Last week I showed you the Dragon Diorama Princess Nagger did for her gifted class.  This week I thought I’d share the Alligator Diorama she did for her other class – as part of a study they did on various animal habitats.  Since we had the privilege of visiting an alligator farm a couple of years ago when we were in Louisiana (and brought home a few real alligator heads – I know, ewwww!) she chose alligators for her subject matter.

This project was a ‘family’ project, to encourage working together in creative family time.  Since I’m the crafty one, I ended up putting it together, but the collaboration of ideas were fun, with Princess Nagger’s idea of putting a real alligator head in the box taking center stage – sort of:

Several alligator figures are placed strategically about, as well as a water snake slithering and an alligator turtle perched on what (we hope) looks like a log – since it’s a real alligator head.  We decided to try to camaflouge it, then cut a hole in the side so you peek in to see this:

That’s scary looking, right?  Princess Nagger will want to know if you were scared looking at it.  It was a hit with all her classmates – and she’s excited that it will be on display for tonight’s Curriculum Fair.  I’ll be sure to take my camera so I can share some of the other unique projects that have been worked on.  Pretty amazing for second grade, no?


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  1. Scary? SCARY? Tell that little Princess that I was scared half out of my wits!!! Didn’t she hear me screaming!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! I thought it was real and that when you were taking the picture I thought maybe it lunged at you to snap while you were snapping the picture. So ask the Princess if she’s going to come over, and dye my hair now that it’s all grey!!! ~snicker-snicker~

  2. Yelp! What long teeth you have Mr. Gator! The better to bite you with he says!!! Well, to your Princess you tell her I’m shaking in my boots! Definitely scary! Have a fun WW I know I am already! Thanks.

  3. Nice job on the diorama. I may have to borrow a picture or two to show my students. Love the cut out hole!

  4. I don’t do alligators or snakes. But I’m glad Princess Nagger does! She will be a hit for the rest of her life if she can keep that up!

  5. Ohhh very cool! I was definitely scared! How exciting it will be up at the fair! I hope it scares a lot of people!

  6. I know you’ve dropped by already but I wanted to let you know that I linked up with you and added you to the end of my post.

    Oh and tell Princess Nagger that it was truely frightening!

  7. That is awesome! That hole to peak inside and see the aligator looks Great! (And sort of freaky too!) Love it!

  8. I think this project turned out fabulous!

    The alligator head is a nice touch, too. You can tell Princess Nagger that is scared the begeebies out of me 😀


  9. Oh my gosh!! That IS scary!!!! I couldn’t sleep at night knowing it was in the

  10. hi, found you at makobi scribe. love the alligator head idea, yes, i am scared (truthfully i got goosebumps and a little stomachache). anyway, great to be here and i will add my linky above, just wanted to let you know that i am a new follower of yours.


  11. She must have been the hit of the class with that scary peek hole. You can tell your princess that is certainly scared me. 🙂

  12. Cool picture, I love it. Funny, I was the same with building a little world for my ‘playmates’ in the garden, not for dragons or alligators (they didn’t exist the time I was a kid), I had lots of native Americans and cowboys (hope I said that the correct way, English is not my native language 😉 ). Just make sure your daughter keeps playing with her scary friends as long as possible, the ‘adult’ life comes early enough.
    Mommy’s Paradise would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday – little Picasso in trainingMy Profile

  13. She got the creepy factor down great. only thing missing is some prey in the gators mouth… or maybe I shouldn’t give her ideas….

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