Last week Princess Nagger’s school had a Curriculum Fair – basically an open house where you wander through the school checking out the classrooms your child spends the most time in, with their most fun/prominent work on display.  First stop was Princess Nagger’s main classroom and her desk’o’stuff:

I was able to get a quick shot of a couple of her fellow classmates desks with their habitat projects proudly displayed:

Her Alligator Habitat Project made it safe and sound with its trip on the bus:

I was only able to get a closer shot of two of her classmates habitat projects before getting pulled in multiple directions:

I thought it was very clever covering the outside of the box with leopard print material for the leopard habitat, don’t you?

Princess Nagger wanted me to make sure I got a shot of their ‘Spicy Words’ board – according to Princess Nagger,  “Spicy words are big words that you can use in a story and make it sound good.”  I’ll take her word for it:

Next she wanted me to take a picture of her playing in the classroom cupboards…alrighty then:

Next we visited her Gifted Program classroom – and of course I was negligent in taking any pictures before we headed off to her art classroom.  She wanted me to be sure to get a shot of the 4th grader’s art project – she’s excited to see that when she’s in 4th grade she’ll finally be allowed to make a clay dinosaur:

But the highlight of the evening (for Princess Nagger) ws running into her BFF (who’s a third grader and a full head taller than PN) and standing in a line for half an hour to purchase a Ned YoYo.  You read that right – a YoYo.  That was her favorite part.  Well, that and trying to figure out how to get the YoYo’s to work right while standing in the middle of the art classroom as I’m nervously watching and making sure they don’t send the YoYo’s off into some poor student’s hard work:

Apparently the YoYo fun made the hubby nostalgic for all the YoYo tricks he used to do way back when – so he’s ordered himself a top-of-the-line (if there is such a thing) YoYo to teach Princess Nagger how to do tricks with – something about this particular YoYo will ‘sleep’ for 12 minutes.  I smell some blog fodder coming on.  Do you know any YoYo tricks?


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  1. These pictures are great. It really looks as though they put a lot of effort into their projects. I LOVED biology focused sections in science.

  2. Don’t you just adore how excited they are to show off their classrooms/projects/friends? I can always tell how well Javi’s year is going by how excited he is on parents-at-school nights.

  3. Looks like PN has some fabulous teachers! I especially love the idea of “spicy” words. I think I’m going to start using that word instead of adjectives. Sounds much more exciting 🙂

  4. My husband is a juggler (not professionally- for money, he plays software engineer). But he and many of his friends juggle, and play with yo-yos and other toys of that ilk. I am not surprised that there are “top of the line” yo-yos, because I think we own about 12 of them. Along with 15 books on tricks, 20 how-to DVDs, and 5 or 10 kids versions of all the above. None of which have been touched in…. 4 or 5 years. Yeah.
    One of his friends, though, who is a professional juggler, can do some amazing things with a yo-yo- he has a black-light stage show, and it is pretty WOW.

  5. I love that she kept pulling you in different directions! Such an enthusiasm….even if that includes the cupboards!

  6. Blog is working today! Yay!!!

    Awesome dioramas!!! Amazing the amount of work they put into it!! Looks like a fun time was had by you both!

  7. Nope! No YoYo tricks here! Sorry! I know you were hoping for some. Yes! Blog fodder for sure!
    Great pics!! Love her habitat…glad it made the journey in one piece

  8. Wow, they really put a lot of effort into the fair exhibits, what a treat to see. When I was much (much) younger I used to sell yo-yo’s and other wooden toys at fairs, but I could never manage the yo-yo tricks – they’re harder than they look!

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  9. They sell yo yo’s at school? Interesting…

    And yep, there is a top of the line yo yo, but opinion differ on what it is!

  10. I really like those ‘box environments’ projects. A great combination of science and art! Happy WW!

  11. Great post. I love the interactive projects she is doing and yes I liked the leopard skin covered habitat. I also loved the “spicey” words. And, regarding the yoyo – it is funny but sometimes the simplest toys occupy the kids the longest!

  12. Am I lame for saying I can’t wait for my dd to start school so I can go to curriculum fair and science fair and school plays? I used to yo-yo, but I wasn’t very good.

  13. Great pics and these projects look amazing!
    Because I’m still learning the proper etiquette for putting pictures up of other people, I noticed that some faces were blurred and some were not. That means that you asked each parent for permission, and the ones that said no, you just blurred? Just wondering, cause it’s kind of difficult to find anywhere online where there is more of a guide on what to do and not do.
    There sure is a lot more to photography than most people know.
    Great post!


  14. How adorable! I can’t wait until my girls are in grade school and can do all sorts of fun projects like this. 🙂

  15. I wanna make a clay dino too!

    It looked like you both had a lot of fun! And I was never coordinated enough to make a yoyo do anything besides dangle by its string.

  16. Looks like you girls had a great time!

    Now, first off… the boy in the second picture down is grabbing his crotch. Good timing! Secondly, in the 4th pic down, the bottom right hand corner of the box looks like it contains an alligator head… please tell me I’m seeing things!

    Love the leopard print wallpaper on the leopard habitat diorama. Very clever!

  17. Oh that seems like alot of fun! I love the spicy words idea. I’m trying to suggest something like that for D (my son)

    I love that you got to visit her various classrooms. It would be nice if they did something like this at our school. Maybe when D is in first they’ll do it.

    I can’t do a yo yo. lol. I do it and it goes 3 times and that’s it. I just can’t get the hang of it.
    D received one for his 5th birthday and messed up the string in under and hr flat! lol

    Glad she is having fun at school!

  18. I love this time of year with all the projects. It was my favorite as a kid. Now, I let my kids loose to do the work themselves.

  19. Those are the best kinds of school nights. Our children pulling us one way and then the other – look at this! and this! and this!

    Ha! Yo-yo! Baby likes those but can never make them work. “Hey, Mama, how do you get it to yo and yo?”

  20. Awesome post. I remember how exciting it was any time my parents came to a school night like that. I love her alligator habitat 🙂 I made a similar dino habitat recently with my 5 yr old who’s dino-crazy. Cool.

    And no, I’ve never been gifted with a yo-yo. Sounds like a fun father-daughter pass-time though 😉

  21. I love Curriculum Fairs at my kids’ schools, too (except they’re called “Celebration of Learning” days here).

    I know the names of a few yoyo tricks, but I’m not good at doing them… Walking the Dog, Rock-a-Bye Baby, Loop-da-Loop…. PN will have fun learning the tricks with her dad. 🙂

  22. Those habitats are AWESOME!!!!!! Gosh, I miss doing that stuff for school projects. Not with MY kids, but by MYSELF. lol. Happy WW! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!


  23. This makes me want to be in elementary school again! All of the activities seem like so much fun! Wow; I miss those days. I’m glad that the school offers such a thing–this way, everyone can see all of the educational opportunities. Thank you for sharing these; have a lovely WW!

  24. I have such fond memories of those Open House nights at my elementary school. Or the annual Science Fair. I loved showing off our stuff to my parents 🙂

    Those habitats are so neat. I love PN’s crocodile habitat.

    Visiting from WW linky

  25. wow
    what a great looking school…
    and talk about cool projects!!!!
    yoyo…….. oh those were the days!

  26. I think our husbands would get along fabulously. Mine loves to do yo-yo tricks and has even been paid to yo-yo! ha!

    Those habitat projects are pretty cool!

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