I had every intention of having some fun spring photos to share today, only Mother Nature keeps going off her meds and hasn’t given us enough warmish weather to promote spring growth.  So maybe I’ll have better luck next week.  Maybe.

Meanwhile, digging through the last couple of weeks photos to see what coolness could be shared, I found these that are accidental cool, aside from the trees still being barren and the ground covered with leftover fall leaves:

I’m still exploring the options of the DSLR I bought right before Christmas – at some point I’ll figure out how capture the ever-active Princess Nagger without making her look ghostly. But I think these capture the essence of her non-stop activity in an interesting mode.  My favorites are the ones I took last year with my point-and-shoot:

I can’t wait until spring finally awakens and things turn as green as they were this time last year.  How’s spring coming in your neck of the woods?


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  1. You have a totally gorgeous backyard. Are those mountains I see? Great photos of the Princess in mid air there. Lord, I wish I could jump around like that again! LOL Can ya see it! LOL I’d surely break something – like my BACK or a FOOT or something ROFL…

  2. I have some lilies breaking through the barren ground! Woot!! It has been warm but extremely windy. Which is a normal spring here in NM. High winds!!! Yuck!!
    At least we know we are close to warm sunny weather, right?! Ha!
    And thanks for covering my back sweetie!

  3. Try turning off the flash. :0) stick it on P mode and away you go. Good light is key tho’. She’s really growing!!! “)

  4. I saw the title of this post and went, “Ugh – me too!!”

    And I agree with Ali about the camera – turn off the flash and put it in aperture priority mode; it’ll help. And don’t shoot outdoors at high noon on a sunny day.

  5. I love that you can see her motion in the last two. I don’t work with my DSLR that much, but I know if I did my photos would vastly improve. I try to take photos of still objects because they stay in focus so much better. LOL

  6. Fun!! So much fun. Loved the photo share.

    But I must admit I lost some O J spewing out of my mouth onto the keyboard when I read about Mother Nature and getting off her meds…that blew me away.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet, sweet comment.

  7. We are having some major issues with Mother Nature too, she can’t seem to make up her mind and kids just don’t understand that. Great pics!

  8. Hi Stacy, as I told my friend in New Hampshire this morning, I wish I could bottle up this blue sky here in Tally and send it to the not-so-lucky-in-weather group!!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. You know, those DSL cameras are so tricky! My baby is only 4 mo old, so we have awhile to learn about ours before he starts moving too fast. Very cute picture!

  10. Our mornings are still cool – like 55-60 – but I’m not sure it feels like Spring when our highs are 85-90. And oops, I linked up but didn’t do WW; I am trying to start a new meme and hoping people catch on. Hope you don’t mind. I accidentally hit the linky button.

  11. Looks like your little girl had tons of fun!!! If you don’t mind me asking, are you shooting in auto mode with your DSLR? I found that shooting in auto in the beginning really helped me to get comfortable with my camera. Good luck!

  12. I try not to stray from automatic on our dslr camera–nothing good ever comes of it when I do it seems. If your road looks anything like ours, I am assuming you did not see fit to take pictures of worm-a-palooza…longest ones I’ve ever seen this morning, I swear. I just kept hoping the dogs feet were somehow missing them–unlikely, but I can hope (and pretend that there is no worm shrapnel in my home….ewwwwwwww)

  13. Cool contrast. Awh… to be young and free, surround by green. Lovely photos that seem to be from the pages of a story book. Spring is here in Cali, maybe just around the corner for you!

  14. We don’t have anything green either. We had one day of warm weather and then it turned cool again. Now we are back to the 40s.

  15. I love that you said “Mother Nature forgot to take her meds.” LOL That’s awesome! I gonna have to borrow that. 😀

    Love your photos of Princess Nagger! Love how they capture her spirit!

  16. Really cool shots! fun on the rope swing!

    We are having up & downs in the weather – one day sunny – today rainy.

  17. Me too! Can’t wait for everything to green up and the temps to stay warm. Looks like fun is had regardless. Happy WW!

  18. My Goodness! Rope swings! Love’em!!! Unfortunately my poor children probably wouldn’t know what to do with one if it was swung right into their foreheads… 😉

  19. Hi Stacy, so glad you stopped by! I recently got a camera for Christmas too, my first DSLR and I’m still trying to figure it out! The pics are great still, but look at your subject! She’s gorgeous! We are still waiting for Spring too, though today was gorgeous!! Hope it stays!

    Well, ttyl! BTW, are we tweeps or wat?


  20. I’m jealous of that rope swing. I imagine it’s year-round fun (for the kiddos, at least). Spring has sprung here, but it brought a thick blanket of pollen. You win some, you sneeze some.

  21. We’re having major weather issues too…80 on Sunday, 50 the next day. I’m still trying to figure out my DSLR too. Someday!

  22. Excellent! We are supposed to get another big snow storm tonight. We’ve had more snow in spring than in winter!

  23. Spring has been teasing us, we had 2 days this week in the high 70s! then back down to almost freezing & threating to snow…typical weather, LOL! I like the older ones too! how did you get that pink effect? I still am fumbling with my point & shoot & shaky hands.

  24. Thanks so much for stopping by! Those pics are great, I love spring myself. Its the best time of the year. Summer in Cyprus is way too hot to be enjoyable. Spring is the perfect weather 🙂

    I’m already a follower from a while back 🙂

  25. I would normally write something sassy like ‘we’re expecting a cold front this weekend. It will be in the low 80s’ but I won’t torture you. When PN decides she doesn’t like that swing anymore will you send it to me? It looks like great fun.

  26. Great pictures! What is it about the simple things like a rope swing that kids love. We have a tire swing in our front yard and the kids are always swinging away on it. Oh, and spring? What’s that?

  27. Now that looks like alot of fun!

    Is it just a foot swing?

    While you aren’t getting enough sun, we are getting mid 88s and no spring weather ! Oy!

    Here’s to sharing out sun.

  28. Great action shots!!! I’m still trying to figure my camera out and I’ve had it so long it’s about worn out. Don’t know if I should bother learning this one or just wait for the replacement 😉

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