Mother Nature really needs to get her act together.  Waffling from delivering snow last Friday to 81 degrees on Monday, followed by a wild, windy and chilly Tuesday through Wednesday that knocked out power for a day-and-a-half really shows she’s whacked.  Or she needs to be whacked.

She gave us a little reprieve yesterday with my favorite kind of spring day – mid-60’s and mostly sunny.  At least with today’s dreary rain she’s not throwing a temper tantrum with wind, so that means we should be able to hang onto our sanity power and not be cut off from the internet world again.

Which brings me to this week’s question(s):

Do you lose power when there’s a wild storm? What do you do when the power goes out?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. The power goes out quite often at my place when there is a thunderstorm. I normally just flip the switch back in the circuit breaker to restore the power.

  2. That sounds a lot like where I’m located-One day it’s beautiful, sunny and 70+ degrees, the next day it’s dropped down to the low 30’s and it’s snowing big, fat snow-flaky flakes!

    It’s definitely reeking havoc on my body, let me tell you O.o

    To answer your question though, I LOVE it when the power goes out (and it goes out a lot where I’m located because we’re on a fault line). I normally just enjoy the silence 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  3. The power goes out here all the time. Sometimes weather induced…sometimes because a bird farted. 😛

    It was gorgeous here yesterday in the sun. I laid out on the deck and suntanned. Even burnt my belly. I’ll take it!

    Heading to Cuba this weekend for a week of free booze and sunshine. Have a great week and I will play when I get back!

  4. We don’t lose power very often – most of our lines are underground.

    That being said, when we DO lose power, we tend to go hang out at the office. Being without internet is a bad, bad thing.

  5. Hi, linking up for the blog hop! Now a follower and would love if you could follow me back. Hoping to reach 500 today! Maybe it’s you! Have a great weekend

  6. Mother Nature need some ritilin. We don’ t usually lose power, thank god. The last time we did it was like 8:00 at night, so we played a board game and went to bed. It was nice that the baby monitors don’t work when the power is out, though (on the safety side, neither do any of the things that make background noise that would make me not hear my kids crying at night, so it was ok).

  7. We loose power even without storms! Crazy eh? We just use our battery operated electronics until it goes out, usually that’s when the lights go back on.

  8. It’s been very wacky weather here too !

    Sometimes the electricity will go out when we have a bad storm, but only for a minute or five.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Oh and there is something wacky going on with your page too.

    If you click a post it goes to another window.
    Click to comment on that post in the new window and it goes to another window.
    Click to send comment in 3rd window and it goes to yet another window!!!!


  10. Monday we had a thunderstorm and my daughter had lightening hit a pole right by their house. Frightening to them and she had to be creative to get her son ready for school! If our power goes out I just go to bed!

    New follower from Friday Blog Hop.

  11. We have lots of storms in Kentucky and when the power goes out we are “candle ready”! I love it because unlike my teenagers, I love silence.

    I am your newest follower. Hope you will follow me back! Teresa

  12. Our power does go out and I usually grab the flashlight and read my Kindle until it comes back on or I fall asleep.
    New follower on GFC,hope you’ll follow me back.

  13. I am a new follower and love your blog! I found you on Social Parade.
    We lost power here 2 years ago for 5 days!!! It was terrible. Wasted food and cold showers! I don’t want to do that again!

  14. … in Georgia!!! (sorry, the devil made me do that)! LOL Okay, I’m not going to answer that question cuz it’ll jinx me for sure, but when it does happen. I either go to bed if it’s late or read a book if it’s light of course by candlelight!

  15. We don’t lose power too often around here… but we’d probably end up huddling around a flashlight trying to make it a game so that the kids wouldn’t get too scared! 🙂

    Have a great weekend and thanks for joining us for Friendly Friday!

  16. We loose power when there’s a storm sometimes here in Texas…sometimes it’s because of the storm, but when there’s ice it’s usually because someone hit a telephone poll.

  17. That doesn’t really happen often, but whenever it does, depending on the time if its at night then we will put on candles and just hang out. Or we play games or we sleep!

  18. If we have a really, really wild storm we may have power go out. Thunder storms have caused issues in the area. When we don’t have power we get flashlights and try to keep the kids busy. The only time I get nervous is when we do not have power after a storm in the winter.
    Beth would like you to read ..Facebook The Final FrontierMy Profile

  19. Growing up we would always lose power if we had a storm. Those electrical lines all above ground. Now living in Olympia, we don’t see that happen as much.

    We seem to be really bored but I love reading so I would get a good book, a blanket and have a little read-a-thon!

  20. I love when the lights go out during the storm, it somehow breaks the stereotype and makes life a bit unpredictable in these organized times! At home, we always light candles and talk, which is unfortunately not what we always find time for to do.

  21. I’m a week late on following up on comments…. Thanks for mentioning and linking to my hop, again!!! I’m hoping to catch you before you post this weeks Aloha Friday. Would you mind removing Two Peas in a Pie and Aspergian Tales as the other hosts. She has disappeared from the blogosphere and is no longer hosting the hop with me. Thanks!

  22. I forgot, in answer to the question, we get crazy rainstorms often here and luckily we hardly ever loose power! Thank goodness, because my kids would probably freak out….

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