If you’ve been reading along for a while, you know that Princess Nagger has an obsession with dinosaurs.  She can rattle off every name of every species and tell you what era they came from, along with if they’re carnivorous, herbivores or omnivores.

Over the past several years she’s still holding firm to her desire to become a Paleontologist when she grows up.  Since she had to choose a subject about something she wasn’t familiar with to write a report and do a presentation, she chose the next best thing – dragons.  Which probably stemmed from a trip to Toys R Us almost two years ago when she picked out this (since she already had all the dinosaurs available):

Since then, she’s collected more dragons to keep her many dinosaurs company, sharing the love between both reptile species.  After making this diorama to go along with her presentation:

She spied something online that she really wanted as an extra prop for when she does her PowerPoint presentation to her class as well as two other classes next week.  A baby shoulder dragon.  She was crestfallen when it didn’t get shipped for a week, but when it finally arrived on Monday, she was the happiest girl on the planet:

I think she’ll be a hit with her dragon presentation, especially with this perched on her shoulder, don’t you?


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  1. That’s a beautiful thing that she has such a vivid imagination, and you’re a good Mommy for encouraging her. I love dragons too. Mythology is my game. I totally love it, and all books about it. “…and the Princess flew away on her trusty dragon she called friend”.

  2. LOVE IT!! So non-typical for a girl to love dinosaurs and dragons!! It’s awesome! So cool they way it sits on her shoulder!

    Kids do power point presentations in school??? WOW!

  3. She is just too pretty, and so smart for such a young little girl. Thank you for the linky and have a wonderful day.

  4. I’d link up, but today I was too wordy.

    Two things, I learned about Leviathan (OT of the Bible) from one of my students…He was really more of a sea serpent, but this kind loved dragons too.

    And…there’s a great book for you to read aloud with her when she’s a year or two older. My Daniel by Pam Conrad is about a boy in Nebraska (1800s) who looks for and find dinosaur bones. It’s slow to start, but then so good.

  5. I think she is awesome and way ahead of her time!!!! I hope she rocks the presentation out! how can she not, with that cool dragon on her shoulder!!

  6. Stacy, thanks so much for following me and for your nice comment! I´m a new follower of yours, too! ;o)
    I need to show these picture to my daughters (6 and 3). They love dragons and dinosaurs! Your daughter has a really nice selection of them!
    Have a happy WW!

  7. I love how much she puts all into her love at the moment. I can tell she is enjoying this homework and will have a fun presentation!

    You are a wonderful mommy for encouraging her and giving her what she needs to make it work.

    Happy Wednesday.

  8. That is Awesome! It’s great to see other girls that love dinosaurs! My daughter is nine and has Autism….she is crazy for Dinosaurs!! My Wordless Wednesday includes her with Dinosaurs at the Zoo’s DinoAlive Exhibit.

  9. oh that is awesome! I love seeing what she’s interested in. My boys? Go to school and come home and do as little as possible. LOL

  10. Oh my stars, what an adorable girl! Love her zeal–bravo for encouraging and supporting her, Momma!!


  11. I love that your daughter is into dinos and dragons. The pics are adorable and if they made those shoulder-sitting dragons when I was a kid, I would have worn it on my shoulder everywhere!

  12. I collected a lot of dragons and fairies when I was a kid. I especially like that diorama. I think your little princess will have an awesome presentation….it’s very impressive 🙂

  13. What an amazing little lady you have. LOVE her interest in dinosaurs and dragons and the dragon on the shoulder is the perfect addition to the project.

  14. I never even knew shoulder dragon toys existed. Now I feel the need to purchase one and wear it to parties. 😉 Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine earlier 🙂 I’ll be sure to link-up!

  15. I LOVE it! That’s true dedication and I know she’ll do a fabulous job. 🙂 You must be so proud of her.

  16. She is the most imaginative child I think I’ve ever “met”. Love seeing what she is going to be creative next!

  17. That first photo of Princess Nagger in her princess dress and tiara, playing on the ground with her two-headed creature reminded me of my older daughter when she was young. She’s spend the day in the creek, capturing frogs, then come home and wash her hands give herself a manicure and put on make up. All tomboy and girly at the same time! LOVE IT!

  18. Geez…I got that blogger’s elbow having to scroll down to make a comment. You are one popular lady 🙂

    I can’t believe Powerpoint is in the elementary schools! wow!

    Have a great day Stacy!!

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