottom layer, more of a sudden drop of about four inches.

Since moving to Pennsylvania 13 years ago, I have tried no less than six different hair dressers, hoping that someone would be able to tame my wild mane.  Until yesterday, no one was really up for the challenge.  Since I’ve been hesitant to try someone new (again), I haven’t had my hair cut since the end of August.  When I had a great hairdresser in Seattle, I’d go in for a trim every 5-6 weeks or so, so the length of almost nine months is truly significant.  Of course that meant that a few inches had to go, but since my hair was long enough to reach my lower back, I was all for losing some of the bulk.

The new hairdresser?  Absolutely perfect.  She took her time, empathized with the thickness of my hair and its many quirks since she has the same exact issues – and same thickness of hair – that I do.  Finally I can go back to my ‘normal’ routine of getting a regular trim without thinking I might as well stick my head under the lawn mower for the same effect I’ve had in the past.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

How often to you get your hair cut or trimmed?  Do you have a fabulous hairdresser you swear by?


Have a great weekend!

Note:  I have to give credit to Princess Nagger for thinking up the title of this post for me.  She’s been chortling about it ever since!

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  1. My hair is short – and I am about to go shorter! Hair grows, you cut it, it grows again, you cut it. I actually would love to have a collection of wigs – but honestly, here in Texas that would be too hot and itchy!!

  2. My hair is shoulder length and extremely naturally curly. Humidity is NOT my friend. I haven’t been to a hair dresser since December.
    They love to cut it and try funky things but if I have to spend an HOUR each day making it look semi-presentable it isn’t worth it.

    I have given up. It’s all about the money to these people….not about doing a proper cut and making the customer happy.

  3. I’m growing mine out and for the first time in my life I’ve been going in for regular trims–I go about every 8-10 weeks. It works for me.
    Blogger is having issues, I might get a post up later, if they can fix it.

  4. Love the title! That Princess Nagger is just so clever! 🙂

    It is really very difficult to find a hairdresser who is good with your hair. Like you said, it’s more than a cut. They have to understand your hair. I’m the opposite. I have thin hair, so when hairdressers trim my hair, I’m in danger of looking bald.

    I love my hairdresser. He ROCKS! I go about every 2 months. My hair grows very slowly, but I need to go regularly to take care of the grays. Hate that! 😛

  5. Hey Stacy! Aren’t you glad to not be on Blogger any more?

    As for my hair, I’m naturally blond every 8 weeks or so…..
    Gotta love that humidity!

  6. In all honestly, I probably only get my hair cut once or twice a year… I have super unruly hair, so I should go more often..

    And I just go to the cheapest place and hope they don’t screw up! LOL

  7. I have really long hair, that reaches my waistline right now! I trim the ends myself when I have the time, and have it cut by a professional to just above the bra-line usually once a year. I don’t plan on having my hair styled anytime soon, since I am, well, too picky with hair styles and usually regret my decisions.
    Good luck on finding a hair dresser!

  8. I have fairly long, very tangly hair. I only get it cut once or twice a year because I can’t find anyone in town who does a good job. I either go to my aunt in Idaho (a 14-hour drive away) or an old family friend in Redondo Beach (a 2-hour drive away). Thankfully they do a good job and it grows in evenly so you can’t tell how rarely I cut it!

  9. Oh my gosh….as you were describing your hair, with the exception of color, I just just shouting “ME TOO!” at the screen.

    Just enough wave to make problems, so I’d wear it long…but it’s so thick it’s unbearable in the summer. I’ve started wearing it short…the thickness keeps it from looking too boyish…but then the waves make crazy flyaways too! Add in a couple of screwy cowlicks and…it’s just a mess.

    I’ve never found hairdresser I really LOVE. The last hair cut I got was before Christmas, and they butched it so bad I looked horrible until about a month ago. My bangs were an inch long…and stuck straight up. My hair was uneven, and choppy. As my brother put it, I looked like a Lego person. I’ve been terrified ever since!

    However, the heat is already bothering me. My hair is long enough to put in a pony tail now, and that makes me start itching for a cut. I believe I’m going to try a pixie, ala Michele Williams this time around. Wish me luck!

    New follower, btw. Found you through a hop, and I figure anyone who can trigger a comment this long deserves a follow. 🙂

  10. I used to get my hair cut every 8 weeks when I was first out of college and used all the fancy (ie: expensive) products but after I had Leo I just went whenever I could. The last haircut I got was in October. Luckily I have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday. HOpe it turns out as well as yours did!

  11. well I wanted to get my hair done this month but it’s just cheaper to let it grow you know? the last time it was cut was December 5th

  12. Snap – I’m sure you wrote this post with me in mind didn’t you. I can say same to everything. Too much hair, too thick, tendency to go wavy hence I wear it longer, blonde and still searching for a good hairdresser 🙂

  13. You are blessed! I used Rogaine for years til we could buy the generic Minoxidil. It’s in an alcohol base, so though it helped stop hair from falling out, it caused terrible breakage. Not only is my hair baby fine (what there is) but it is very thin. If they miss up my hair cut there is nothing I can do to hide it 🙂 which is why I have a major mistrust of hair stylists. They don’t have to live with their mistakes. We do! I stopped buying Minoxidil when my second job evaporated because they lost the contract. Since then I have done extensive research on hair health and it is healthier and growing. I also went to BoRics with a picture in hand and got my long hair cut. I like it, but if it was thick, I’d LOVE it. My hair is wavy, which I encourage by scrunching.

  14. I get my hair cut 2x per year, possibly 3. It doesn’t grow down, it just gets thicker and bigger and heavier. After reading this, I think I’m going in for a trim tomorrow!

  15. I rarely go. I’ve always been wary since a bad hack job in the 7th grade scarred me. I did finally find a hair dresser that I love who does a great job, is fun to chat with and is even inexpensive. Unfortunately, she’s in NC where my in-laws live. So, I get my hair cut when we visit about 3 times a year. There a like a zillion hair dressers here but I have not found a single one I like in the past 30 or so years.

    Glad you found someone. Treat her well 🙂

  16. Well, I only cut my hair once every couple of years. I grow it out long, I chop it real short, then I donate to Locks of Love (which makes wigs for Cancer Patients).

  17. I go back and forth between shoulder length or just below and even longer. Because my hair is so thick, it responds to the humidity too readily so the weight of it is actually a help, even if it’s always up in a ponytail. 🙂
    I rarely have it cut just because I don’t want to pay someone for a plain ole’ trim.

  18. I would like to get my haircut once in every 6 weeks. I don’t have a favorite hair person anymore, since my moved away.
    It’s fantastic that you found a new hairstylist to go to, it’s a very personal thing and it could either make or break you. 🙂

  19. I usually cut my hair every few months, however, it’s been about 6 months since my last appointment. I absolutely LOVE my stylist. He does hair/make-up for magazines and the Miss Hawaii Pageant.

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