The other day Princess Nagger was playing out on the back patio with some of her little plastic dinosaurs and dragons.  When I looked outside, I saw this:

A dinosaur and dragon Conga Line!  Well, that’s what it looked like to me – she wouldn’t tell me what they were doing, since it was a secret.  She was playing with her Velociraptor chomper tossing a Corythosaurus up in the air, and it apparently landed in the flower bed.  She was trying to talk me into digging through the plants to find it for her when I was taking these shots:

“Mama! Don’t take a picture of me!  You need to help me find my favorite Corythosaurus over there!  It’s green and it landed in the green plants!”

“You’re going to have to delete this one and the other one because I’m not smiling!”

“Can you please stop taking my picture and help me find my Corythosaurus over there!

Fine! I’ll do it myself!

30 Seconds later….

Why are you still taking pictures?  You need to delete them because I’m not smiling.”

Smiling or not, she was certainly entertaining.  Of course I had to share them with the world. Aren’t you glad I did?


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  1. Kids 🙂 Ya gotta love ’em because they make life so interesting and entertaining: LOL.

    Thanks for sharing … and for stopping by earlier 🙂


  2. Great post and yes, I’m sure glad you kept the photos! Your post reminds me of a great book you and your daughter might like reading – “Dealing with Dragons” by Patricia Wrede. It is the first of three books about a princess who wants to learn Latin and magic and not etiquette – a frog comes by one day and tells her to go to the Dragons …they might help her. It was one of our all time favorites in my house- GREAT for spunky independent girls. Let me know what you think!

  3. Thanks for the morning amusement–so glad you posted the pics–love the conga line! (but wonder what sort of secretive mischief they were really up to!)

  4. Thanks for sharing these picture of your beautiful daughter! I´m glad your daughter could find her Corythosaurus by herself. That way you could take more photos. :o)

    Happy WW!


  5. Uh oh – somene’s going to have some ‘splaing to do when Princess Nagger sees this post! 🙂

    Glad she found her toy (not so technical with those big long dinosaur names) and yes, she is a cutie, even when she isn’t smiling!

    Have a wonderful WW!

    Ramona 🙂

  6. You have to love a young lady who has a favorite corythosauraus. I bet all of the other corythosauruses are way jealous.

  7. She’s adorable! And what’s that extra inch of growth. It’s like she’s trying to grow with the plants.

  8. You are a great photographer! I’m not that good! Blessings to you and visit me at Nanahood when you get time!

  9. I don’t think they understand that smiling or not, they’re still nice to look at. Her hair is just beautiful.

    Did she find the whosamasaurous?

  10. “Mommy, put down the camera and help me!” Had to laugh about that, it sounds so familiar! 😀

    Thanks for stopping by, have a great Wednesday!

  11. isn’t it funny where their imaginations can take them? i love how powerful their little minds are when they put them to great use!

  12. Dino-Dragon Conga line gave me quite a chuckle! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by today Stacy!

  13. CUTE! Glad she found her FAVORITE Corythosaurus, cuz you know life can’t go on without it! LOL.

    Thanks also for your comment on my blog today to help out my smile project!

  14. I could have sworn I was here earlier. Your little girl is just too inquisitive in such a delightful way. I bet she keeps you on your toes. Have a good night.

  15. I bet if I had your princess with me for a few days she’d love it. I’m so close to the River plus our backyard is huge. I also have a rock garden. I miss not having my little ones around every day. Enjoy it while you can girlfriend. She’s just too cute.

  16. Oh my gosh, that is too funny! Love that conga line! She sure likes dinosaurs and dragons, doesn’t she? I find that absolutely awesome!!

  17. I love how creative Princess Nagger is! Keep encouraging her, mama. She’s definitely going to develop into a talented individual 🙂

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