Week eight and still no word from Keely on when she’ll be wrestling retrieving the Random Crown back – I think if she’s still AWOL next week I’ll think of a way to let my cartoon me carry the sign and a giant glass of wine. Then she won’t care how heavy the sign is.  Meanwhile, join in the rebellious mode, won’t you?

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Did you have a nice weekend?  My fun – doing my bi-monthly grocery shopping on Saturday.  The worst day possible, since half my trip was at Wal*Mart and all the crazies were out on Saturday, along with a severe lack of cashiers for the long lines.  The ones there (or at least the one in the lane I was in) was the worst ‘packer’ possible.  Looked like I got all my groceries from the scratch’n’dent aisle since she crammed stuff together smashing boxes as she went along.  It’s always excessively hot in the store too, no matter what the weather is outside.  As I stood in the terminally long line, my patience was melting right along with my ice cream.

At least Princess Nagger sure had a nice weekend.  She started off Friday night going over to her best friend’s house to play – and came home wired up, too excited to sleep because Saturday she was going over to another classmate’s house for 7-hour marathon bounce-house fun.  After she got home from all that excitement, the friend whose house she played at on Friday night came over here for a sleepover Saturday night.  Two little tornadoes tearing through the house and wreaking havoc (and mess) in their path.  The dogs chased them merrily while the cats went into hiding.

Mother Nature’s off her meds again – she keeps sending sunshine, then without warning (well, unless you keep an eye on the weather online) she’ll send a torrential downpour followed by more steamy sunshine.  She can’t quite seem to make up her mind.  At least the rain held off during most of the daylight hours over the weekend so Princess Nagger had her fun outside, I didn’t get turned into a drowned rat loading and unloading my vehicle, and even got some weeding done over the weekend.

Hubby got the yard mowed just in the nick of time – although when I got back from shopping I teased him about the front and side yards looking they had a bad haircut – he apparently did those sections with the riding mower instead of the push mower, but it started to rain before he could finish up.  So now our yard will have to continue to look funky until the rain stops and it dries out again – which looks like that won’t happen until next week.

Speaking of sun/rain/sun/rain moments, yesterday after school Princess Nagger was playing outside with her remote control duck when she exclaimed that it was sprinkling in the sunshine – I looked out and noticed a band of ran moving in, so I told her she better come in before it starts to rain harder.  Mere moments after she came in, this happened:

The irony hit me as I was writing this – she was flying a remote control duck when it started to rain.

At least all the rain is making everything grow like crazy and really green!  And yes, that’s a dumpster back there in our driveway – we had that brought in three weeks ago so we could clear out some junk from the barn and Summer House.  They were supposed to come get it last Tuesday – and there it still sits.  Makes for some interesting maneuvering getting in and out of the driveway and parking our cars.  Hopefully they’ll come get it today.  Or at least soon.

Have you seen the newest craze – DaGeDar™ (pronounced DAH-geh-DAAR) collectible supercharged battle balls?  Princess Nagger thinks they’re the coolest things, and is putting it on her want list:

Random Conversation with Princess Nagger and her Best Friend:


PN:  “My tooth came out the day before St. Patrick’s Day.  The Tooth Fairy wasn’t able to leave me a golden dollar because my mom said the Leprechauns stole all the Tooth Fairy’s golden dollars.  So she only left me a five-dollar bill instead.”

BF:  “The Leprechauns stole the Tooth Fairy’s golden dollars?”

Me:  “Yes, the Tooth Fairy was very apologetic about it, but she was fresh out of golden dollars because the Leprechauns needed them for St. Patrick’s Day.”

PN:  “Yeah, crazy isn’t it – two legendary people stealing from each other?”

BF:  “Totally crazy.”

Me:  “…..”

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  1. Love your convos with the Princess!!! She always makes me laugh!!
    You can send that rain my way…we haven’t had narry a drop. Well, I take that back. We did get some snow!! Ha!!
    We have a fairly new WalMart here and it is always clean, the lines move quickly, and everyone is very friendly. Even the inside temp is pleasant!! Love going there!!
    You can come to mine next time!
    Hugs and I continue to rebel with you

  2. Love the imaginative story about stealing golden coins!!! How fun is that!

    My regular blog is being an a-hole this morning but I did get my random on from my old Blogger blog so it`s all good. 😛

  3. Let’s try to savor the green because by July it could all be crispy from a summer drought!

    Are the dandelions growing like mad there? Here they are everywhere…

    FIVE bucks for a tooth? Eep! 😉

  4. I also do bi-monthly grocery shopping (well, most of it) on Saturday mornings and it’s almost obscene what I see in there. I certainly don’t go out of my way to get all gussied up to go to flippin’ walmart, but I at least have the decency to brush my hair, wear clothing that’s clean and more importantly that fits. Oh, and they’re not pajamas either, because apparently in Walmart it’s ok to shop in your jammies. Ugh.

