Dinosaur & Dragon Conga Line Drama – Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

The other day Princess was playing out on the back patio with some of her little plastic dinosaurs and dragons.  When I looked outside, I saw this:

A and dragon Conga Line!  Well, that’s what it looked like to me – she wouldn’t tell me what they were doing, since it was a secret.  She was playing with her Velociraptor chomper tossing a Corythosaurus up in the air, and it apparently landed in the flower bed.  She was trying to talk me into digging through the plants to find it for her when I was taking these shots:

“Mama! Don’t take a picture of me!  You need to help me find my favorite Corythosaurus over there!  It’s green and it landed in the green plants!”

“You’re going to have to delete this one and the other one because I’m not smiling!”

“Can you please stop taking my picture and help me find my Corythosaurus over there!

Fine! I’ll do it myself!

30 Seconds later….

Why are you still taking pictures?  You need to delete them because I’m not smiling.”

Smiling or not, she was certainly .  Of course I had to share them with the world. Aren’t you glad I did?


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72 thoughts on “Dinosaur & Dragon Conga Line Drama – Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

  1. Dinosaur Conga Line! Love it!

    My boys do the same thing to me when I’m trying to take their pictures….”Mom, No! Let me see that! Delete it. Delete it now. You better not put that on facebook!”

  2. Love the Dino conga line! My girls do the same thing, “I’m too busy to look at you for a picture!” is one of the common replies I get.

  3. HA! I may be dating myself, but when I would take this type of picture of Son, he couldn’t say “Delete them” – because I was using film!

    Thanks for stopping by – and I’m glad she found her little lost one!

    Happy WW!


  4. aawww…that’s hilarious. I can totally see how tortured she was trying to find her dinosaur and having mom snapping away on her camera!

  5. I’m so into this!!!! Fantasy and all….sweet sweet photos. What an adorable post. Not to mention that the ‘star’ of the post is so adorable too. Love the dragons in a row. Well done. Well done, indeed!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to visit with anyone on Wednesday, so I’m playing catch-up!!!

    Thursday’s post: Pure Imagination

    Have a terrific Thursday y’all!!

  6. Those are great – I’m glad you shared them.

    My daughter gets tired of me taking pics a lot too. 🙂

  7. Oh goodness I simply love the way their imaginations work sometimes! That story truly made my day!

    My oldest son is like your daughter. My favorite of his was a year ago when he was on his Thomas sit train. He had a pile of pillows against the wall. He was riding his train into the pillows saying, “Oh no! We’re hitting an iceberg!” The whole time he was making a screeching sound. “My wheels won’t turn!” He went on and on for 10 min. I was cracking up!

    I love that your daughter said that you had to delete the photo’s because she wasn’t smiling!

  8. I love how its always Mom’s job to find the lost toys! My son tends to lose things, then two days later tell me I have to know where it is, lol. Maybe we have magic finding powers!

  9. Love the captions under the photos! I could just imagine those captions under some of the photos I have taken of my eldest daughter.

  10. Too cute! I love the conga line. The photos are certainly entertaining. But she’s scarred for life now. lol 😉