We’re still going strong rockin’ the rebel at week six.  Sheesh! Keely’s hiatus is still droning on in full swing, her new job sounds like a dream job so far – complete with a skeleton mascot and International Talk Like a Pirate Day where the best costume wins a trophy.  Seriously. I’m hoping she doesn’t have so much fun she decides never to be random again.  That would be sad.  Not to mention my cartoon me is getting desperate to get her wine glass back instead of hefting this sign for weeks on end.  Help my cartoon me carry the sign and join in the rebellious mode, won’t you?

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Apparently I have Blogger’s Elbow.  That’s not what it’s actually called, but that’s what I’m calling it.  My Ulnar Nerve is pinched from hours of resting my chin on my hand with my elbow propped on my desk whilst reading blogs.  Now my ring finger and pinky on my left hand are in a constant state varying between numbness and tingling.  Sucks to be me, I know.

Since I have an aversion to going to the doctor, I’ll just pick up a fashion un-friendly elbow brace to wear for a while and see if that fixes the problem.  No way am I going to be reducing my blog reading time, but I’ll have to make a conscious effort to not rest my chin on my hand – my head will just have to hold itself up on its own.  It also messes with my typing, so if I make some mistakes in posts or comments, we’ll just blame it on Blogger’s Elbow.  At least that’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it!

Only one month left of school before summer break!  Where has the time gone?  Princess Nagger has been working on a special project in her Gifted class – they were asked to pick a subject they’re unfamiliar with to write a report about, create a PowerPoint Presentation, and do a recorded presentation.  Since she knows way too much about dinosaurs, she wasn’t allowed to choose them as her subject matter. She opted for dragons, since she loved the How To Train Your Dragon movie, and they remind her of dinosaurs with wings.   We got to see her written report last week, she definitely makes a mama proud!  I converted the PowerPoint Presentation into a PDF file so those that don’t have PowerPoint can see it here:

When I get hold of the video version of her presentation, I’ll be sure to share.  You can also read the written report if you want to (it’s short) here:

Over the weekend she had to work on a display-type project to go along with the original project – so it can be displayed for the Curriculum Fair which happens later this month.  It was a project she was to do all on her own, with as little assistance or input from us adults.  I helped only with the gluing and cutting – she decided to do a diorama, envisioned everything and put it all together herself:

She even put an elephant behind to show them fighting over it:

Pretty cool, no?  She’s very proud of it, as she should be.  She has another diorama she’s working on that is one of those that the family is to work on together – this one is an Alligator one, which is turning out fun to create.  We still have to put it together, but I came up with this:

I picked up a fake rock watering bowl, put one of the alligators in it, added some moss to make it look swampy, filled it with Acrylic Water, and sprinkled a few fake leaves to look like lily pads.  Princess Nagger is looking forward to finishing putting this one together – I’ll post pictures of the completed project when it’s all done.

That’s it for this week – feel free to be a rebel with me and get your random on! Join in the fun – link up!


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  1. Wow! The princess is talented! Love it! I so know what you mean about blog elbow… I never rest my head that way unless I am reading blogs 🙂

  2. The art projects Princess is working on….very cool!!! Tell her I said, WELL DONE!!! As for the tingling in your finger and hand…ouch…that does suck! Hope the elbow brace helps!!??!!
    Me? Well I am still waiting for Keely too!! Ha!!

  3. I have Blogger Elbow, too. And Blogger Knee, Blogger Eyeball, Blogger Back and Blogger Butt.

    LOVE Princess Nagger’s project! But I must admit to severe disappointment in the omission of Smaug from the “Famous Dragons” section.

  4. I second Jan’s comment.

    PN’s school craft projects make my home craft projects look like 3 year olds did it. Could she come redecorate my living room?

  5. My son was in deep doo doo at project time. I never had a creative thought! My parents clap each new school year when I tell them projects will be done at school. 🙂

    Suffice it to say I AM a little more creative now than I was back then.

    Blogger’s elbow? Ow! I tend to sit on the couch with one leg curled under me, and then that leg falls asleep. I have to stop doing that…

  6. OoooooH Weeeee, you brought RTT back! Thank you sweet Stacy!

    I found a work around, copy and paste the link to a Word document or Notes, then re-copy and paste it to your blog post 🙂

  7. I can’t see her report because it keeps freeing my computer. Bummer. I do like her displays. Indy does too. He’s into dragons (and dinos) as well.
    Sorry about your elbow, but I’m sure you’ll rock that elbow brace.

  8. Ugh. I had that elbow problem for a while! It sucks! Drink more wine – -I’m pretty sure that’s how I handled it LOL!!
    It still flares up every now and then but took forever to go away.

    Love the dragons, too.

    Thanks for riding the train today.
    The Survival Mama

  9. Try holding your cocktail or wine in that hand. It’s lighter than your head and will prevent you from resting your chin there.

    PN’S projects look so cool. She’s did a great job.

  10. I also have bloggers elbow…but my doc wants to call it carpel tunnel. 😉

    I bought a brace at walgreens that I sleep in…painful stuff…so I hear ya!

  11. I had to laugh at the part where your cartoon me is getting a sore elbow from holding up the sign! Very clever!

  12. I’m so very impressed by your daughters work.that is one excellent report. I’ve got a grace 4 that will do the bare minimum!

  13. The dragon project is awesome! You should be proud. (Since when do 2nd graders know how to make a powerpoint presentation? Parents help is a must, I assume.)
    Hope your blogging arm feels better.
    (Not feeling the rebellion today. Waiting for a repairman, grrr.)

  14. You are so crafty! I am very impressed. I hope your elbow heals soon. It is a lot of work having to hold up your own head.

  15. That is just too precious! She’s really smart! I love the font she chose for the report!

    Blogger’s elbow sounds painful. I get blogger’s palm-cramp. Since I use a laptop, my right palm rests on the bottom edge of the laptop and becomes sore and sometimes numb. Sounds like we need help. lol.

    Happy RTT!

  16. That is a seriously awesome project Princess made!! It made me remember one I did with dinosaurs, where I used ketchup as blood. I want to be a kid again. 😉

    I think I have Blogger’s elbow too – yeeouch!

  17. Like I always say, you’ve got one smart creative cookie over there! I loved her report! So well written and educational too! I had no idea there were all those types of dragons and actually a science named after the study of dragons. Very cool!

    Those dioramas ROCKED (pardon the pun). 😉 ‘llI have to remember that acrylic water for the girls’ next project.

  18. Thanks for continuing to carry the torch!

    Loving the dragons, kind of wishing I had a real one right now.

    Cheers, and happy RTT!

  19. You are the bestest hostesst 🙂

    I can’t believe the Princess is almost a 3rd grader. How long have we been blogging anyways???

  20. Ew! Blogger’s elbow sounds about as pleasant as the phone talker’s neck I often get from trying to feel productive while yacking. My friend has a headset to avoid this problem, but mine broke…about 3 years ago.

    Love the projects!!! Ambition and desire always seem to make end results shine. At the middle school science fair, you could really tell which projects were there because some science teachers made it mandatory. Hooray for the love of learning (and groovy interests) that your princess has!

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