  5. Those battle balls definitely look like something my boys would like.
    Our weather was weird this weekend too. It rained Saturday morning then cleared up and got cool. Cool all this week until Friday when it will supposedly be back to the 90s. Fun! I love Florida! /eye roll. Happy Tuesday!

  6. What an imagination. She’s got an amazing mind.

    I linked up this week. on with the Rebellion.

    I want SPRING! send sun please? 🙂

  7. Our weather has been the same – and cold. It got down in the 40’s the other day..unbelievable for May!!

    I love the tooth fairy bit!

  8. I totally agree that Mother Nature needs to go see the doctor. She keeps sending us winter weather. Seriously, we have snow coming for the next three nights. Rain during the day, but I know it will fall as snow, just not stick. We had one nice weekend. At least we got to enjoy it.

  9. Our Walmart is always FREEZING! There is one cashier there. Her name is Susan and I love her. I’ve talked to her manager about how great she is. The. Best. Grocery. Packer. Ever. If I’m not in a hurry I will stand in line at her register just so she can pack my bags. Love!

  10. She is so adorable! I love the stuff that kids come up with…. and the fact that they retain EVERYTHING! I am so sick of the bipolar weather… it follows me everywhere I go! Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado… I’m beginning to think it’s me!

  11. Hey Stacy,
    Stopping by to say hello from Follow Me Back Tuesday and I also linked up.. Have a great week..

    Stacy 🙂

  12. dude, i wish the tooth fairy would have been out of golden dollars when i was a kid! i could have used a five! all i ever got was a quarter!

  13. Why is it that cashier’s nowadays are just morons? I prefer the self-checkout, if anyone screws up there I have no one else to blame but myself and I am all about self-discovery

  14. Big Mama Nature’s screwing with us here, too. I was at the pool Sunday and I’m in sweats today (well yoga pants) and we’ve had monsoons tearing the towns apart here but we don’t live anywhere near any coast. I just want my sunshine. I’m MISERABLE.

  15. I think Mother Nature needs a glass of wine…

    I have a linky btw…I forgot to put it on the Mr. Linky on your link-up.

  16. I can’t believe the tooth fairy brought $5. My girls are not allowed to compare tooth fairy notes with her.

  17. BWAH! Toothfairy and Leprachaun. I am totally hitting you up when I need kid excuses.

    I made the mistake of hitting a Walmart on not only a Saturday, but a first-of-the-month Saturday, and the horror that is etched in my brain will hopefully keep me from doing so again. I would rather my family eat the hamster food that is still in the cabinet (hamster died ca. 2005) than have to go through that again.

    I also wanted to say that you are just as sweet as sweet can be, going through and leaving such thoughtful comments on my (and I assume everyone’s) blogs. It makes being a rebel so much more fun.

    Happy RTT, and thanks for your continued hostessing duties. you da bomb

  18. I admire your perseverance – I’m pretty sure I would have left the melted ice cream in the basket and come back when everyone else had gone home. I’ve been known to shop my local Wally World at 2:00 am – just to avoid the crowds!

    Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train!!

  19. Saturdays at Walmart are the things my nightmares are made of! *shivers*

    LOL at the thieving leprechauns – shame on them!

  20. That conversation about the Leprechaun and the Tooth Fairy made me chuckle. We’ve had a similar situation here. Darn that leprechaun!

  21. Here in Central New York Walmart is not much prettier during the week (especially in the evening). Congrats for making it out unharmed. I only go there if I need mulch, a video game and milk, but only am willing to enter one store. Thankfully there is a Wegmans only a 1/4 mile past our Walmart!

  22. Our weather is wonky, too. Today the sun shone as rain poured down. Hello bipolar.

    Never heard of the battling balls. We’ll be checking those out!

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